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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with a non phone work from home job For a data entry operator but before I Jump into the video if you are new here Welcome make sure you subscribe like and Share on this channel guys we talk about All things work from home related job Side gigs and hustles and we also do Giveaways so we are giving away 10 more Brand new laptops absolutely free the Only thing you guys have to do is take The video share it with the family Member or a friend but be sure to come Back and leave us a comment also don't Forget to let us know in the comments What type of work from home job or side Hustle you guys are looking for and Omni Interactions and tell us both of these Companies guys are on a hiring spree so Make sure you go over to the two chicks With aside blog and look for Both of these companies on the home page And also don't forget to sign up for Branded surveys we got some people here That make 15 to 50 dollars in a day make Sure you guys click on that link Down Below in the comment section let's jump Into this awesome video the company is Called elevance health and they are Looking to feel their data entry Operator one and two work from home job Or position so it stays here you will be Responsible for operating a data entry Device to key and or verify a variety of

Standard and or complex coded or uncoded Business and statistical Source data Into a computer the primary duties may Include performs daily reconciliation of Customer claims request account Adjustments provide superior quality Outcomes by taking ownership of claims To ensure timely resolution or follow-up Possesses a minimum of 250 claims to 300 Claims per day and accounts for all Claims and assigned batches achieved in Maintaining accuracy rates of 98 and Foster a professional and positive Attitude now I do see here guys high School diploma or GED they do have this Highlighted so it says any combination Of education and experience which would Provide an equivalent background now it Says incumbent must have knowledge of Claims operations services and the Various operations of the organization Products and services preview experience Using a PC database system and related Software word processing spreadsheets Etc it does state that this is required Now that is for the data entry op one Data entry Op 2 high school diploma Minimum of two years data entry and Customer service experience or any Combination of education and experience Which would provide an equivalent Background it says that the position on Flexible work at home that's great 10 Key entry provides Superior professional

Courteous service to customers timely And accurate res solution of claims Entry makes significant combination to Work team as an independent Problem Solver decision maker who wants who Works with that significant guidance I Do see here guys that the salary range Is 1160 all the way up to 25 per hour And that's probably based on a number of Factors could be experience could be Location it could be Of course where you live and what type Of experience that you have and maybe Some type of knowledge or skill as well So again the company guys it is called Elevance health and they are looking to Feel their data entry operators one and Two both of these the two positions that Are open they're looking to fill both of These positions and also guys the pay Could vary Um it could vary by the particular job If you're applying for number one or Number two I'm pretty sure two probably Pays more than one so that could be a Factor as well so the pay is listed as 1160 to 25.55 an hour make sure you guys Do some research about elephants Health Go over to Google type in the company's Name it only takes one to two minutes For you guys to do the research jot down Any information that you feel may be Important just in case you get an Interview you want to be prepared and

Not surprised now I will be sure to Leave a link posted right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check at this company also guys Don't forget to share the video somebody Out there guys they are sick and tired Of these scammers and I try to save People from being scammed on a Day-to-day basis on social media a lot Of scammers are posting data entry fake Data entry jobs let's say that fake data Entry jobs using the company's real Names so make sure you share this video We're trying to get this great Information out to the masses be sure to Come back and leave us a comment we have Four giveaways going on right now so we Have a giveaway on the YouTube we also Have a giveaway for our Facebook group If you're not in the group please join It is kiss that cubicle goodbye follow Us on our two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page and don't Forget about Instagram guys we're doing Another giveaway on Instagram two chicks With the side hustle all you got to do Is follow us guys and start sharing the Content and leave us a comment so that We can put your name on this long long Long long long giveaway list my name is Carol and I'll catch you guys in the Next video bye bye YouTube

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