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Foreign This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video so in Today's video we're going to share Another work from home opportunity from CVS CVS has been shooting out some Amazing work from home opportunities in The last month or so right they have so Many remote fees to work from home Positions that I've been coming across And I've shared some of the jobs that They have released on this channel so in Today's video we're going to continue The CVS Health Sega so they have a Remote-based position here that is Available before we get into it make Sure you subscribe hit that notification Bell because all that you do not miss Out on any of these amazing work from Home job leads I try to get them out to You as fast as I can especially these Types of jobs because they can get Filled pretty quickly and sometimes when A company receive hundreds to thousands Of applicants they will shut the job Down okay Um sometimes that happen if their server Can't handle so many offices so that Happens as well and then when it slows Down they will Re-release the job posting so that can Also be a reason why jobs May no longer Exist when you visit a link another Reason is of course naturally positions

Do get filled or the company received Enough applicants and they feel you know Okay we're good let's just go through These applications right now okay so They will remove the job or put it on Pause okay so if you are ready to get Started let's jump into this amazing Opportunity from CVS health so they have A position here for their customer Service departments for a customer Service representative this states that It is fully remote and although it Doesn't have any location restriction it Is only restricted to the US you will Know this by the time that they have Listed on the job posting okay so they Have a shift schedule here that is an Eastern Standard time zone so that means That it is a us-based opportunity only If you are international there is a Playlist that is available in the Description section below this video Look for the globe emoji and you can Click on that video and it will give you Information about opportunities that may Be available to you all right so this Work at home opportunity pays on average Of 17.50 per hour now if you scroll down to We're just going to skip So the pay range that have listed here It says the typical pay range for this Role is minimum 17 and a maximum is 27.90 now I love to post the maximum

Salary on my video title because that's The max that you can earn right so it's Based on your location your experience Level the skills that you have how Advanced your skill is and if you hit All the major requirements that they're Asking for then yes you will earn the Max salary okay the minimum salary is More for those who are entry level who Meets majority who meet some of the Requirements but you may not have the Exact amount of years or experience that They're looking for but you have Something they can work with especially If you are entry level or if you have Let's say little to no experience they Will train you offer training which they Do for this position so they have Training the training schedule is 20 to 21 weeks okay 9 30 a.m Eastern Standard Time 6 PM Eastern Standard Time now it Doesn't state if this is a paid training So just be prepared that you will need To dedicate 20 to 21 weeks of training For this position if you feel it's worth It right now you can always inquire if It's paid training it would make sense If they provide you with paid training For that many weeks on a full-time Schedule so hopefully cross our fingers It is a paid training situation all Right so for this position you will Answer questions and resolve issues as a Single point of contact this is a phone

Based position so if you're someone Who's an introvert or you're shy or you Are or you're someone who just prefer Something that's not phone based then That's fine but I do highly encourage You to be flexible all right even with Non-phone-based positions there are Times where you will still need to get On your cell phone or get on some sort Of call if it's not possible for you to Do the job online base things can happen Technical difficulties that can occur And it may be required for you to jump On the phone so it's always so I always Encourage you to be flexible with either Or using all forms of communication okay So let's continue so this is a phone Position you'll be answering phone calls And assisting with planned sponsors Assisting members and providers provide Customized interaction fully understand A member's needs by building a trust by Building a trusting and caring Relationship with the member anticipate Customer needs uses customer service Threshold framework educate and assist Customers take immediate action when Confronted with a problem identifies Member needs provides education to Members other activities may include in A list of activities that are included So they have a healthy list of Responsibilities and duties here to keep You very busy right so if you are up for

