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Good morning it's Suzanne happy Wednesday today's first work from home Job is a data entry clerk with the Company Scl Health corporate they have 1300 Reviews on indeed you can go ahead and Check those out but let's get into this Job now this is a great high paying Position for a work from home job They're paying up to 35 dollars per hour And it is a full-time remote position And a little bit about you they want you To bring your body mind heart and spirit To your work as a human resources Information system coordinator you know How to move fast you know how to stay Organized you know to have you know how To have fun you're great at what you do But you want to be part of something Even greater because you believe that While individuals can be strong the Right team is invincible so a little bit About them system Services is the Corporate headquarters in Broomfield Colorado and is located within the Oracle campus scl health is a Faith-based non profit Healthcare Organization dedicated to improving the Well-being of the people they serve Benefits are one of the ways they Encourage health for you and your family So they're going to give you a generous Package of benefits together you'll Align Mission and careers values and

Workplace and encourage joy and take Pride in your integrity all right so What I really liked was down here They said that they hire people not Resumes but they also expect Excellence Which is why they require a high school Diploma and minimum of two years of work Experience in HR and familiarity with Data entry processes so what I really Liked about that is they're really going To be looking at you as an individual And what kind of person you are so They're not just going to look at your Exact work experience and degree they're Actually going to consider you Personally so as a coordinator you're Going to need to know how to coordinate All data entry items into Oracle send Copies of paper forms to the electronic HR file system sounds like a pretty Straightforward job I don't think There's a lot of complexity to it However they do offer great pay for work From home so if you're interested in This I would definitely apply it's Probably going to go quickly I'm going To go ahead and put that link Down Below In the description and I'll be back a Little bit later with your second work From home job lead

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