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Good morning it's Suzanne today's first Work from home job lead is a senior Customer service representative with the Company United Health Group now United Health Group is always hiring remote Physicians and this is a great High-paying job I think down below it Says they're paying up to 29 dollars to An hour just depending on where you live And your experience they're also going To throw in a fifteen hundred dollar Sign-on bonus for external candidates Which means if you're not already Working for them and that would be Pretty nice for the holidays right so if You're looking for something to make a Little extra cash up front this is going To be a great position for you you Probably do have to work with them for Like 90 days or something like that so Maybe you won't get it by Christmas but At least you'll know that you'll get it So they are hiring a remote as always They have training classes starting soon So they're going to completely train you If you're a problem solver and you love Helping people you can have a career Where you can do both with United Healthcare's Elite customer service team So let's take a look at what you're Going to be doing for the day you'll Provide members with information they Need to make better decisions about Their health helping them get access to

The right care the first time every day You'll have 50 to 70 callers in a Compassionate and empathetic manner Providing guidance support and Escalating issues all right so this Position is full-time employees are Required to have the flexibility to work Any of their eight-hour shift schedules During the hours between 6 a.m and 10 pm Central Standard Time so make sure you Pay attention to that time zone it may Be necessary sometimes to work Occasional overtime but it's hourly so You're going to get paid for that time And a half so all telecommuters will be Required to adhere to their telecommuter Policy Your primary responsibilities will be to Demonstrate outstanding service to Identify the source of the issue and Work to resolve customer inquiries in a Professional manner help guide and Educate customers about the fundamentals And the benefits to them of Consumer-driven Health Care topics to Include managing their health and Well-being by selecting the best benefit Plan options you're going to intervene With care providers such as doctors Offices on behalf of the customer to Assist with appointment scheduling or Connections with internal Specialists For assistance when needed assist Customers in navigating

Myuhc.com website and other UHD websites And encourage and reassure them to Become self-sufficient you're going to Respond to and resolve on the first call Customer service inquiries and issues by Identifying the topic and type of Assistance the caller needs educate Consumers about the fundamentals and Benefits of consumer-driven Health Care Guiding them on the topics such as Selecting the best benefit option plants And contact care providers I think They've had that in there twice this Role is equally challenging and Rewarding you'll be called under Research complex issues pertaining to The caller's health status and potential Plan offerings okay so I think that's Just about it required qualifications They want you to have a high school Diploma or higher or equivalent work Experience minimum one years of combined Education work and volunteer experience Preferred customer service experience Sales and Health Care social worker Behavior these are all like to so if you Have all of these make sure you put them On your resume so they stand out and if You're interested in this position I'm Going to go ahead and put that link Down Below in the description as always and I Will be back a little bit later with Your second work from home job lead bye Guys

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