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Good morning it's Suzanne back with your Second remote work from home job lead This is a member services specialist With the company Pathfinders and they Are paying between 20 and 22 dollars per Hour fully remote Monday through Friday A little bit about pan Pathfinders it's Working with the leading Health Plan Firm offering over 50 years of expertise They are currently seeking experienced Health Care Representatives they're Seeking highly motivated individuals to Join the team in this role you'll be the Primary point of contact for members Inquiring about benefit plans you're Going to act as an advocate for members By guiding them through the healthcare Experience and educating members on Resources deliver customer service via Phone email and portals provide Information regarding benefit Administration resolve member issues and Educate members on services in Conjunction with benefit to the optimize To optimize the member experience so Here's the requirements they'd like you To have one year in health care Knowledge of benefits insurance and Medical billing is a plus some coding is A plus strong communication skills and Proficient in MS Office here's some of The details again they're going to start Training on October 31st no time off in The first six to eight weeks so this job

Is open right now they're also going to Provide you with all the equipment that You need and if you're interested I'm Going to put that link Down Below in the Description I also posted another job Earlier today with uhg that's very Similar but a little bit different Requirements I think maybe a little less And actually pretty good pay as well so You'll want to check that out if this Type of job works for you alright guys I'll see you tomorrow

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