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Foreign This is Melissa from melissia at home And I'm back with another video so in Today's video I would like to share Another work from home job lead for Those who are interested in Non-phone-based jobs this would be Perfect fit for you so this is coming From cultivity they are currently Looking for transcribers to work on a Temporary basis and in a full-time Position this is strictly remote in the US so they are currently hiring all over The U.S so a little bit of background in Regards to who covidity is they focus on Improving the financial and quality Performance of their clients in the Healthcare industries that they take in Billions of clinical and financial data Points analyzing them and then helping Their clients discover ways they can Improve efficiency and quality as it Pertains to healthcare okay so in this Position they are currently looking to Hire several time temporary transcribers In plural okay so they're looking for Multiple people and they're looking for Transcribers to transcribe portions of Health Plan member responses to ivr Interactive voice response calls Including but not limited to Satisfaction survey responses medical Conditions prescription drug names and Member-centric information this role May

Convert to a regular full-time role in 2023 as business needs evolve the rate For this role is 17 per hour so full Details on the responsibilities include Transcribe recorded audio from phone Based interactions using transcription Tools in accordance with HIPAA and Company standards complete strategic Transcription marketing projects as Requested report member DNC requests Escalate member reports escalate Negative and or life-threatening Comments complete all responsibilities As outlined on manual performance plan Complete all special projects must be Able to perform duties with or without Reasonable accommodation so these are The responsibilities now their Qualifications for this job include Having excellent written and Communication skills ability to type at Least 50 words per minute accurately Excellent listening skills ability to Work independently with minimal Supervision able to work Under Pressure Proficient in Microsoft Word Excel Outlook Internet Explorer a bachelor's Degree is preferred but it's not a Requirement if you have knowledge of Spanish that is a plus if you have Health care experience that is also a Plus but those are not required so Basically you don't need to have prior Experience in order to apply for this

Position or to have a chance at this job Okay so that's basically it for this job They are looking for transcribers to get Started in 2023 this can turn into a Full-time role possibly a permanent role So right now it seems as though it's Just for a temporary time and if you Work a temporary position make sure you Perform at your highest capability Because that would be very impressive And you never know they may move you up Into a better position a higher pain Position that is more permanent so don't Ever consider temporary positions as Something you can slack off on even in Your working performance for a job That's temporary make sure that your Performance is at its best so again this Is coming from conductivity and they're Looking for transcribers it's a Non-phone-based job Seventeen dollars Per hour and you can work anywhere in The US if you're ready to apply for this Job you can click where it says apply For this job on your rights and it will Take you to a sign up page where you Would have to enter your email address And just take it from there if you have A friend or know of a friend that may be Interested in a position such as this Then you can click where it says email This job to a friend and send it to Someone you know who's currently looking To work remotely from home and they may

Not have experience but you do need to Have some skills in typing 50 words per Minute so if you could tie 50 words per Minute then that is a plus okay so check Out the link in the description section For this position that will be posted With full details about the position and I also have other remote-based jobs I've Posted today so make sure you check out That list in the description section Below this video I wish you all the best Of luck thanks for watching and I'll see You next time happy work from home

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