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Foreign I hope you're having a marvelous Monday It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I'm back again For a second time today with a truly Overnight work from home job this job is Going to be from 9 00 pm to 5 30 a.m and This is rare because a lot of times Companies might have late hours but to Find a truly overnight job that's not Easy they're few and far between so We're gonna get into all the details You'll know if you want to apply but First things first make sure you take Care of hitting that subscribe button And tapping that notification Bell if You want to hear about the latest work From home opportunities I share every Single weekday on my Channel all we talk About are remote jobs and sometimes I Share multiple jobs in a day so you're Gonna need those notifications on and on That note we are ready to jump in Okay so today's hot overnight work from Home job comes from a new to this Channel company called jll and I shared A new to this channel company earlier Today so that's two companies in one day That are new at least to us okay these Aren't new companies but they're new to Us and I always point that out because I Love just showing y'all there's no Shortage of companies out here okay Folks are making some money in America

You know and if we go to their Glassdoor Account this is a huge company 10 000 Plus employees and they're in the real Estate industry so you know if you ever Feel like it's Slim Pickens out here you Just gotta look a little harder because There are plenty of opportunities and Companies that will hire you to work From home now jumping on into this lead This this is for their customer service Center representative position and they Mention here that this is a night shift Sunday through Thursday 9 pm to 5 30 a.m It's fully remote and it says candidates Who live in California are highly Preferred so that means this is Available us wide but if they can find The perfect candidate in California that Would be what they love so what does This mean to you if you're not in California well you especially want to Play up the fact that you've worked from Home and if you've worked from home at Night or have just ever worked at night Those are things that you really want to Point out on your resume to give you a Leg up because they want to go with the Best candidate so they're open but you Know if you live in California you know They might feel a little special way About you so don't say if you're in California that there's nothing for you And Cali okay we see there's folks who Want you okay all you Californian but

Anyway jumping on in here they have the Pay listed at the very bottom here and This opportunity can pay anywhere from Twenty to thirty dollars per hour but it Says a shift differential so that would Be an additional dollar sixty to 250 per Hour if you're working at night which This is a night shift job so guess what We need to ask for 32.50 because like I Said we are being hit with this Inflation and all these up charges and Stuff we need some money so go ahead and Pay 32.50 how about that so jump it on In here it says jll supports the whole You personally and professionally our People at jll are shaping the future of Real estate for a better world by Combining world-class Services advisory And Technology to our clients we are Committed to hiring the best most Talented people in our industry and we Support them through professional growth Flexibility and personalized benefits to Manage life in and outside of work Whether You've Got Deep experience in Commercial real estate skilled trades And technology or you look looking to Apply your relevant experience to a new Industry we Empower you to shape a Brighter Way Forward so you can Thrive Professionally and personally and so we Talked about the hours it's Sunday Through Thursday so you would have Friday and Saturday off and you'd clock

In at 9 00 pm and you clock out at 5 30 A.m and it says job responsibilities the Following Duties are typical for this Classification incumbents may not Perform all of the listed duties and or May be required to perform additional or Different duties from those set forth Below to address business needs in Changing business practices primary Responsibility is to provide customer Service to all callers enter the Required work order and dispatch the Service provider required to maintain an Online presence during work schedule Specifically be logged into the call Center phone system during clocked in Working hours I.E the call center phone System acts as the shift time card for All staff answers all incoming calls and Performs appropriate functions as needed Verifies and updates call center Documents provide excellent customer Service to all internal and external Customers and a willingness to ensure That all communication and interactions Are of the highest degree of Professional Behavior maintains a Positive empathetic and professional Attitude toward client customers at all Times follows the escalation process for All urgent and emergency work orders or Related service needs responds and Follows through on request for Information including completing

Research using available resources Provided responsible for the assigned Schedule and maintaining online presence Must update a manager team lead when Either situation of an unscheduled break Or technical difficulty occurs process The core ego to Do's properly making Sure to Do's are checked continuously And processes timeline work order Processes including work order input Ensures that work orders are dispatched Properly and immediately to meet all Department service level resolution Expectations ability to communicate with All levels of the hospital facility System with minimal supervision Continually monitor telephone queue time Data to maximize productivity adhere to The business unit specified client Driven standards complete data entry Using multiple work request applications Including records of customer Interactions transactions comments and Complaints maintain Vigilant awareness Of client requirements for Confidentiality and privacy of patients Be willing and able to utilize skill Knowledge to suggest Improvement for the Role and team including providing Feedback on the efficiency of the Customer service process performs all Other duties as assigned Embrace and Abide by the firm's code of business Ethics and maintain adherence to all Jal

Policies and jll Healthcare Solutions Call center policies demonstrate the Willingness and ability to develop new Skills by assuming additional projects And tasks complete all training Objectives specified by management Including but not limited to my Development monthly call evaluations ad Hoc strength training complete at least Three my development courses within the Year work with manager to determine Career Development needs and succession Plans knowledge skills and ability any Combination of education and experience That would likely provide the required Knowledge and abilities is qualifying a Typical way to obtain the knowledge and Abilities would be so for your education Some combination of college coursework Or equivalent combination of experience And education is preferred and then it Says B1 career level high school diploma Or equivalent required B2 to B3 career Level college graduate BS or ba Preferred plus the previous minimum Requirements listed familiarity with Hospital or Health Care Systems and Routines a plus so you know just to sort Of put that in other words if you have College coursework that's great but if You have experience doing something in a Call center service environment working At night and then especially if you have Familiarity with hospital or Health Care

