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Foreign I hope you're having a marvelous Monday It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I know that you Guys are going to love today's hot lead Because this is a non-phone job no Phones are involved in this one and You'll be paid to process data and You're going to be paid well at that so I'm excited to get into this because This is a new to this channel company I Found another place that will hire you To work from home and do data entry and I know you all love that I love it too So we're going into all the details but First please make sure you hit the Subscribe button and you tap the Notification Bell I share the hottest Work from home opportunities every Single weekday and I just might be back Again today with another hot lead so Make sure your notifications are on so That you don't miss out and on that note We are ready to jump in All right what better way to start off a Brand new work week than with a brand New company and opportunity today's hot Lead comes from a company called Employers and of course you guys know I Ran over to the glass door this is an Insurance carrier and it says as America's Small Business Insurance Specialist we are a Nationwide customer Focused provider of Workers Compensation

Insurance and services so they are in The work comp area and that reminds me Of you know the all the days for me okay I handled work comp out in Virginia I Handled a bunch of other Commercial Insurance stuff like I was that person Yes so this is a pretty large company Anywhere from 500 to 1000 employees and That's a brief summary of them now Jumping on into this lead this is for Their vendor Administration specialist Position this is available us wide and At the bottom they let us know know how Much this pays they give us the range on The low end it pays 21.97 per hour on the upper end it pays 24.28 per hour and I like to see you Know what does that look like per month That's about 3 84 dollars per month just for asking for That top end that they said they are Okay with paying so don't try and play It safe okay in 2023 with all this Inflation and you know everything's just So expensive you know you go to the Grocery store he goes to the gas station And he say where'd my money go we are Asking for the top pay in 2023 and I Tried to check on Glassdoor to see any Reported salaries for this role I didn't Really find them so negotiate do what You got to do but we know that we can Get paid that much so let's do it now Jumping on in here it says general

Summary under the direct supervision of The vendor Administration in compliance Supervisor the vendor Administration Specialist coordinates and administers Through data entry accurate maintenance Of the claim systems vendor file for the Company this position ensures that all Job functions are performed accurately And within appropriate time frames in Compliance with established internal Procedures and external rules and Regulations essential duties and Responsibilities verifies and enters Billing and demographic information for Claims pays including vendors claimants And beneficiaries validates IRS Reporting information obtained from all New vendors through regular W9 Solicitation and online verification Processes processes B notices received From the IRS for erroneous tax reporting Information submitted and form 1096 Corrections for 1099 Corrections for Previous years processes vendor leaned According to all internal state and Federal rules and regulations performs Administrative functions related to Mandatory federal and state information Asian reporting processes performs Medical license verification on medical Providers paid through the claim system Performs EDD independent contractor Reporting for California vendors Maintains the Integrity of vendor

Records through vendor maintenance Functions such as vendor inactivation or Other appropriate cleanup activities Coordinates report distribution to Appropriate recipients provide Superior Service and responsiveness to both Internal and external customers Coordinates processing schedules adheres To internal and external deadlines and Enters data accurately ensures quality Control of all vendor Administration Processes research is nature of problems And identifies potential Solutions Manage multiple email addresses for Vendor and defense attorney issues other Duties may be assigned so pausing right Here real quick okay I just read off all Of the essential duties and Responsibilities you see this is a data Processing job you will not be on the Phone but you bet your bottom dollar Dollar you need to know your way around That keyboard and you know you need to Know your way around Microsoft Excel and All the Microsoft Suite along with the G Suite and just be computer literate in General and okay you know I'm gonna get Back to it but this is exactly what I Was talking about in my data entry jobs Video that I shared about two weeks ago If you go to my YouTube channel and you Scroll down okay is this one in the Middle this purple one right here I keep Referring you guys to this video because

