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Happy Sunday YouTube family I am back With a part-time job where you can work Evenings and weekends and these Companies are hiring right now and Remember this channel is all about an on Phone work at home job leads to go out Every single day at 7 A.M to just spend The time and make for sure that you're Watching their entire video so let's go Ahead and dive right into it we're going To be talking about the company cambrick Yard LLC they're currently seeking night Weekends writers and editors Um to work from home and this is in Regards to Disney related content so you Must be available to work four plus Hours and again they're hiring for Evenings you know like during the week It's 6 to 10 p.m Eastern Standard Time And then eight plus hours each day on The weekends beginning at 8 A.M Eastern Standard Time so basically what you'll Be doing is creating editing and Publishing Disney related online content And they do want to have journalism Background and still apply for the job Anyway no degree is mentioned and this Is a 30 to 40 hours per week position Working nights and weekends and this is A 1099 job and the pay according to Glassdoor is between 22 and 29 an hour To give you information about Cambridge Yard LLC it is a limit liability company Based in Dallas Texas they're dedicated

To the building the best content on the Internet and create website and Information products with an emphasis on Strong brand loyalty and user Satisfaction so we're going to go more Into details about What you'll be doing here on the job Here as well okay now the position Requires strong organization skills Attention to details grammatic areas and Into editorial abilities and they want You to be able to create edit and Publish Disney related online content Which would include quick news writing High level editorial thought pieces Environment marketing writing guide book Writing video script writing and more And you must have a comprehensive and Constantly up to date Knowledge of Disney theme parks and then Provide any of the support to ensure Content needs cam Brickyard high Standard or professionalism and Reliability and the skills that they're Looking for someone that has strong Attention to details and projects Followed through again don't worry about Journalism background um again if you Like to write I would still apply for The job dedicate to perfect grammar and Word choice ability to work well with Team members and co-workers and Knowledge of Walt Disney World and Disneyland and start strong organization

Skills and when it says experience with WordPress platform don't be intimidated About that um I did found some free Things on here that will help you out This is a WordPress user manual for Beginners all you have to do is go in Here and read it it talks about the Introduction of WordPress adding and Editing everything that you need to know To get started and um start learning WordPress so you can go ahead and get The job it's over it's about 20 pages of This so go ahead and take advantage of This this is free again I found this by Researching when you don't know things Go research it you know somebody can Show you just in five minutes how to do Something and you'll be able to take it If you have to do a project on your Interview and it also talks about Experience with the open Office platform Is a plus here is another free thing That you can go to where it talks about Open Office plus this is more of a Presentation it tells you how you can go In and make a presentation so again you Have to learn how to research different Things there's things in the past that When I was applying for a job I didn't Know certain things back then it was Like word and I googled how to learn Word free things and a lot of free Things came up and I was able to Basically learn it and be able to do

Something on a job and and I got the job Now if you're interested in this job Here make for sure you submit your Resume cover letter and writing samples On their link to portfolio to this email Address right here and again this is a 30 to 40 hours per week position working Nights and weekends and you will be at 10.99 so go ahead and apply for the job Today now remember don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it you cannot Um you know be disencouraged go out There and grab that job go out there and Grab a job that is yours don't be scared God doesn't give us a spirit of fear you Know you got to keep applying keep Pushing don't get up there is a job out There with your name on it but you have To believe again everything starts in The mind everything if you tell yourself That you can't do it you can't do it but If you tell yourself that you can you go To go out there and do everything you Can to make it happen make it possible And you have to believe you have to have That confidence that's what everybody Else is having a confidence that's what Set them apart from anything is that Even though that they apply for a job And they may feel like that they're not Qualified but they have the confidence They're saying hey I'm going to research I'm going to learn what they're asking

Me to do so if I have to do it on the Interview I'm going to get out there and Pretend like I'm an expert when I'm just Learned this opportunity Um a day before two days before so you Have to have this same attitude just go Out there and grab what is out there for You there is a job out there with your Name on it but again you have to believe In yourself because if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so go out There and get what is yours go and apply For these jobs today now you know that I Talk about ways of I'm increasing your Income whether if you're a high school Student or a college student or someone That been on a job for while or maybe You're looking for a better opportunity Course careers is the place to be text Sales if you do your research text cells And information technology is well in The demand one of the highest paying job And you you don't have to have any Experience or degree required but I want To explain the difference text cells is Where you're reaching out to potential Buyers that are interested in buying the Product if you're working for Google so You're going to be on the phone now Information technology is more of Tickets and cues where it's like a chat Environment so if you don't want to be On the phone the suggestions is to go Through

