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Hi everyone happy Tuesday it's Suzanne Today your first work from home job lead Is a data entry authorizations processor This is with the company Molina Healthcare they do have quite a few Reviews on indeed so that tells me this Is probably definitely a legitimate Company they're going to be paying Anywhere between 14 and 26 dollars per Hour the highest range is at about 1040 Per week it's a full-time remote Monday Through Friday and a little bit about This job they are looking for Health Care Administrative Professionals with Excellent computer skills attention to Detail multitask talk with members on The phone enter accurate data and at Least one year of medical admin Experience so basically working in some Sort of administrative medical office or Or something to do with medical or Health care it is a fast-paced position The remote opportunity that requires a Home office with high speed internet Connectivity so you need to make sure That you're not on Wi-Fi that you're Able to connect right to that wall and That you are getting good internet Connection where you live so the Department operates seven days a week Monday through Sunday with a variety of Schedules available these are some of The schedules and I'll let you look at Those

Under the job summary Molina works with Members providers and multi-disciplinary Team members to assess facilitate plan And coordinate an integrated delivery of Care across the Continuum including Behavior Health and long-term care for Members with high-speed potential HCS Staff work to ensure that patients Progress toward desired outcomes with Quality care that is medically Appropriate and cost effective based on The severity of illness and the site of The service so what they would like you To have is to be able to provide Telephone clerical and data entry Support for the care review team provide Computer entries of authorization Request provider inquiry such as Eligibility and benefits verification Provider Contracting status diagnosis And treatment requests coordination of Benefits status determination Hospital Census information regarding Admissions And discharges and billing codes now Don't worry because a lot of this stuff They're going to train you on anytime You go to a new office even if you've Been in that similar field they'll Always have to train you on their own Processes so never worry about that You're going to respond to requests for Authorization of services submitted via Phone fax and mail you're going to Contact Physician Offices according to

The department guidelines to request Missing information from authorization Requests or additional information as Requested by the medical director so the Main job qualifications they want you to Have at least a high school diploma There's no GED listed here as required One to three years experience in an Admin support role of Health Care they Would like you to have an associate Degree but it again it is preferred not Required and they'd like to have three Years of experience in that admin field So they will look at you if you have Less than the three years but if you Have more than three years it may help You get your foot in the door that's all That means so if you're a current Employee which you're probably not I'll Let you go ahead and read through that Again up to twenty six dollars per hour Based on experience if you're interested Did I'm going to go ahead and put the Instructions down in the description for Where to go so that you can apply for This job otherwise I'm going to be back Soon with another work from home job Lead good luck

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