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Hey hey what to do two chicks fam happy Thursday it's me Carl I am back with a Non-phone work from home job and this is An easy peasy one but before I jump into This awesome video I hope you guys are Staying warm and safe make sure you Smash that red subscribe button like the Video share the video we are giving away 10 more brand new laptop computers they Are absolutely free so go tell a friend Spread the word come back leave us a Comment down below now if you are brand New to working from home or if you are Still looking for a work from home job And you're struggling trying to get your Foot in the door or trying to jump in And get your feet wet make sure you guys Check out that live stream video we Talked about some easy higher work from Home jobs last night and I believe it's Seven and some are none phone so make Sure you guys check it out and share hop Over to the two chicks blog look under The spotlight job section make sure you Apply for Omni interactions don't forget To let us know in the comments what type Of work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for and be sure guys to Sign up for Branded surveys the link is In the comments section let's get into The video so the company is live world And we've talked about this company Before this is a part-time non-phone Work from home job so it says here they

Are looking to feel their social media Agent position now it says at live world Our social media agents they provide Social customer service engagement for Marketing purposes Adverse Events Management and or protection of brand Image a live world agent provides a Great experience for a Brand's customers In their online venues this position is Hourly part-time work-at-home position Flexibility is also needed occasionally Working working evenings nights weekends And or a holiday days the primary Responsibilities for the various agent Positions may include however guys they Are not limited to review and take Appropriate action on social media posts According to Brand guidelines to include Rejecting or approving content tracking And escalating so basically guys you are On a forum it could be Instagram it Could be Facebook it could be Tick Tock You're reading the comments and you are Removing spam or any type of belligerent Or some type of dirty comment so that's Basically what you're doing with this Position it says triage and respond to Customers questions selecting and Personalizing previously prepared Responses or in a social content Actively engaging with online users Stimulating guiding and participating in Conversations authoring authoring Responses on the Fly research customer

Service answers in some cases client CRM Systems identify and escalate the trends The topics the sentiment and emerging Issues now you will need some required Skills ability to connect with people And communicate in courteous Conversational style while making Decisions according to the company's Guidelines ability to compose Well-written messages with the use of Good grammar and appropriate punctuation Strong keyboarding skills ability to Navigate between multiple systems or Applications simultaneously demonstrated Personal or professional success and Engaging in a social Channel recommended Education and experience minimum 18 Years of age require two to three years Experience in online moderation and Engagement and or online customer Service desirable now guys for this one You really don't need experience because The company is going to train you this Is one of the companies that have been Around for a long time ever since I Believe tan and I started working from Home and it is very easy to get hired With this company because you don't need Experience just apply for the job a lot Of these are saying recommended Education and experience desirable I see Here some experience in a call center Environment is helpful work at home Experience it is helpful social media

Moderation and engagement experience Preferred however it is not required Healthcare background desirable but not Required experience with social media Tools such as those from live world Salesforce sprinkler cuddles or similar Tools desirable but they are not Preferred guys college degree or Equivalent experience preferred Environment and Technical requirements Dependable high-speed internet access Dependable telephone access landline Preferred for the training but you Probably don't need a landline you Probably would need a USB headset Because a lot of the companies now you They have done away with the phone some Of them still require the phones but a Lot of them have the software where they Route the calls or you'll be on like a Zoom or some other type of platform Where you guys may have to do the Training that way so it says here Ability to work in a quiet and secure Home office atmosphere work must be Performed on a desktop or a laptop Computer and they don't Supply the Equipment so you will have to have this Before you apply for the job or while You're getting your computer you can Still apply but just make sure you have This to start use of a tablet or mobile Phone is not feasible for this this Position right so all applicants must be

Fluent in English some positions involve Fluency in reading and writing and other Languages now the language fluency Testing and writing samples are a Requirement for all hourly positions English for all positions and specific Languages for some positions now they do Hire guys I see here other Languages are listed so if you do or you Can speak these other languages or you Know someone that speaks these other Language like I have a relative that can Speak Portuguese and also Spanish so if You know someone looking for a non-phone Part-time work from home job where you Get paid to remove spam comments and Content be sure to share this video with That person make sure you come back and Leave us a comment letting us know that You shared now the link to this one guys It will be posted right below the video In the description box so you guys can Apply make sure you go over to Google Type in Live World get the information Before you apply for the job so again This is a part-time non-phone work from Home job the company is live world they Are looking to feel their social media Agent work from home position so make Sure that you guys share leave us a Comment down below and then hop on over To a Facebook join join join the group Is kiss the cubicle goodbye make sure You guys are following us over on our

Other social media platform we do have a Facebook business page it is two chicks With the side hustle we're giving away Two additional laptop computers Absolutely free to you guys so make sure You come over there start sharing and Tagging your people on the content we Already have some of our subscribers Over there now so it is not too late we Are trying to get to a hundred thousand Followers over on that page and also Guys make sure you hop on over to Instagram and Twitter and follow us on Instagram we're doing a pop-up giveaway So guys make sure that you are over There and you are sharing our content on Instagram as well like crazy and we're Gonna do the pop-up before the end of The year so at this moment we have no Idea what we're going to give away but If you guys have been following us we Are are known to give away money gift Cards computers Now we've never given away a desktop so That's one of my ideas we may give away A desktop you never know so make sure You are following us two chicks with the Side hustle Instagram be sure to tag be Sure to put us in your stories or share Us on a real my name is Carol and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video bye YouTube

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