Number one you guys love data entry and I get so many questions about it I Really go in detail about how you can Find data entry jobs and one of the Things that I mention in that video is The fact that data entry jobs don't Always go by the name data entry this is A prime example this is a vendor Administration specialist position but Guess what you're doing processing data Process process process data entry That's what they talk about here so Watch that video if you haven't already And if you have watch it again because I Really went you know in with the info so You might have to watch it back a couple Times but back to this and I'll make the Video link at the top right now so that You can click on it when you're done Watching this and applying no back to it It says job requirements minimum one Year experience in a similarly situated Position experience with 1099 reporting Requirements above average computer Skills typing skills and working Knowledge of Microsoft Word Excel and Access excellent verbal written and Interpersonal skills highly organized With strong multitasking abilities high School education or equivalent required Preferred but not required so if you Bring this you know you bring in Something that really stands out Experience in the workers compensation

Insurance industry preferred claims Technical and or claims operations Experience in Vendor Administration and Relations preferred in an equivalent Combination of education and experience May be substituted for the requirements Listed above work environment physical Demand this role is remote friendly but Only open to candidates currently Located in the United States it requires A suitable space that provides a private And quiet workplace the role potentially And will routinely use office equipment Such as computers phones printers and Web conferencing technology as examples Expected work hours schedules are set to Accommodate the requirements of the Position and the needs of the Organization and may be adjusted as Needed travel may be required to travel To off-site locations to attend meetings As necessary this is largely a sedentary Role however some Mobility is required May work early late or occasional Weekend hours to accommodate business Needs occasional lifting of a maximum of 30 pounds reasonable accommodations may Be made to enable individuals with Disabilities to perform the essential Functions and then they talk about the Pay here again and then they say that They offer a positive challenging work Environment combined with an opportunity To build your career as you help us grow

Our business in Innovative and Imaginative ways that are uniquely Employers and so they just get into a Little more company info and we can get Through that because we know a little Bit about them but you know always read Through the whole thing but I wanted to Share the meat and potatoes of this job With y'all so you see this is a really Good one and you bet this one's gonna Fly off the shelves so the apply Now Button is at the top left make sure you Get your application in ASAP and last But certainly not least I want to point You guys to two resources that are Really going to help you out the First Resource that I'm going to point you to Is my free Mega list of jobs on my Website guys this is Like a gold mine okay and I'm not too in My own horn I'm just letting y'all know That if you're looking for a job there Are 485 companies on this list that will Hire you to work from home so you can Search this list for some key words that We've sort of associated with some of These jobs but a lot of these companies Have expansive workforces that go beyond Just you know some of the types of jobs That we've listed so you could actually Really get lost in looking into these Companies going to their careers pages And seeing what they have for you to Apply to and we have the direct link to

Their careers pages so you don't have to Run around the internet looking okay you Can just go directly there see what they Have available and this is how a lot of People are landing interviews and Getting hired you know folks tell me all The time that they're getting hired from Finding jobs on the mega list of jobs so Make sure you bookmark this and you know Weave it into your daily work from home Job search And then when you need your home office Set up head over to my Amazon storefront You guys I just redid my Amazon Storefront it was a little skimpy with The products I know you guys have Extensive office needs so I added even More and you can see like there's a Little bit of something for whatever Your office need may be now I'm always Pointing out the cuter because this is How you make money from home okay you Can have the best office it looks great But without a computer you will not be Making any money now take a look here on Sale right now is this HP Elite desktop Computer package for a hundred and forty Dollars this includes a CPU tower that Runs Windows 10 Pro companies at a Minimum require Windows 10. it comes With a wired keyboard and mouse and a 19 Inch monitor which is also a lot of Times what companies will be looking for So guess what for 140 bucks you will

Have your money machine also known as Your computer and you really can't find Deals like this anywhere all this is Sold through Amazon and you know they Say based on where I live they could Have it to me by the 20th you know and Then at the latest the 23rd so that's Fast delivery and there are other Computer packages in here if you want to Get dual monitors they have a package For that 255 bucks you really can't beat That so check out my Amazon storefront And then of course the mega list of jobs And for sure get your application in ASAP for this hot lead from employers And thank you so much for watching I Truly hope this has been helpful and I Will talk to you soon bye Foreign Foreign

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