Um actually Information Technology but Text sales there's over more than 300 000 open jobs and the average salary is 60k to 80k a year which is excellent Money and information technology course There's more than 200 000 open jobs Right now and the average salary is 40 To 60k a year People are making passive income and you Can do the same thing now like I always Say I suggest you to go ahead and check Out the full testimony Um this is very inspiring if this don't Get you moving then I don't know what Will it's this girl's you know just Paraphrasing she's 19 years old and she Worked at Starbucks again there's Nothing wrong with working at Starbucks You have to start somewhere but I think It is not meant to stay at the same Place forever I think that you stay There for a season and it's time for you To get up and and move around and do Better but she worked at Starbucks bust But I'm sorry Starbucks and um She was working and it wasn't not enough Money so she got on she received another Job offer and she was a manager only Making 17 000 an hour and you know That's not enough money to uh make it so She ran across course careers and she Started course careers and she is one of The youngest one I'm so far of making 60k a year working from home and she

Went through course careers and this can Happen to you okay now the first step is Watch the free introduction course sign Up for that that's the first thing it'll Tell you what text sales is all about It'll tell you what information Technology is all about what you're Going to be doing what the course is Going to be doing and at that time if You feel like it's a good fit then don't Procrastinate go ahead and sign up today For the course to enroll in it this is a Self-paced course Um you can complete the course in a few Weeks to a couple months depending on How much time you commit you will learn Everything required to land your first Position and then also you can become an Internship Um through course careers too where you Work three months you can make anywhere Between fifteen and twenty dollars an Hour so the great thing about it is not Only you're getting your the your degree Or certifications you're getting the Experience and getting paid for that see A lot of people don't realize is when You go to a college University or trade School you may come out with the degree But you don't have the experience and a Lot of people when they go and apply for A job they get disencouraged because They don't have the experience so they Go back to school and change their major

For something totally different and with Course careers you're getting experience And also with course careers you do not Have to take out any loans or anything You know we I hate to say this but we Have to face it some people are going to Get a scholarship a full-around Scholarship some people are not going Going to get a scholarship and if people Do get a scholarship it's not going to Be enough to pay for your tuition and Some people cannot afford to go to College College is very very experienced Have you looked at the price these days Is very expensive and a lot of people Want to go to college and they're not Able to and with course careers this is A great fit for anyone and very Affordable and then once you started a Career They've got to teach you everything There you're going to learn I'm all About resumes how to get your resume how To do your application how to prepare For interviews and so such much more and They partner directly with companies That want to hire their students into Entry-level position and internship Dropping the degree and experience Required for course careers graduates Okay so this is a win-win situation here Now if I click on it there is pricing Right and I believe it's very affordable The price is 499 dollars that is the

Single payment that's all you have to Pay if you use my coupon code that Information is in the YouTube Description bar you'll receive fifty Dollars off the 499 dollars now they're Really trying to make it more affordable Is they do a four payment plan where you Pay a hundred and fifty dollars every Two weeks until you pay off the 499 Dollars now they do have a 14 day money Back guarantee they are so confident That you'll be happy with their course That they would give you a risk-free Experience that this course is fully Refundable within 14 days of purchase no Courses asked simply contact them and They will refund you so on an average You'll make over 800 a week as a help Desk professional so basically The course pays for itself during just The first four days on the job so again You know stop procrastinating take Action you know um this is a great Opportunity for high school students Juniors seniors that are uncertain about What they want to do in school go ahead And sign up you know you have to be 18 Years or older to do this here but again This is a great opportunity for someone This is your teacher Josh he's an Excellent teacher again I had a next Door neighbor Um his son didn't know what he wanted to Do with school I told him my course

Careers he is in the course he finished The course and he is making 60k a year Um at a company at Google and this can Happen to you you can do the same thing But again you have to stop Procrastinating and start taking action Today okay so again remember that my Channel is all about none phone work at Home job leads that go out every single Day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time make For sure that you're watching the videos All the way through because these are Valuable if information to help you get Closer to Landing your first second Third job even a side hustle remember All links that I have to talk about on This job are in the YouTube description Bar so all you have to do is click the Show more and you will see the word Links to the jobs and it will take you Straight to the jobs that I am Discussing in the videos if you would Like to support the Channel all or Become a member of the YouTube channel All you have to do is click the join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits subscribe to the channel I Would love for you to be a part of the Family don't forget to click on the Bell To turn on your notifications so every Time when I upload new videos you'll be Notified and that will give you plenty Of time to go ahead and apply for these Jobs before they're no longer available

Check out the community tab that is Where I want to engage with you the Community get a chance to build a Friendship with you I post new videos in There I post polls I want to ask you Questions as well as when people are Getting views and getting hired I am Showing you that they're approved that People are landing work from home jobs Okay and also don't forget to put in Your request to be a part of a Facebook Group my Facebook group where you're Around like me like-minded people that Are seeking work from home job as well As people have gotten hired in the group So putting your requests today don't Forget to follow me on Instagram too I Have content on there as well and Remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it keep applying keep pushing Keep believing there is a job out there With your name on it thank you so much For watching and I will see you in the Next video

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