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Foreign [Music] Hi everybody welcome back to my channel I hope everybody's doing good today I'm Doing great and I'm back with another Part-time job for you guys and this one Is coming from the company Juna Financial okay and this is another Part-time job for you guys we're going To be talking about their part-time Accounting associate job this job right Here does have a flexible schedule you Guys love these type of jobs let's go Ahead and get into the details starting Off with the estimated pay and according To Glassdoor this job has an estimated Pay of 25 an hour to 30 an hour not bad At all of course that is an estimate you Will have to get the exact pay from the Company so getting into the details you Will be responsible for arap payroll and Financial reporting using the latest Cloud-based Technologies that's going to Include Qbo bill.com expensify Hub doc Sharefile Asana and others you will be Responsible for new client Implementations and you will make Managed client relationships to provide Concierge level service you will keep Abreast of the latest developments in Accounting technology and you will Collaborate with other team members to Provide excellent service and Participate in team and one-on-one

Meetings and training to ensure success Now they'd like for you to have a Bachelor's degree in accounting or Business a minimum of two years of Accounting experience aptitude to learn And adopt new technology work well Independently experience with QuickBooks Online and Excel and experience with Bill.com expensify and Asana is a plus You will need a dedicated office space With reliable internet and to apply you Will need to send your information to The email there you're going to send Your cover letter your LinkedIn profile URL and your resume okay so of course if You guys are interested in applying for This job you can find the link in the Description bar you guys know if you Have any questions or any comments you Can leave those below and as usual I Thank you guys so much for watching I'll See you in my next video and good luck To those who apply for the job

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