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Hey two chicks fam happy Tuesday it is Me Carl and I am back with a work when You want you can use your cell phone and Background noise is okay be sure to Subscribe like and share because on this Channel guys we talk about all things Work from home related from work from Home job side gig side hustles and we Give away free laptops so if you guys Want to participate in the next giveaway Which will be once we reach a hundred Thousand subscribers make sure you take My video and share it with a friend post It on Facebook LinkedIn be sure to come Back guys and leave us a comment now we Have been dropping a ton of work when You want videos if you guys have missed Them be sure to scroll back and check Those out I dropped some on the channel Yesterday the day before last week and The week before also don't forget about Telus International the Raider position Is now open the pay is 14 an hour and it Is a work when you want opportunity be Sure to check them out over here on the Two chicks with the side blog Look on the home page for tell us let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job or side hustle you guys Are looking for be sure to sign up for Branded surveys the link is in the Comments let's jump in so the company Guys is yardiematrix you guys have heard Us talk about this company before and

Tan and I used to work for Pierce ilsen Or ilson I don't know how they they Pronounce that name but anywho they are Formerly known as Pierce so the same Thing that we did with peers is the same Thing that you guys would do with your ID Matrix and I think both of us was Able to make between like maybe five to Seven hundred dollars a month from this Company so let's jump in so it says that The yardi Matrix spring 2023 rent survey Begins so guys hurry up and get your Applications in for this one it will Begin Monday May the 1st so they are Hiring like ASAP it says that the United Matrix Apartment information service is A high performance system with the sole Function of supporting the commercial Apartment industry dominant participants Now with this one guys you're basically Calling different apartment complexes You could be assigned to the apartments On the west coast I had the West Coast Like Nevada California Arizona tan had The Midwest to the east coast such as Like New York New Jersey those Particular States so not sure which area They would give you guys however you Will be calling pretending to be a Potential renter now my tip for getting Your questions answered for getting your Questions asked and answered I would Suggest that when you call since I have A Southern accent a lot of the people

That live on the west coast they're Infatuated by people for some reason With different accent sense so I would Say that I am being transferred my job Is transferring me or I have a relative A sister a cousin a brother that lives In the area and they asked me to move Out there and I'm trying to see you know Um is this apartment close to my job Will it be close to my job and things Like that so if you use those type of Tactics because you have to be very Strategic with these because they get a Lot of calls each and every year and Some of them have picked up on people From this company trying to call and get The information and I have ran into a Few of them that were you know not so Nice and they did not want to give me The information so you have to be Strategic I would suggest looking in the Area where the apartments are seeing What is close by like a hospital a School and you can just say well I'm Being transferred to that hospital I'm Being transferred you know as a teacher To this school or I'm coming out there I Apply for a job up and I got hired and I Would be teaching at whatever elementary School or daycare center or grocery Store and things like that just try to Find things that's in the area let them Know that you know you're new to the Area you're just trying to get some

Information on these apartment complexes Um you're moving to the area or you have A sister or a friend that's out there And you want to stay near this person Just find another apartment complex near The ones that you're calling you say oh Well my sister she lives in Canterbury Woods and I see that this apartment Complex is about five or six miles from Canterbury Woods and I'm trying to see If you guys have any openings and then Just go into it and proceed with the Questions how much is a one bedroom what Is the square footage does the apartment Come with the washer a dryer what are These some of the amenities in the Apartment well I have to bring my own Appliances it's the parking free and Things like that what is the pet fee if There is a pet fee things like that so That's that was my technique to use to Get the the leasing agents to answer my Questions so it says our product Provides information on various Dynamic Aspects of the apartment community the Operations requiring that regular Assessments be conducted the rent survey Updates and apartment communities rents The current rent specials and several Other factors subject to frequent change The process requires calling apartment Communities and asking various questions So that is what you guys will be doing You'll be asking various questions

