Balancing Remote Work & Your Best Life

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Foreign [Music] What do you think about striking that Balance between having your routines Getting that remote work done which is So important to being in charge of your Time versus living your best possible Life [Music] Not an easy one Ones one that a lot of people struggle With Um and I think that it’s also plays a Part in the unplugging because people Will tend to Um you know throughout the day they’ll With the freedom and flexibility they’ll Go off and do other things even if it’s Like laundry and dishes or going for an Extra long walk or whatever and then Coming back and you know getting to like Three four o’clock in the afternoon and Realizing they haven’t really Accomplished everything they wanted to And then have to work late and then but They’re constantly the whole time Feeling that guilt you know for not Being connected and and it’s staying on So they stay on all throughout the day So even then they’re not really enjoying You know these things that they’re doing Away from work and so there’s definitely A big mindset shipped there with that But

Um preparing and planning is a huge Piece to this being intentional being Mindful being aware Um being mindful of the work you’re Doing what you’re working towards having Clarity towards that towards your goals And knowing Um that you know structuring your days In a way that you know that every day You’re making progress even if it’s a Little bit of progress you’re still Making progress and knowing that you Need to manage the free time just as Like you need to manage your work so a Great example is you know just a couple Weeks ago I was meeting up with a few Ladies uh here in manzanillo making Friends right and they had asked if I Wanted to come to a Wednesday ladies Lunch And it’s so great that now I’m at the Point where my first thought isn’t oh Wednesday lunch you know midday I have To work instead it’s oh let me see if I Have any meetings if I have you know it Open meetings are a little bit tougher To reschedule tasks are a bit easier and So I can I did that I looked and I saw That I had two hour window so it was Really great those tasks I because I I Do plan because I am intentional and I I’m very aware of where I am in my Progress what it takes to get to where I’m going then I know what shifting

Those tasks will do to the rest of my Week and what I can do and what I can’t Do and so I get to make a choice you Know it’s more about being proactive Instead of reactive right and and being Aware and being able to make the choice And own the choices that we make and Knowing that if I take this two hours to Go and meet with these ladies that it Will affect my schedule and I am okay With that and I am going to adjust it Um so routines are are really important I believe and even when you’re traveling Around You know it can be even more difficult To have these type of routines and when You get to a new place you know kind of Re-establishing some of those routines That aspects of it are dependent on the Location of where you are right and um So even in manzanillo right now I’m Adjusting to my new place and there’s Still a few aspects to my routine I Haven’t you know sorted out yet so I’m Still working on that Foreign

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