All of this then this would be a great Opportunity for you now the required Qualifications for this job they do Prefer okay this is a preference that You have customer service experience in A transaction based environment such as A call sensor or retail location that You also demonstrate ability to be Empathetic and compassionate okay so it States that it's preferred but it's not Fully required but they prefer that you Have this now so notice it doesn't list How many years of experience you need to Have in customer service right so that's Good so if you have let's say a month to Six months of experience then that Should qualify you so you basically Don't need much experience for this Opportunity So now for the education you just need a High school diploma all right now you Can read their business overview to Learn more about CVS and to learn their Procedures Etc in regards to working remotely now CVS is known for providing equipment I Did some research to find out if they do Provide computer equipment and I believe They do now I have heard from former Employees who work from home for CVS That they do provide you with equipment For their work from home positions okay So even if it's not mentioned in a job Listing it doesn't mean that they won't

Provide this I also did some further Research to verify if this is the case And I did find some more information Here on their CVS profile on indeed so The question was asked do they Supply Computer for working at home positions And you can see many of the employees or Former employees did answer this Question yes they provide everything you Needed everything needed to work from Home minus your desk and chair yes they Do supply all computer equipment for Customer care Representatives the Majority ruled a yes for computer Equipment that may possibly be provided For work from home positions okay so I'm Not 100 sure if it's for all work from Home positions but again I've heard from Former employees who work from home that They do provide equipment to Remote-based workers so I'm just going To put that in the title but you guys Can confirm this with CVS for this Particular job if you do hear back from Their recruiters all right well thank You so much for watching I wish you all The best of luck check out my previous Video where I shared an amazing Opportunity it's getting a lot of views So you do not want to miss out on that Opportunity because the company can pull That position at any time as well they Offer free computer and a free cell Phone so click on the link in the

Description section to check out that Position and I wish you all the best of Luck happy work from home bye If you are looking to get started in Working from home of course the first Thing that you need to have is a resume A remote ready resume is the key to Lansing a remote-based position the First thing an employee sees is your Resume and that introduces you so it's Very important that you have an Outstanding professionally done resume That stands out from all other Candidates so to assist you in putting An amazing resume together I created my ATS remote ready resume template bundle This bundle comes with two resumes as Well as a bonus resume two cover letters And two thank you notes this resume Bundle include all the necessary Components needed for you to create an Outstanding resume to include in your Application this is one sample of what You will receive in that bundle a Straightforward very simple basic resume You want something that's very Straightforward nothing too fancy or too Confusing it gets right to the point it Lists your professional skills where it Needs to be and then go into your Experience your work history and your Experience with companies that you've Worked for so ATS friendly resumes are Structured to make sure that the

Important things that you need to have On your resume is at the Forefront so That when an employee looks at your Resume they see exactly what it is that They need to see okay so make sure you Check out my resume template and it also Comes with the cover letter and as you Can see it details what you can put on Your cover letter how to construct your Cover letter to make you stand out as a Candidate as well as a thank you note Which is important to follow up with Employees about your application if you Are interested in my no experience Template this is a sample of my no Experience template for those who have Absolutely no experience if you've been Out of work for over two years or so Maybe your Homemaker or stay-at-home mom Or even a student who have happen in College majority of your life right so If you are someone who has no experience Of very little to no experience based on Those factors maybe you've worked a Bunch of gigs done doordash for a while And you haven't been in the workforce And you're looking to make a transition This would be a perfect template for This but because it highlights those Professional soft skills that you've Gained by just life experience okay so There's a way in which you can Incorporate things that you have learned In your life doing side gigs or just

Being a stay-at-home mom if you're a Stay-at-home mom you've gained those Soft skills that you can integrate into Any position that you're applying for so This resume template help you to Structure your resume and highlight Those skills as a homemaker stay-at-home Mom or as a student maybe you worked on Projects in school in a team Dynamic on Certain creative projects you can Actually utilize the skills that you Gain from those things and integrate in Your resume to stand out as a candidate So make sure you check out my no Experience resume template if this is Your situation it also comes with a Cover letter a reference page you can List a professional reference or Personal references and also a thank you Note to follow up with employees and it Comes with a guide as you can see words Are written on there which is to guide You on what exactly to write on your Cover letter all the templates that are Available do require that you have word In order to make edits to the templates Okay so if you have any issues with the Templates make sure you email Melissiathome gmail.com if you need any Tips and suggestions or if you run into Any issues with downloading your Templates

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