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Hey there welcome back to my channel and If it's your first time here welcome This is a remote Auto data account Manager job through JD Power JD Power I Always hear their name I see their Commercial so to actually be able to put A job to the company has been kind of Fun for me so you will be an account Manager and you will oversee related Activity for assigned accounts and Partners diving right in you will Partner in dealer communication on a Regular basis to implement product Delivery and strength in relationships So under this work with the partners in Internal departments communicate to the Dealers report the campaign metrics work With the partners dealers for the Creative compliance and maintain the Best in Class customer service you also Need to prioritize multitask and follow Up use problem solving skills to Diagnose and troubleshoot and ensure all Contractual obligations are met in a Timely manner you're going to drive Cross-functional tasks with the Department which could be update the Video script Library request video Creatives send all content through the Quality Department maintain and update The info and support the sales team as Needed and then you'll communicate Campaign and integration status with the Agency other duties could be required

For this position so your qualifications You need a bachelor's degree in a Related field business communication Marketing advertising Media or agency Related experience is preferred strong Attention to detail great communication And listening skills you can work on a Fast-paced high volume environment Exceptional ability to multitask strong Data entry skills and advanced PC skills Including Microsoft Suite yet again I Don't see the rate of pay for this and Of course every time like I said I click A job it's based off of is this rate of Pay conducive to my audience and I'm not Seeming to find it here but this was the Whole application process it might take You a little bit because there are some Questions you need to answer but you can Send your resume your cover letter and Be right on your way so if you would Like the link to apply for this role you Can find it on my website and that will Be accessible in the description box Below if this one was not for you on Your screen are two other videos I've Also posted check those out you might Find a better match for yourself there Click my face to subscribe so you never Miss an upload and I will talk to you in My next video bye

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