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Hey hey two chicks fam happy Thursday it Is me curl and I am back with the Non-phone high paying work from home job The company is hiring again so make sure You guys run and apply but before I jump Into the awesome video make sure you Subscribe like and share the video Because somebody out there is looking For a legit work from home job and a Side hustle and you just might be the Person to help them get it so make sure You share guys be sure to come back Leave us a comment Down Below in case You hadn't heard we give away laptop Computers on this YouTube channel so if You want one that is all you have to do Is share and leave us a comment don't Forget to go back check out all the Videos that were posted on the channel Today make sure you guys hop over to the Two chicks with asidehustle.com blog Look under the spotlight job section Apply for Omni interactions they are on A hiring spree don't forget to scroll Down and look for tell us tell has two Positions open right now both are Non-phone both are skipped the interview And both are work whenever you want make Sure you apply and share don't forget to Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for and be sure to sign Up for Branded surveys let's get into This awesome video so the company is

Called Warner Music Group they are Looking to feel this deal entry Specialist work from home position and We talked about this company before they Are hiring again so it says here job Description at Warner Music Group we're A global Collective of Music Makers and Music lovers Tech innovators and Inspired entrepreneurs game changing Creatives and passionate team members so Let's scroll on down Now in this role guys it says the deal Entry specialist will play a critical Role in ensuring the accuracy of our Data out from for our labels recording Merchandise distribution and Licensing Agreements upon which all of our Departments rely so you'll work with the Business Affairs and the gdo to clarify Key terms and help answer questions from All levels around the company so it says Here We are pertinent the data in the new Rights Administration database which Will flow into several Downstream Systems you will interface directly with The attorneys to obtain clarification of Contract language and business practices Also submit deals to business and legal Affairs for review which includes making Any necessary changes and resubmitting For approval you will also bring a sense Of urgency and excitement to the role Now it says about you I see here one to

Three years experience in legal and or Contract Administration Rights Management or recording agreement Experience music industry experience First-hand experience interpreting and Summarizing various types of Entertainment contracts including Recording license agreements fan club Merchandise and 360 deals as you guys Can see here the pay is 25 to 35 dollars An hour so this is one of those high Paying non-phone jobs this one is posted On the non-foam blog I will be sure guys To leave a link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check out Warner Music Group make sure You go over to Google type in the Company's name do some research before You apply if you decide to apply jot Down the information just in case you Get an interview and they ask you these Questions about the company you will be Prepared and not surprised make sure you Take the video share it with others Somebody out there guys is looking for a Legit work from home job and they are Sick and tired of these scammers I see People responding to ads all over social Media that are scams so make sure you be Kind and share this awesome video with a Friend or a family member but don't Forget to come back and leave me a Comment down below and then you want to Hop on over to Facebook you want to join

Kiss that cubicle goodbye we post other Jobs over in the group that may or may Not be posted or even talked about on This channel don't forget to follow us On our two chicks with the side hustle Facebook business page we have a lot of Giveaways going on guys so make sure you Stay connected because we are giving Away more laptops not just over here on The YouTube channel and last but not Least Instagram and Twitter Instagram We're trying to get to 10 000 followers Because there will be another giveaway At 10K make sure you follow us it is two Chicks with the side hustle create a Story create a real tag us tag a friend Tag a loved one somebody guys tag them On the post whatever you see posted over There make sure you tag my name is Carl And I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people in the next video bye You too

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