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Happy Thursday YouTube family I am back With a non-phone work at home job lead But you can work for me anywhere in the World okay and you can make between 26 And 31 dollars an hour that's between a Thousand forty to a thousand two hundred And forty dollars per week and before I Give you that information make for sure That you're watching the videos all the Way through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first Second third job even a side hustle Remember this channel is all about done Phone work at home job leads they go out Every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard time so if you're looking for a Work from home job where you're not Talking to customers on the phone you Have landed on the right channel so Let's go ahead and dive right into the First job now we're talking about the Company do big things they're seeking Digital technology strategy to work from Home this is a full-time entry level Position and when you scroll down here You have to scroll down here it tells You to actually the pay right here is 55 To 65k Um a year including incentive bonus full Health dental vision and a 401k and then Every employee has a four day week every Other week outside of the company season And that salary is between 6 26 dollars

To Thirty One dollars per hour and that Is a thousand forty two thousand two 240 Per week that is if you're working full Time so full-time is really 40 hours a Week so that is where I'm getting a Thousand forty to a thousand two hundred And forty per week because I'm Multiplying 40 times 26 and then I'm Multiplying 40 times 31 which gives you A thousand two hundred forty per week Okay so you need one to between one to Three years of experience using common Brand cast and email CRM ends in the Politics and a non-profit space and to Give you information about do big things They help causes candidates and Corporation connect the universe needs Of ever expanding groups of digital Citizens okay so we're going to go more Into details about What you're going to be doing Um on this job here Um again they want basic knowledge of HTML is required Um they want you to understand and Interest in standard a B test in an Email working knowledge of excel Google Sheets in a love of data metrics and Optimizing ability to communicate Complex technical issues and understand Human terms and then experience with the Paid ad campaign and common self-serve Advertising platforms including Google Ads Facebook ads and Twitter as is a

Plus now on this position here even Though you may see that hey they Required Google ads and Facebook ads and Different other things that you need to Have experience there are free things That you can go on and to learn these Skills okay don't panic there's three Things that you can go on you can go on Skill up and learn Facebook marketing Advertising you can go and check this Out on your own time you can also go on In learning they do have free things That you can learn to up your skills as Well as another one again digital Advertising Specialists they have that To get you where you need to get okay so Don't get scared or anything there are Things out there that you can go and up Your skills to land this job here again If you're interested in applying for This job to my right this is considered A Quick Car application meaning it'll Literally take you five minutes or less To complete but you want to complete Everything to the best of your ability And then you hit the submit application Okay so remember don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it you have to Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will Life is full of ups and downs one minute You're up next minute you're down Um I know that a lot of people have

Applied for multiple positions and still Haven't heard anything don't give up Sometimes you gotta go through Thousands and thousands of applications Filling out applications in order to File the job that you're seeking you Have to remember when you don't get a Particular job there is a reason behind It it could be a lot of drama that's Going on in the job that you know um you Don't need to be there you know because It's all about having peace if you don't Have peace you don't have nothing you Know um there's a saying that a lot of People say furniture don't don't disturb You your peace Um animals don't disturb you of your Peace it's people that disturb you of Your peace so a lot of times you know That could be the reason why you don't Get the job because you know it could be Drama Um something is about to go on with the Job and you just you know it's a time And season for everything and a lot of Things that we don't understand but just Remember it is working for your good Trust or process Um you just got to keep applying Um things happen in life and sometimes It's just out of your control but you Just got to keep pushing you got to keep Applying don't give up knowing that There is a job out there with your name

On it um continue to Speak Life over Yourself because the power of the tongue Determines life and death if you say That you can't and you can't but if you Say hey I'm gonna do this even though I May not have all I need to have but I'm Gonna Learn I'm gonna use free things I'm gonna use fruit free twos I'm gonna Research it on um different platforms to Know how how to do different things in Order to take me to the next level you Have to have that mindset and again Everything starts in your mind you have To believe because if you don't believe Nobody else will go out there today and Grab what is yours there is a job out There with your name on it but again you Got to take the first step is to get out There and apply don't get disencouraged Be encouraged you will find a job that You're seeking real soon so go out there And apply for these jobs today now I am Going to be talking about course careers Um It's very important for people to Understand Um if you want to go to the next level You're going to have to take some Courses in order to get to you where you Need to get this is great for high School students that are Juniors and Seniors High School uncertain about what They want to do with their life it's for It's great for people that I want a

