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Foreign Buddy welcome back I hope everybody's Doing good today I'm doing great and I'm Back with another job for you guys and This one right here is coming from the Company HSA Bank okay and they're Currently looking for a contact center Lead specialist now this is a nationwide Job so if you're in California New York Any of those states that get left out You don't have to worry about that with This job so let's go ahead and get Straight into the details you will be Responsible for coaching of the contact Center team in servicing of customers to Ensure a positive customer experience You're going to be answering employee Product questions you're going to be the First line of escalated calls you'll be Tracking team performance staff coaching And Department leadership and you're Going to monitor all incoming telephone Cues to ensure all calls are answered Within their servicing level agreements And you're going to prioritize calls Accordingly you're going to also help to Ensure that HSA Bank maintains Compliance with federal and state Regulations as well as Webster HSA Bank Policies and procedures and you're going To meet and exceed individual service Goals and demonstrate operational Excellence you'll be responding to Investigating negotiating and resolving

Customer complaints through extensive Research and collaboration with other Departments and they would like for you To have a high school diploma or a GED Some colleges preferred two years of Call center or customer service related Experience that could be office work Working with customers work study jobs Three years is preferred two years of HSA Bank experience is preferred and Strong customer service skills the Ability to multitask have flexibility Spanish speaking is a plus and they want You to be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite so this job is going to pay Between 43k and 52k that's going to be Depending on experience and your Location as well so of course if you Guys are interested in applying you Already know check that description bar The link to the job will be there of Course if you have any questions or Comments feel free to leave those below So yeah thank you guys so much for Watching watching I'll see you in my Next video and good luck to everyone who Applies for the job

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