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Foreign [Music] Hi there this is Melissa from melissia At home and I am back again with another Amazing work from home job leads video In this video I will be sharing two Remote-based jobs that do not require You to be on the phone they are Non-phone-based and they involve doing Some data entry work okay so we're going To discuss these two opportunities from Two different companies in this video so Before we get started make sure you hit That subscribe button if you're not Subscribed and you're interested in Legit work from home online Opportunities then this is the place for You to be and if you are someone who's Interested in working from home but You're not sure where to get started or How to get started then I have treats For you okay check out the link in the Description section of this video for Information in regards to getting Started and working from home I have a Full guide for those who are beginners And it includes everything you need to Know major things to get started working From home as well as other resources are Are within that book itself okay so here At Melissa at home I take care of my Viewers and subscribers who are very Much passionate and interested in Getting started and working from home

All right so let's jump into the job Opportunities in this video The first company that you're looking at On your screen is conduence Conduit is An amazing company that always seems to Have remote-based positions available on Their site they are a company that is Dedicated to deliver Mission critical Services and solutions on behalf of Fortune 100 companies and over 500 Governments creating exceptional Outcomes for their clients and the Millions of people who count on them Conduent service Fortune 100 companies By providing them with agents to work From home into remote-based work for These companies in many different areas And Fields so this takes us to this Current job that is being presented in This video which is their data entry Clerk position and it is in the category Of transaction processing which gives You which give you some ideas on exactly The type of work that you'll be doing so The job description includes mail room Clerk the pay is 15 per hour Monday Through Friday 8 am until clean desk Weekends as needed not often Job track description performs business Support or technical work using data Organizing and coordination skills Performs tasks based on established Procedures in some areas requires Vocational training certifications

General profile ability to perform Analytical and operational processes Entry-level position with limited Requirements for licenses training and Certifications applies experience and Skills to complete assigned work Works within established procedures and Practices works with a close degree of Supervision now notice they state that Its entry-level position with limited Requirements for licenses promoting this Opportunity to those who are looking for Entry-level no experience type of Position so this job does not list any Previous work experience or having years Of experience in this particular role so One will assume that you don't need to Have experience and if you're a beginner A starter and getting started working From home then this is the type of Position that you want to jump on it Will give you the knowledge and the Skills as well as the experience you Will need to boost your qualifications For something that may be a little bit Higher in pay at a different company Companies like condone is great to start Out with who's looking to get started And working from home So they list some other additional Information here in different categories Like business expertise leadership Problem solving interpersonal skills Responsibility statements and their

Responsibility statements so he Definitely wants to read through all These different categories to see what They're looking for and what type of Skills and requirements they have and of Course you want to incorporate these Things in your resume as well as your Cover letter and make sure those Documents are tailored specifically for This particular job okay okay so this is Coming from condolence you don't need to Have experience it's very simple and Easy work to do just entering data and Processing and the pay starts at fifteen Dollars per hour great for beginners the Next opportunity is coming from Luzon Technologies okay if you're familiar With this company and you and you have a Different way of pronouncing that Company's name feel free to post in the Comment section below this video I don't Mind being corrected when I pronounce Company names just be you know Understanding and respectful when you do It so they have work from home positions Listed on their website in different Categories they have one here for it Coordinator it's a contract position you Can work anywhere so anywhere could mean If you are outside of the US then this May be something that you can apply to Okay and they have remote data entry Clerk and this is the position that We're going to look at they have other

Remote-based jobs if you scroll further Down Okay so we're going to look at Their data entry clerks since it's Related to the topic of this video And see what exactly it is that they Require to get started so for their data Entry clerk position it is fully remote There are no State restrictions listed Here Um they're looking for part-time data Entry clerk on a remote basis this is Not open to C2C you must have a valid U.S work authorization again this is a Part-time position now as you can see This job post doesn't have much Information on it it just lists the Required skills that you need so that And that includes proven experience as Data entry clerk excellent knowledge of Word processing tools and spreadsheets Working knowledge of office equipment And computer hardware peripheral devices Basic understanding of databases good Command of English both oral and written And customer service skills great Attention to detail High School decree Or equivalence okay so that's basically Their required skills they do mention Proven experience as a data entry clerk So you may have to provide that on your Documents somewhere in your resume that You have some experience in data entry Clerk okay even if it's like a month Long experience then definitely indicate

This somewhere on your resume indicate This in your experience or skills on Your resume Alright okay so this is coming from Luzon Technologies and if you want to Get started and apply for this job you Click where it says apply now now in Terms of how much this job pays there Was absolutely nothing anywhere that I Could find To give this information so I am not Sure how much they pay for this position If you find something else if you are Able to dig a little bit deeper than I Was and pull up some information regards To how much they pay for this job with Their company Perfect right that's Awesome that's some good detective work All right so again I do not know how Much they're paying for this particular Position but a way in which you can get The average salary is by just simply Googling average salary for data entry Clerk and you know someone who's Experienced a part-time and this may Give you some ideas of how much you can Expect to get paid for this particular Job okay So that's basically it these are the two Remote not phone based data entry Positions that are currently available Remotely to work in the US and if you're Ready to apply then feel free to go Ahead and click on the links in the

Description section below this video my Website is currently under construction So if you're visiting my website and You're not seeing much going on I'm sure You will see the notice and I will let You know so just bear with me thank you So much for watching thank you so much For your support over the years my Die Hard followers and subscribers I Appreciate you all and I love hearing About your success stories in landing Remote based positions for my resources Well thank you so much for watching I'll See you in my next video Happy work from Home bye

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