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Foreign Hi there this is Melissa from melissia At home and I'm back with another video On today so I'll be sharing two work From home positions in this video and Both of these jobs are related to Quality Assurance which you can also Call listening and auditing calls so you Will not be speaking on the phone you Will simply be listening on the phone to Make sure that the calls are of quality Assurance all right so they're just Going to jump into the first opportunity With a company called Nations benefits They're looking for quality assurance Auditor for their call center This is remote okay meaning that it's Okay to work remotely wherever you are Nation's benefit is an organization that Is dedicated to providing Premier Service and delighting their members 24 7. if you would like to learn more about Nations benefits as a company you could Feel free to visit their company website Right here you can click on that link And it will take you directly to their Website where you'll be able to find out More about this company of course you Can always do a Google search of Nations Benefits So firstly their compensation for all Their positions is competitively higher Than the current Marketplace simply put They pay more they also offer a

Competitive benefits program designed to Support employees and their families Across all dimensions of Health Including medical dental vision life Disability 401k and paid holiday time Off to eligible employees you can earn Even more through referral bonuses so if You refer their opportunities to others You can earn money that way as well you Will achieve your potential and grow Your career at So what is the role exactly and the Responsibilities A quality assurance auditor will monitor Rates and Coach member experience Advisors call handling performance to Ensure the highest level of quality and Expectations are achieved so you will Monitor and measure the quality of Inbound and outbound calls from Member Experience report daily weekly and Monthly quality score results based on What you find during those quality Assurance assessments of those calls Provide detailed feedback and Performance related recommendations Necessary to ensure quality performance Participate in schedule internal call Collaboration sessions work in Conjunction with training and onboard Leadership to ensure QA requirements With new hires participate in review Meetings contribute callback feedback Scorecards

Etc etc okay so these are all the Responsibilities that is involved in This role as a quality assurance auditor Qualifications include high school Diploma or equivalence a BS degree is Preferred but it's not required two to Three years customer service call center Environment strongly preferred so they Strongly prefer someone who has two to Three years of customer service Experience so if you have two to three Years experience in customer service Then they then you are strongly Preferred if you don't then you still Can go ahead and apply for this position If you also have two to three years Experiencing call Quality Assurance Monitoring and coaching experience that Is highly required because it matches The role and the responsibilities Now preferred skills these are just Their preferred skills so their Preferred skills include highly PC Proficients attention to detail and Quality oriented multitask oriented Exposure or and or interest in Healthcare ability to remain highly Motivated analytical thinker excellent Listening and interpersonal skill Excellent oral and written communication Skill Demonstrate personal responsibility that You are punctual and you basically show Up to do the work hours of operations

Starting 12 p.m noon to 8 30 PM Eastern Standard Time so this is not like a day Job it's more like afternoon into the Night position okay so they are Currently hiring for this job to double Check to make sure you can click where It says apply to this position and it Will take you to this page application Is currently open for you to apply and For you to submit now in terms of how Much exactly they tend to pay for this Position it states that they have a Competitive salary but because they did Not stay how much on the job listing you Can try to Google to get an idea so Based on my Google this is basically What I found it could be more than that But it states here the average salary For this position for this company is Twenty dollars per hour again it could Be more than that based on your Experience and skills so for quality Assurance position I've shared in the Past I would say between typical pay Range is between let's say 17 to 30 Dollars per hour so this can give you Some ideas of what to expect to get paid The next opportunity I want to share With you is coming from coativity they Are kind of looking for operations Administrator to work for their company It has some similarities to the previous Job so let's get into the overview of The job the CMS content operation

Ministrator is a member of the concept Development team That is responsible for supporting CMS Concept development operations this Individual ensure that all CMS Operations processes are adhered to Individual metrics are Mets are exceeded And documentation is created and Maintained with high attention to Quality and detail the individual in This role will have specific Responsibilities for the administrative Task associated with CMS new issue Developments and maintain maintenance This position is scheduled to work Monday through Friday and this is Daytime schedule the responsibilities Are enlisted here administrative tasks Include documents all correspondence Between covidity and CMS pertaining to New issues collates ni related Information for inclusion in a monthly Business report maintain ni information In various applications manage quality Assurance process for all I for all NIS Inter ni information into the into the Q6 portal enter tickets for research Completion assign work to concept Developments development analysts Monitor ni limits complete limits Request forms and track limits granted So these are the main responsibilities For this position other tasks include Work in several tools and applications

Monitor emails maintain and monitor Several trackers report for team and Other CCV stakeholders etc etc the Qualifications for this position as you Can see they have a lot of Qualifications listed here consistent And effective critical thinking skills Is required strict attention to detail Strong organizational skills strong Written and verbal communication skills Active listening skills highly skilled At handling multiple tasks Simultaneously ability to properly Handle confidential information must be Driven in self-starter as you can see You don't need to have previous Experience in any related position or Role okay so no previous experience was Listed here they're mainly looking for You to have these essential skills Some of them are soft skills skills that Majority of us already have the minimum Qualifications include high school high School diploma Health Care system and Operation experience is preferred but It's not required Healthcare claims data Experience preferred but it's not Required works with a sense of urgency Must possess intermediate skills with Excel and proficient with Microsoft Office also excellent written and verbal Communication skills so this is a work At home position access to high-speed Internet is required all other

Equipments will be provided so they will Provide you with a computer and whatever Equipment you need in order to do the Work must be able to use a computer must Have flexibility after hours and or Weekend work required where necessary For majority of deliverables deadlines So you may be required to work after Hours Hours are Monday through Friday only so No weekends all right so this is coming From coativity in terms of how much they Pay on average well you have to do a Google search because it's not listed on The job post So based on my Google search for their Operations administrator position it can Range between forty five thousand to Sixty thousand dollars based on what I Write on Google so indeed have them at Approximately forty five thousand Dollars Glassdoor have them as sixty one Thousand dollars in five thousand Dollars per month we're gonna go with Between forty five thousand and sixty One thousand dollars per year possibly For the average pay and of course it's Based on your experience your skill Et cetera et cetera those will affect How much you can expect to get paid all Right so this is just to give you some Ideas of the average salary for this Company

So these are the two companies that are Currently hiring Nation benefits and Coativity is hiring if you're interested Link is in the description section to Get started in your application to Submit your application and I wish you All the best of luck with these Positions make sure to check my website for other opportunities That are that will be posted and make Sure you take advantage of the services That I provide as well as tools and Resources in the description section Below this video and thank you so much For watching see you in my next video Speak to you soon bye

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