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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another job for you guys and today I'm gonna be coming to you guys with a Part-time job I think it's been like a Week since I've come with a part-time Job so I looked for some last night and I did come across some pretty good jobs Okay this one right here is coming from The national hemophilia foundation and They're currently looking for a Part-time recruiting and HR specialist This is fully remote of course so let me Go ahead and get straight into the Details okay so nhf is looking for a Part-time recruiting and HR specialist To join their team you will manage the Recruiting life cycle including working With hiring managers to develop job Specifications and draft job Descriptions you will be posting open Positions scheduling interviews and Screening candidates and you will Support the daily functions of the HR Department including the onboarding Process enforcing organization policies And practices in handling day-to-day Increase from staff so you can work from Anywhere in the U.S with this job now it Does say You must be willing to travel To organizational wide events such as Their annual bleeding disorders Conference so they do have a vaccination

Policy for employees that are required To travel therefore to be considered you Must meet that requirement within 30 Days of employment unless you're Requesting a medical or religious Exemption they'd like for you to have a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management business administration or a Related field at least one to three Years experience working in Human Resources recruiting Specialist or a Similar role and experience involved in Administrative tasks such as payroll Processing development of training Programs and employee database Management you must be understanding and Have the ability to recruit for all Levels of the organization from entry Level to senior manager level excellent Communication skills be able to handle Sensitive information be familiar with Dei basic concepts and knowledge good Familiarity with federal state and local Laws working knowledge of multiple state Laws as a plus when resource information System knowledge and experience with HR Analytics and Human Resources metrics They do want you to be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite so this job pays 27.50 an hour you must be able to work 20 to 25 hours per week with the Flexible schedule with the exception of Their monthly all staff meeting that Occurs every Thursday in the afternoon

So this job does have a Paylocity Application those can be kind of long it Just really depends on the company and What requirements they put in the Application so of course if you're Interested in applying you already know You can find that link in the Description bar you guys know if you Have any questions or any comments you Can leave those below and as usual I Appreciate you guys so much for watching I'll see you in my next video good luck To those who apply for the job

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