Black & Decker Hiring Order Entry Specialist | Remote Work From Home Job | No Degree Required | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I have another daily work from home Job lead for you today this one is from The well-known company Stanley Black and Decker they're known for their household Appliances I don't even know do they Make tools I think they do own some Different tool Brands we are gonna get All into it just know if you're Interested in putting that application In the links to this page as well as Their glass door page if you want to do A little bit of more research on the Company is always linked down in the YouTube description box below this video But Black and Decker is hiring an order Entry specialist now this is remote for My United States folks only it says they Own and trademark some of the world's Most well-known Brands such as DeWalt Craftsman Cube Cadet Stanley Black and Decker and they are looking for an order Entry specialist to be part of their Customer service team working as a Virtual employee you'll be reading and Under standing the income in purchase Orders and align those purchase orders To the quotes and the drawing if Applicable you'll process incoming Orders in a timely manner you'll process And handle customer request orders and Other customer related matters Pertaining to order coordination and Logistics you'll act as a liaison with

Operations and sales teams and you'll Maintain working knowledge of all the Company's products services and Processes now they are not requiring any Kind of college degree for this position Just somebody who is three to five years Of customer service experience of course Order entry experience is preferred but Not required if you have customer Service experience they do need somebody Who's proficient in working in the Microsoft Office Suite that's Excel PowerPoint word Outlook OneNote all of Those things they do prefer somebody who Has some kind of a sales force Experience but again not required they Do really need somebody who can be Customer focused and have the ability to Work flexible hours if overtime is Needed now it does State they offer a Competitive salary it does not State What that salary is that will have to be Discussed at the time of the interview But of course this is a full-time Position so they offer a standard Benefit package that includes medical And dental Life vision 401k and paid Time off now I did try to research Salary on their glass door page and While I could not find out of their 3.6 000 salaries that are posted I could not Find one that specifically stated order Entry specialist I did find a order Processing a salary though and that

Ranges anywhere from forty three Thousand to forty six thousand dollars a Year so this might be something to kind Of gauge about what they pay all right As always if this job lead was not for You that's okay please feel free to Leave in the comments anything specific That you're looking for I do read those And keep that in mind thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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