GoDaddy Hiring $15 To $17 Hour Work From Home Email Sales Rep | No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you unfortunately the Job leads this week haven't been the Greatest with it being a holiday week But we are continuing on with anything We find that might be remotely helpful To someone so today's job lead is from The huge web hosting company GoDaddy They are hiring an email sales Representative now don't let the job Title fool you this is going to be a Phone based customer service position For their email clients that subscribe To email Services they offer email Services along with their hosting Services now this is remote for the United States it says their Center of Excellence is located in Arizona but This position is open to other Additional States remotely you are not Eligible if you are in Alaska California Colorado Louisiana Massachusetts and Mississippi New Jersey New York North Dakota Oregon or the Virgin Islands it Looks like everywhere else will be Considered for this position one thing To note their shifts that may require Working nights weekends or holidays now The good thing about pay is that they Start out pay anywhere from 15 to 17 an Hour depending on the team you're on and Then it says those who meet 100 of their Target would likely be bumped up to the

58 to 83 000 a year range so there is a Room to get raises and grow in this Position but they are basically looking For someone to be a part of their email Sales team you'll be a part of the Dedicated sales agents geared towards Ensuring that all of their email Customers get the product Suite that They need at the right time every time You'll be providing assistance to the Customers with purchases and technical Issues or other general questions and Concerns while making sure they have a Positive customer experience you'll Provide immediate and appropriate Technical support to customers regarding The GoDaddy email products and services And you'll thoroughly review and Validate customer accounts to find Opportunities to renew their contracts Consolidate billing dates and add on Products that's kind of where the sales Come in you'll let them know about other Products that they are not subscribed to That you have and try to talk them into Adding more products to their Suite now This does not require any kind of a College degree they're looking for Someone who has three years a sales Experience with a proven record of Understanding the customer's needs Someone who has experienced in Commission bonus and Metric driven Environment someone who has experienced

Using CRM or other customer management Software of course familiarity with Microsoft Office 365 that's the online Web version or related add-ons is a plus And someone who can build relationships With the customers multitask and Prioritize their work now on top of the Page they do offer a standard benefit Package that includes paid time off and 401K all right if you've made it to the End of this video I want to say thank You so so much for watching and Supporting me as always feel free to Leave anything specific that you're Looking for in the comments I do read Those and keep that in mind and I'll be Back really really soon with more work From home job leads just for you

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