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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another work from home Video and this company guys we heard it Through the grapevine they are on a Hiring spree but they don't hire in Every state make sure you guys subscribe Like and share because on this channel We give away laptops and we are giving Away 10 more brand new laptop computers Absolutely free to you guys and anybody Can win take my video posted on Facebook Post it on Tick Tock you're on social Media anyway so make sure you share this Good information and come back and leave Us a comment don't forget to go back Check out all the videos that were Posted on the channel today CVS is Hiring guys they have an entry level HR Position that I posted on here so make Sure you go back and check out the video Also if you are looking for a non-phone No interview work whenever you want be Sure to come over here to the two chicks With the side blog on the Home page look for a tell us the Raider Position is now open and it pays 14 an Hour let us know in the comments what Type of work from home job you're Looking for and be sure guys while You're in the comments click that link For Branded surveys and sign up today Let's jump in so the company guys is Ruby receptionist and they are looking To feel their virtual receptionist work

From home position as you guys can see It is fully remote now the shift range Will be from 30 to 40 hours per week With the start times as early as 5 a.m Pacific Standard time we also have Shifts that include a combination of Weekday and weekend days let us know What works for you for more details About working for Ruby and the virtual Receptionist roll you can check them out And they do put their website right There so this is a this position is Fully remote and depending on where you Live the wages are different so Missouri Can chances in Texas and then they have Arizona Oregon and Washington listed as Well where you guys can make up to 19.50 An hour with this company and that is Not bad at all because I used to work For answering service or virtual Receptionist a company and the pay was Nowhere near that so it says here on any Given day you could be taking a message For an attorney in one interaction and Then you could be connecting a caller With the wedding planner in another you Will be speaking with folks from all Walks of life across a variety of Industries The Only Thing That Remains The Same is your welcoming tone we give Our customers the personalized service And interactions they deserve making Meaningful connections that help their Businesses grow and Thrive it says what

You'll be accountable for adhere to Ruby's call handling expectations Accurately completing over 200 calls per Day limiting personal bias while Answering calls professional only you Will create exceptional color Experiences that delight and wow by Seeking opportunities to make meaningful Connections with customers and with Callers maintain the accuracy guys the Mindfulness and a strong attention to Detail in written communication using Crossing the t's and dotting the eyes Using proper spelling grammar and Logical message composition communicate Professionally and with personality Multitasking a fast-paced technology Rich environment these types of Companies guys easy peasy because the Only thing you're doing you're looking At the screen and whatever comes up so If you are answering the phone for an Attorney's office you guys know how to Talk professional on the phone hi this Is Carol thank you so much for calling Law offices of Jones and Jones how may I Help you and then they would probably Ask to speak with someone oh well I do Apologize Mr Jones is unavailable at the Moment would you like like to leave a Message and then you would just take the Message so easy peasy money and then I Like the fact that they are a high Paying virtual receptionist company

Because some of the other ones pay Around 10 to 15 dollars per hour so it Says here that you are a tech savvy and Can multitask navigating multiple Screens and systems while seamlessly Navigating a conversation with the Caller or customer live and in real time You are positive and professional with a High degree of emotional intelligence Your your can-do attitude is Amplified When you are handling multiple tasks at Once you diligently follow instructions Yet are comfortable going off script When the situation calls for it you take Pride in representing the customers and Providing a fantastic virtual first Impression for a wide variety of Businesses from attorneys to health care Offices your laser focus and high Attention to detail allows you to Accurate really depict the spirit of a Message while distilling the content to Ensure it is concise relevant and Meaningful to co-workers and to the Customer now it says the background Willing and able to deliver service to a Variety of Industries without bias and With empathy enjoys technology and Adept At using and troubleshooting in new and Complex systems skilled at navigating Difficult interactions while remaining Professional and service oriented it Says if you are bilingual Spanish English this is a plus remote working

Experience is also a plus guys now they Do have some preferred I do see on here Preferred qualifications but if you Don't have any of these do not worry About that because again they are just Saying preferred if you have them kudos To you if not you still can apply for This job so again the company guys is Ruby receptionist and they are looking To fill these positions ASAP the virtual Receptionist work from home position but You must live in certain States now I'm pretty sure all of the states are Listed here but just in case if you want To reach out to them and ask do they Hire in your state if you don't see it Listed please feel free to reach out to The company and ask them if they will Hire you and you live in another state That's not listed on the website make Sure you guys look under the video in The description box for the link because That is where the link will be posted Make sure you do some research know Something about the company just in case You guys get an interview you want to be Prepared for the interview and not Surprised also guys don't forget to take My video posted on LinkedIn put it on Tick Tock you guys are on social media Anyway talking to your friends your Family members some of you guys may have An audience preach this good work from Home job to your audience and then be

Sure to come back leave us a comment Don't forget to hop over to Facebook Join follow us guys on these other Social media platforms because we are Doing doing giveaways like crazy across All of them except for Twitter so we Have a Facebook business page it is two Chicks with the side hustle now on the Business page we will be giving away two Additional laptop computers brand new And absolutely free to you guys we're Gonna ship them right to your front door The only thing you guys have to do is Hop over there to Facebook start sharing The content that's all you got to do or You can tag a friend on the content tag A friend in the comment section that is A form of sharing and then we will write Your names down once we reach a hundred Thousand followers on their platform we Will write down your information guys And then we will do a drawing and Somebody or two people are going to win Brand new laptop computers and again all Of these things that we're giving away It is absolutely free the only thing you Guys have to do is just get the Information and share it with the friend Or a family member but don't forget come Back leave us a comment down below my Name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people on the Next video bye YouTube

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