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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with a high paying work From home job but before I jump into This video make sure you guys subscribe Like and share because on this channel We give away laptop computers guys and If you want to win make sure you take The video put it on Facebook share it With a friend be sure to come back leave Us a comment down below don't forget to Go back check out all the videos that Were posted on the channel yesterday Make sure you guys hop on over to here To the two chicks with the side Hustle.com blog look under the spotlight Job section apply for Omni and then Scroll down and look for tell us tell us Is a non-phone skip the interview Opportunity for you guys let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you guys are looking For and be sure to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comments Let's get into it so this is a Well-known company cash app they are Hiring work from home guys so they're Looking to feel this voice of the Customer Specialist work from home position so it Says here that the job description the Voice of the customer team quantifies And drives resolution of customer issues Across the business as a VOC specialist You will take a data-driven approach to

Identifying our customers biggest pain Points and partner directly with product Engineering and operations leaders to Drive resolution you will also be Responsible for partnering with customer Facing support teams to escalate Emerging issues and for delivering Reporting and Analysis of those issues And any related factors this role Reports to the VOC lead and sits within The cash customer operations now You will have to analyze and synthesize Data from multiple sources to understand The customer support case drivers and The underlying causes leverage your Expertise and Partnerships to escalate And drive resolutions of the most Important customer pain points and Experience gaps deliver reporting on key Customer support metrics and Trends to Stakeholders anticipate and address Customer pain points and experience gaps Prior to the future or future lunches Collaborate with the customer facing Support teams to understand and resolve Internal pain points related to the Products for support contribute key Insights from the customer perspective During the change management process be A key stakeholder for potential product Managers for various cross functional Projects off sites with your team may Require travel but I doubt that So you will need some experience for

This job it says two plus years of Professional experience working directly With product engineering in a VOC or a Similar role as part of a support Operations team two plus years Experience and demonstratable expertise With all of the following analytic Analytics and Reporting tools issue Tracking and project management software Large-scale crms the sales force and the Zendesk strong understanding of customer Support operations and in-app support Systems strong cross-functional Communication and prioritization skills Preferred experience in fintech or Personal finance and then I do see Additional information is listed now as You guys can see this is a high high High paying work from home job I see 85 000 on the low end and 139 000 on the high end so it depends is on The location it says to find the Location Zone designation please refer To this resource so if you live in zone A then you can make 114 to 139 Zone b as You guys can see it starts to drop a Little bit 106 to 129 which is still not bad and Then so on and so so forth Zone C and Zone D they do offer Health Care Coverage for those of you that are Looking for that type of position this Could be the one for you that offers the Health care coverage and it is high

Paying I did not see though where you Need a degree for this particular job Nope I didn't see a degree on here so Guys take advantage if you have this Experience cash app is looking to feel This voice of the customer specialist Work from home job and as you guys can See the pay depending on the location Starts at 85 000 and it goes all the way Up to close to a hundred and forty Thousand dollars a year and they do Offer benefits so this is a great one I Did not see again where you need a Degree to apply for this job make sure You guys go over to Google it takes one To two minutes to type in the company's Name and to find some information about Them and to jotted down on a piece of Paper just in case you guys get an Interview you want to be readily Prepared and not surprised and what I Mean by surprise is because I've had This to happen to me before where the Interviewee is asking well what do you Know about this company and I'm like a Deer in headlights I don't know nothing About this company I just applied for The job so it's good to know Something about the company whether it's The CEO of the company the founder what Year the company was started things like That because those are some of the Things that they just might ask you or What does the company do those are some

Of the things guys that some of these Interviewees will ask you in those Interviews so make sure you get that Information jotted down on a piece of Paper just in case again that you get an Interview you want to be prepared and Not surprised make sure you share my Awesome video somebody out there guys is Looking for this job I can guarantee you This I see a lot of Facebook Scams going on a lot of Instagram scams Going on a lot of Snapchat scams going On somebody out there guys is looking For legit work from home jobs and we do Post them on this platform so make sure You share this video but don't forget to Come back and leave me a comment down Below also guys don't forget to hop over To Facebook join kiss that cubicle Goodbye make sure you guys follow us on Our two chicks with the side hustle Facebook business page we have some Giveaways going on with this brand so Make sure you are following us Everywhere last but not least don't Forget Twitter and don't forget Instagram we're close on Instagram to Those 10 000 followers my name is Carol And I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people in the next video Hi YouTube

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