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Foreign [Music] It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I am excited Because I have another new to this Channel company with a high pay hot work From home opportunity that's available In a lot of States now I'm gonna get Into all the details about this job but I do want to point out to y'all I'm Going to be dropping leads left and Right today when I say that I'm not Playing okay I've never dropped this Many leads in a single day you're going To be watching a video and then you're Gonna see that I posted another video If YouTube tells you so to make sure turn On your notifications for my channel Make sure you have it set to all Notifications because I have at least Four jobs that I'm going to share with Y'all today and they come from all Different companies so they're going to Be different videos all right now I Might have some for you all right but You don't know if you don't watch so We're gonna get into today's hot lead Y'all are gonna enjoy this one if you're A healthcare lover then you'll want to Hear about this but first things first Make sure you hit that subscribe button Tap the notification Bell and make sure You have all notifications for my Channel selected and on that note we are

Ready to jump in Okay so jumping on in here one of Today's hot leads comes from a new to This channel company called common Spirit this is a Healthcare Company They're Healthcare Providers I believe They have over a hundred and fifty Thousand workers they're in 21 states There are a thousand Care Centers and 139 hospitals so absolutely this is a Major major health care company and you Can check out their Glassdoor for more Information now the hot lead I'm going To share with y'all is for their Financial intake coordinator position This opportunity is full time and it's Available in these following states so You have to live in either Arizona California Colorado Florida Illinois Indiana Kentucky Michigan North Dakota Nebraska Ohio Oregon South Carolina Tennessee Texas Washington or Wisconsin All right I fed them all I hope I said I'm all right okay so just double check That your state is listed here and this Is a Monday through Friday position it's From 8 to 5 30 p.m eastern time so this Is your traditional business hour job And I know a lot of y'all have been Asking about I want something Monday Through Friday like y'all are split Either you love a weekend you love Working in the wee hours of the night or You want something like you know give me

Those traditional business hours Delilah So this one is for y'all now they give Us the pay range up here 16.66 to 24.99 y'all know me I ran to the last Door they have one coordinator position Listed here and since you are going to Be working as a coordinator those jobs Tend to pay on the higher end so if we Were gonna base the salary off of the Financial intake coordinator position Listed here they're making about fifty Thousand dollars per year which is about 25 five dollars per hour so guess what We need to come in and ask them for that Top end okay I would not come into this Job asking for the low end because as a Coordinator you absolutely deserve that 24.99 per hour so that's what I would do But you know I'm just giving y'all Advice okay so jumping on in here it Says the posted compensation range which I just listed is a reasonable estimate That extends from the lowest to the Highest pay common spirit and good faith Believes it might pay for this Particular job based on the Circumstances at the time of posting Common Spirit May ultimately pay more or Less than the posted range as permitted By law so it's negotiable you guys you Can even come in higher so this is a Full-time opportunity and it says Overview common Spirit Health at home is

A full service Healthcare organization That believes the best place for someone To get better and faster is in their own Home providing quality home health care For over 40 years through specialized Home Care care home infusion Home Respiratory Care Hospice and medical Transportation services across the Country Chi Health at home offers unique Services dedicated to meeting the total Needs of our patients so this is a fully Remote position this candidate must live In one of those states that I mentioned And the shift will be from 8 AM to 5 30 PM Eastern Standard Time Responsibilities your work should be More than just a job if you are looking For career development flexibility in Your schedule and work-life balance your Journey Begins here we are looking for a Full-time Financial intake coordinator To join our growing team process is Private insurance verifications and Obtains prior authorizations verifies Eligibility of Medicare Medicaid and Other third-party payers obtains credit History information for self-pay payers Answers phone and routes calls Appropriately answers via telephone and Email Insurance questions for home Health staff assist coordinators and Other staff by responding timely to Request for information qualifications High school graduate or equivalent with

A minimum of one-year College business Courses or completion of Secretarial Training or equivalent with a minimum of Five years secretarial or clinical work Experience in a health care environment So they give you three different ways to Meet the requirements okay so just make Sure you check off one of those three Ways one year secretarial or clerical Work experience in a healthcare Environment is preferred but not Required knowledge of medical Terminology either through education or Practical experience is preferred okay Knowledge of patient referral processes Medicare Medicaid reimbursement Regulations and third-party payer Requirements for home health coverage is Preferred so you guys when you see Something say preferred those are the Things that you really would love to Check off the box of okay that's going To help you be more competitive for this Role but you always want to just make Sure you hit those minimum Qualifications and then you're good to Apply so that is the lead why now button Is at the bottom I know a lot of y'all Are looking for this type of role so I Already know y'all are gonna shut it Down now really quickly before we go I Always have to point you guys to my Website if you're looking for more Remote positions more companies that

Hire you to work from home check out the Mega list of jobs this is on my website Remoteworklife.com the link is always in The description box under the Job Link So I always put all the links for these Jobs and resources that I show y'all you Don't have to go hunting on the internet Okay make sure you come here and you Check out more companies you can search This Mega list or Healthcare if that's What you want you know you could just Put in the keyword health and then You'll see that there are 71 companies On this list in the healthcare industry You can go directly to the link that we Have for their careers page and you can See what do they have new for you to Apply to this is a free resource and This is where you can find jobs that Other folks aren't see being and Applying to over on the job boards this Is how you're going to get higher fast Okay and then if you need home office Equipment go to my Amazon storefront and Check out the computers all of these are Going to work for 99 of companies out There so I've looked through a lot of These companies Tech requirements and You just need to get something that Meets the minimum and these will suffice So you can get everything you need for a Job and be work from home ready for 130 Bucks okay so come over to my Amazon Storefront I have a lot of items in here

For you to choose and outfit your home Office and of course get your Application in ASAP for this hot Financial intake coordinator position From common spirit and thank you so much For watching make sure those Notifications are on because I'm coming Back okay I'm gonna be here all day okay All right and thank you and I will talk To you soon bye

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