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What's going on two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a very easy odd Side hustle that anyone can do make sure You subscribe like and share on this Channel guys we do real giveaways and we Are giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers they are absolutely free so Make sure you guys go spread the word go Tell a friend be sure to come back leave Us a comment down below don't forget to Check out that easy peasy part-time job That I posted on the channel earlier Make sure you guys hop on over here to The two chicks with the side hustle.com Blog look under the spotlight job Section make sure you apply for Omni Interactions this is a beginner friendly Weekly pay skip the interview company Guys so make sure you guys hop on over Here and check them out now if you are Still looking for a work from home job And you are new to working from home be Sure to check out that live stream video That we posted on the channel last night Make sure you guys look down below in The comments and sign up for Branded Surveys this is by far one of the Easiest survey sites out there and People are making real money from this Site let's jump into this video so I Know you guys are excited about this one So the company is laundry care now we Did a live stream a few weeks ago about Interesting side hustles that a lot of

People never knew existed because I Didn't even know this side hustle Existed so I will be sure guys to leave A link to that live stream in case you Guys want to check it out because we did Post other companies that offer the same Type of service and you can work for as Many of these companies as you like so We're gonna hop on into the video so the First thing you want to do to find this Side hustle this odd interesting side Hustle is you want to come over here to Our blog and it is two chicks with the Sidehustle.com and then you want to Scroll down if you're on a phone or if You're looking from the computer you Want to look under the spotlight job Section and you want to click on the one That says laundry care so this one guys You can get paid this is my motto you Can get paid to do other people's dirty Laundry so if you are someone that does Not mind doing other folks thing things For other folks this is like a task Based type of side hustle that's what I Would call it a task base because this Is a task it is a task where you will be Getting paid guys to do other people's Laundry and the company again it is Called laundry care and you can work Independently with this company so it Says here work independently outside of Conventional workspaces laundry care Offers a perfect alternative to typical

Office workspaces that allow you to fit Your work around your other commitments So it says work independently say Goodbye to clocking in and clocking out No more co-workers managers or bosses Because guys you are the boss you can Work remotely orders and clients are Easy to accept and manage on the go with Our provider app work consistently enjoy The consistency of weekly and bi-weekly Clients in your area while growing your Clientele this is a simple business Model benefits from our established Brand business model and also pricing no Extra setup or paperwork is necessary Simple payment get paid for the work you Do on your schedule cash out payments Any day of the week at your convenience And it says simple work your laundry Machines help you do the dirty work so You can live life in between so this one Is one of those odd side hustles guys Think outside of the box sometimes we do Find these and we will stem if we do so If anybody wants to apply for this one You just click where it says apply now Highlighted in pink and white let us Know in the comments if you are going to Apply for this side hustle or if you Already work for this company be sure to Leave us a comment down below so again The company is laundry care you would Want to come on our blog it is two Chicks with the side hustle.com look

Under the spotlight job section and Click on laundry care and I believe with This company I think you can make around Twenty dollars per hour be sure to go Over to Google type in laundry care do Some research know the company that you Are working for or that you want to Apply for know something about the Company although there is no interview With this one so this one is a skip the Interview work whenever you want type of Thing so remember guys to share the Video leave me a comment down below Don't forget to hop on over to Facebook Join us kiss the cubic goodbye make sure You follow us over on our Facebook Business page because we got some Business going on on that platform we're Going to give away two additional laptop Computers absolutely free to you guys Same thing over here go over there Follow us and start sharing our content Thank you guys so much to the ones that Have been sharing but if you have not And you want to get in on these free Giveaways make sure you guys start Sharing now it is not too late we're Trying to get to 100K on this YouTube Channel and we are so close also over on The Facebook business page two chicks With the side hustle we are dancing Right around 52 000 followers but we're Trying to get to a hundred thousand Followers so make sure you guys share

And then on Instagram follow us it is Two chicks with the side hustle and we Are doing a pop-up giveaway guys before The end of the month today is December The 22nd so we still have some more days Left to come on the live stream over on Instagram and do the giveaway right now We have no idea what we're going to give Away but if you have been following us Then you guys know that we don't skip on The gifts we might give away some gift Cards we could give away some money or It could be a brand new laptop computer Who knows make sure you guys hop on over There and follow us my name is Carl and I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on that next video bye YouTube

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