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Foreign [Music] For you guys and this is going to be a Job with the company Nations benefits Okay and you guys are gonna love this One because you guys love the jobs where You do not have to be sitting on the Phone talking to customers instead you Will be listening to calls with this job And this is going to be their job as a Quality assurance auditor call center of Course and so let's go ahead and get Straight into the details I am not aware Of the pay for this job if I do find it While editing I will put it on the Thumbnail or in the title if you don't See it I don't know the pay but with This job right here you will monitor Rate and Coach member experience Advisors call handling performance to Ensure the highest level of quality and Expectations are achieved you're gonna Do that by monitoring and measuring the Quality of inbound and outbound calls For member experience BPO provider and Member services areas of operations You're going to report weekly daily and Monthly quality score results to QA Management operational stakeholders and Corporate management upon request you Will provide detailed feedback and Performance related recommendations Necessary to ensure quality performance And you're going to participate in

Schedule internal call calibration Sessions with leadership and or Operational stakeholders to ensure the Feedback and continued skill development Goals are achieved you will work in Conjunction with training and onboarding Leadership to ensure QA requirements With new hires and call handling Processes for new programs you'd also Make changes to existing programs to Meet performance expectations and Participate in review meetings Contribute call feedback score calls and Recorded calls for client calibration Sessions you'll also facilitate coaching Sessions seek knowledge to improve Individual skills and maintain positive Consistent and effective communication You will need to have your high school Diploma or GED they do prefer that you Have a bachelor's degree two to three Years of customer service call center Experience is preferred in two to three Years of experience and call Quality Assurance monitoring and coaching is Required they also want you to be highly PC proficient confident and have Excellent oral and written communication Skills and the hours of operation are Going to be between 12 p.m Eastern Standard Time to 8 30 PM Eastern Standard Time and this job has a very Quick application so of course if you're Interested in applying you can find the

Link in the description bar you guys Know I wish you the best of luck leave Any questions or comments down below and As usual I'll see you guys in my next Video and thank you so much for watching

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