Career change it's great if you've Already been to college and you just Want to do something totally different This is for you is if you do your Research Tech sales and I.T is high in demand Right now okay now I just wanted you to Understand the difference between Textiles textiles as you're on the phone You're safe for example you're working For Google you are reaching out to Potential buyers that are interested in Buying the products that Google has to Offer okay so you're on the phone Information technology course our Infinite information technology is that You're dealing with customers similar to A chat platform where you're dealing With tickets and cues so that is the Difference if you want to be on the Phone you can do Tech sales if you don't Want to be on the phone then you could Do Information Technology but with Technology sales there's more than 300 000 open jobs and average starting Salary is 60 between 60 to 80k a year With information technology there's more Than 200 000 open jobs where you can Make 40K to 60k a year now I always say Go check out the testimonies I mean There are great testimonies of people That actually went through this course And they are making over 60k a year Example is of this girl

Um Naya she is 19 years old she worked At Starbucks and again you have to start Somewhere you have to crawl before you Walk and she was you know promoted to as A manager and a manager just only makes She was making 17 an hour as a manager She ran across course careers and she's Like I want to change so she is the Youngest one that's for making 60k a Year working from home and this can Happen to you okay but you got to take The first move you gotta take action the First thing that you need to do is start A free intro course you sign up for it And in the free introduction course is Telling you all about information Technology or is telling you all about Technology sales so you can know what You got to do and to understand if it's A good fit for you if it's a good fit For you you then don't procrastinate and Talk yourself out of signing up You enroll in the course the course is a Self-paced course some people complete The course in a few weeks to a couple Months depending on how much time you Commit you will learn everything Required to land your first position and The great thing about this too you can Be they also you will work as an Internship for three months for a Company make it anywhere between fifteen And twenty dollars an hour so you're Gaining the experience and getting paid

Now you must face it everybody's not Gonna I'm talking about in high school Everybody's not going to get a full ride Scholarship some people are going to get A full ride scholarship some people are Going to get a scholarship but it's not Going to be enough to pay for your Tuition And then a lot of times people go to College they get that degree they come Out and they cannot found a job because They don't have the experience and here At course careers you are getting the Experience you know why you you're Working and getting paid and getting the Knowledge so when people go to college And they get that degree and they come Out and they don't have the experience They go back and get into another field And go back and get another you know go Back constantly going back getting Degrees and they have degrees and they Just don't have the experience here at Course careers you're getting the Experience so you're going to start Applying the skills you learn in the Online class and they're going to teach You exactly how to land an entry level Position or in an internship by giving You an Insider knowledge of how to apply The companies what they look for in Resumes applications how to prepare for Interviews and so much more they partner Directly with companies that want to

Hire students into entry-level positions And internships dropping their degrees Experience required for course careers Graduates okay this is something that You need to get in especially tax sales Information technology that is high in Demand if you go and do your research Okay now anytime when you're talking About a course there is pricing and I Believe it's very affordable the price For this course is a single payment of 499 dollars but if you use my coupon Code you'll get fifty dollars off for The 499 dollars that information is in The YouTube description bar or they make It so simple for you is they do a four Payment plan of a hundred and fifty Dollars where you pay Um a hundred fifty dollars Um every two weeks until you get it paid Off so they're doing everything that They can to make you get to where you Need to be And then plus they're guaranteed that This is going to work they have a 14-day Money-back guarantee Um that the course is fully responsible Within 14 days of purchase all you have To do is simply contact them and they Will refund you your money back and on An average you'll make 800 a week as a Help desk professional so basically the Course pay for yourself during just the First four day on the job so if this is

Something that you're interested in Accommodating Information Technology you Always want to get in there our Tech Sales this is the time to get in there There are so many companies are hiring Right now as you can see Google Zoom Expedia Survey Monkey Microsoft Cloudflare into it these companies are Looking for you to get in and start Being a information technology or text Sales so make sure you go ahead and Check this out today stop Procrastinating take action okay take Action today to get to the next level so Go ahead and sign up to date for that Free introduction course and make a Decision today whether if you're going To get a be a part of course careers and Get out there and make anywhere between 60k to 100K a year and change the life Of yourself and your family needs okay Now remember to go into my Facebook or Go on Facebook and join my group where You're around like mind the people that Are actually seeking work from home jobs As well as people in the group are Getting hired make sure you go ahead and Put in your request for that also follow Me on Instagram as well I have content On there and remember my channel is all About none phone work and home job leads To go out every single day and make this Year that you're watching the videos all The way through these videos go out at 7

A.M Central Standard Time consider Subscribing to the channel and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on Your notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of opportunity To go ahead and apply for these jobs Before they're no longer available if You would like to become a member of my YouTube channel or support the Channel All you have to do is click the join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the Channel don't forget to check out your Community tab that is where I engage With you when I upload new videos I post It in there when I do post quotes I post I put them in there too as well okay So remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it you have to believe in Yourself because if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will so go out There and grab what is yours today there Is a job out there with your name on it But again you got to take the first step Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video

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