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Welcome back my friends and happy happy Friday this is Lindsay and I am back With another high paying work from home Job late for you that requires Absolutely no college degree I posted a Different like executive assistant type Job a few days ago and some of you Really enjoy those types of jobs so Today we have the well-known food Delivery company doordash they are Hiring an executive assistant now this Is remote within the United States so This is completely non-phone and the Best thing of all no having to drive Around and deliver food you can sit in Your house in your pajamas but they are Basically looking for someone to support Their people team leaders and be the Go-to person for calendar management Team building activities and project Management you'll help keep the teams Organized and efficient by moving any Com conflicts in enabling their leaders To make an impact you'll promote the Team culture and cohesion you'll plan And execute meetings and events for the Team you'll manage multiple products Simultaneously and you'll handle highly Confidential information so just what a Normal executive assistant does you do All the administrative work for the Assistance like scheduling meetings on Their calendars keeping their calendars Up to date so they don't have

Conflicting meetings all of those things Now best part about this job is they Require no college degree they're just Looking for somebody who has four to six Years in some type of administrative Role so you don't even have to have Experience as an executive assistant Just some type of administrative work of Course you have to have great written And verbal communication skills you need To enjoy problem solving and diagnosing Issues and coming up with Creative Solutions now they'd want you to be Flexible to shifting priorities so so be Able to multitask and change a Direction With your work duties if something Important comes up they also want you to Have great attention to detail now as a Far as the pay goes they're paying very Very well for this position a course pay Is always going to be dependent on Location and experience but the pay Ranges that they have listed go anywhere From 78 000 a year all the way up to 124 000 a year of course they include the Standard benefit package that includes The health benefits 401K paid time off All the things if you're interested in Putting that application in of course The links to this page are in the YouTube description box below this video All right if you found this job lead or Any job leads that I share helpful Please give this video a thumbs up like

Button because that does give me direct Feedback as always feel free to leave in The comments anything specific that You're looking for because they do read Those and keep that in mind thank you so Thanks so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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