Systems which I know you all do because Y'all are some healthcare lovers then You would qualify so even if you don't Necessarily have a bachelor's degree It's okay to still apply and then it Says years of relevant experience career Branding requirements a minimum of one Year of applicable working experience in Reception customer service call center Client facing aspects and a minimum of One plus to three years of applicable Working experience and reception Customer service call center and client Facing aspects so the position requires The candidate to read and speak English Fluently strong interpersonal and Conflict resolution abilities strong Collaborative work style strong Organizational and time management Skills effective and accurate written Verbal and communication skills ability To maintain professionalism at all times Under stressful situations ability to Plan and manage work under time Constraints ability to multitask and Work without direct supervision has Mastery of telephone techniques and Etiquette practices follow up to ensure Customer needs are met previous Experience in a service dispatch or Customer service position within a call Center environment preferred ability to Work and remain engaged on the phone Throughout the entirety of your shift

Ability to smoothly operate Windows Operating system desktop computer Ability to multitask speaking with Customers while logging information and Navigating multiple programs is Consistently at work and on time ability To maintain a predictable and consistent Schedule this is a coverage position That requires the ability to work a Predictable and consistent schedule Completes tasks on time or notifies Appropriate person with an alternate Plan accepts responsibility for own Actions able to deal with frequent Change delays or unexpected events adapt To changes in the work environment Excellent problem solving critical Analytical and Leadership skills with Demonstrated initiative of good judgment With proven record of service and call Center standards competent knowledge and Functioning using related software tools WebEx Microsoft Office Suite tools Microsoft teams Excel word SharePoint OneDrive corrigo Genesis Cloud so Certifications and licenses it says like You might need a valid state sponsored Driver's license it's preferred but not Required and then they just get into the Physical work environment the same stuff Always okay quiet work environment free From noise and distraction okay and then It lets us know that they typically Provide equipment so they say jll

Typically supplies a computer monitor And cellular phone for remote roles and Then if you work in the call center Remotely it says that they'll reimburse Your Internet fees they have a little Typo there but that's what they're Trying to say so they're going to hook You up with the equipment and they're Going to hook you up with the internet Fee and they are going to pay it well Okay and they offer benefits they do I Just have been reading for a very long Time so I read through the meat and Potatoes of the lead go ahead and like This because I got my Mother Goose on And then of course apply all right if This is your job because like I said Night shift jobs are not plentiful so if You see something that even has you know Half of the things you're looking for You just want to go ahead and get your Application in and last but certainly Not least I have to point you guys Attention to my mega list of jobs this List contains an ever-growing number of Companies that will hire you to work From home there are currently 485 Companies on this list and growing and We have the direct link to these Companies careers pages and you can see What remote opportunities they have for You to apply to this is completely free And this makes your job searching easier Because you don't have to go searching

All over to find jobs that work for you If you're someone who's interested in Healthcare for example you you can type In health and then you can see that we Have 71 companies right now that will Hire you in the healthcare field you can Just go directly to their careers pages And see the latest and greatest that They have for you to apply to people are Landing interviews people are getting Hired from the mega list that could be You too so make sure you bookmark this Page on your computer and check it daily Whenever you're looking for online jobs And then I have to point you guys to my Amazon storefront now this job offers You the equipment but let's say you want A job that does not provide equipment Don't worry Amazon has some really Economical packages of equipment okay so Computers that's the main thing the way You're going to make your money from Home I have chosen computer packages on You know the lower end of your budget to The higher end just depending on what You're looking for if you say Delilah I Just want what I need to start working From home I'll need to surf the Internet On this thing I don't need to stream Play video games I just want to be able To work well hey I have something for You for 139 bucks and 98 cents you can Get just what you need to succeed this Is a 19-inch monitor a CPU tower that

Runs Windows 10 Pro okay and then a Wired keyboard and mouse companies at Minimum windows 10. so this runs Windows 10 Pro so you're good okay and Amazon Will get this to you in a JFK if you Need dual monitors for a job 255 bucks everything you see same specs So you know check out my Amazon Storefront and especially if you need Other equipment like you're gonna need a Headset for sure I have headsets in here And you can get a headset for 13.99 if You like Logitech brand which you know That's my preference they're the most Comfortable headsets you can get this One for 21.99 and they have other Options too you know if you like the White or the pink 25 bucks so for under 200 you can get your computer and your Headset and you're good to go you're Ready to start making money from home so The link to my Amazon storefront is in The description box below along with the Mega list of jobs and of course this hot Overnight work from home job make sure You get your application ASAP because This one's going to get shut down fast I Just know it and thank you so much for Watching I truly hope this has been Helpful and I will talk to you soon bye Foreign

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