According to the survey so read the Surveys first that is another tip I Would suggest reading the surveys first And then Johnny if you have to jot it Down jot down the questions that you're Going to ask the leasing agent for this One high-speed internet access long Distance telephone services are required So if you have a cell phone my cell Phone carrier I have unlimited long Distance and a lot of them do offer Unlimited long distance if you are going To use your cell phone guys make sure You have unlimited long distance there Is no selling involved with this one but Apartment communities are called to ask Simple questions about their Apartments A process requiring the telephone Etiquette and a pleasant demeanor so Always be nice even if they're rude Still try to conduct yourselves as a Professional person on the back end While pretending to be a renter surveys Are conducted as a renter surveys must Be conducted as a potential renter to Ensure accuracy of the information this Requires that you be willing to play the Role of a renter so you never call them And say hey I'm doing a survey and I Need to know ABCDEFG you never do that You always pretend to be a renter when You are calling these apartments and you Sound sweet on the phone and Q keep it Cute as some people would say keep it

Cute and sweet so it says the survey Team members must have a minimum of 75 Completed done surveys the first week And 100 completed done surveys each week Thereafter with tiles made between the Hours of 9 A.M and 6 p.m within surveyed Time zones so if you are unsure you can Always go to Google Google the apartment Complex and see what times they open and What time they close a completely done Survey is one that has been marked done Meaning no further calls are needed Surveys Mark part done answering Machines no answer or wrong number do Not count towards fulfilling these Requirements and it can be done guys Once you guys get the hang of it and You'll see you'll call one apartment Complex you'll ask the same questions Over and over and over and over and over Again and it can be done and it will Work if you use some of these techniques And tips that I have suggested in the Beginning of the video where you're Calling you sound sweet you sound cute You act like you need help getting these Price points done And a lot of them don't mind helping but Like I said before everybody's not going To be nice but you still just keep it Professional now the surveyors they will Be paid six dollars per hour and a piece Rate of 50 cents for surveys Mark done 30 cents for surveys Mark row number 20

Cents for surveys Mark part done and Seven cents for surveys marked answering Machine or no answer you will receive at Least minimum wage in your jurisdiction For All Hours worked however you can Earn more depending on your speed and Efficiency and it says that if invited To the spring 2023 survey you will be an Employee of Partners Personnel on a Temporary assignment with your ID Matrix Required accuracy while surveys are Simple to conduct a commitment to Accuracy and thoroughness is required And we have some people in the group Guys that have been doing this for years Because if you do a good job they will Keep you on year after year after year And you won't even have to do the Assessment again now if tan and I were To go back to this company yardi Matrix We will have to take that assessment all Over again because we no longer work for This company and again it was formerly Known as Pierce ilson you guys can do Research on Pierce if you would like or You can do the research on your ID Matrix it's totally up to you guys Because there is no interview with this One however we still encourage and Suggest that you guys research any Company even if there's no interview now For this one guys there is no Application you would simply to apply For this one for the spring 2023 survey

You would email this gentleman here post It on the screen I won't say the name Because this is a be alive it will be a Live video so I won't give his name out On the camera but you guys can see it Here on the screen go to their website And you can see his name so again There's no application there is no Um background check there is no There's no interview you don't need any Experience you can use your cell phone Just make sure that your cell phone has Unlimited long distance because nine Times out of ten or I would say 10 times Out of 10 you will not be calling people That are in your state you won't be Calling apartment complexes in probably In your state unless you live in California now if you live in California And they give you but they they may not They probably would give you the West Coast or the apartment complexes in the South or in the North Area they probably Won't give you apartments that are in The state that you live in it'll Probably be totally opposite of where You live okay so this is Yardie Matrix Guys again no interview no background Check no experience pets is okay just Make sure you have that long distance Service on your phone you will need a a Computer to fill out these surveys and Remember if you forget the tips and the Tricks just go back and listen to the

Video now the link will be posted right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check this one out don't Forget to join us on Facebook it is kiss That cubicle goodbye make sure you Follow the two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page the Twitter and the Instagram two chicks With the side hustle my name is Carl and I will catch you wonderful people in the Next video Are you through

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