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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video so in Today's video we're going to share Another work from home opportunity that Is currently hiring of course this can Change at any time so if you come across This video and click on the link let's Say within the next day or two or even a Week from now and this job is no longer Available that means that the position Was either filled or they are no longer Accepting applications for their own Reasons okay so currently this job is Available and it is available to those Who reside in the US so the company Again is called the social elements and They're looking for social media Specialists those who are who specialize In using social media and you are very Familiar with social media even better If you have worked to Market on social Media okay so this is fully remote Position again it is a full-time job if You are an experienced social media Professional this will be great for you If you know the latest tiktok and Instagram Trends this is perfect perfect For you and if you have a passion for Building human connections with Consumers on social media definitely Would be interested in you okay so the Social elements is a company that's been

Around for a very long time they are Diverse in their makeup and they are Inclusive in their thinking they strive To create a place where everyone is Celebrated and has the opportunity to Shine they feel ready and excited to Bring their whole selves to work the Number one focus is to help Brands build Genuine human connections with their Consumers so you'll be working with Various Brands to build up their social Media social media accounts and connect With their consumers okay so they Partner with their clients to find Business Solutions through human Interactions driven by data and insights So the opportunity they're looking for a Social media Specialists again to join Their team in North America in this role You are the voice of the brand in a Driving force in developing and growing The online community with consumers on a Personal level whether dealing with Complaints questions or general Engagement in addition you will work to Both maintain and enhance the Brand's Social reputation through creativity Storytelling as well as Trend spotting What you will do exactly day-to-day Social media management and name Accounts again you will engage with Consumers and fans and communities on Behalf of the brands across social media So you basically will be posting

Interacting with their consume their Consumers answering questions addressing Any concerns removing spam comments and Regulating their social media accounts Okay executing proactive and reactive Engagement strategies keep up to speed On your social platform developments Such as Tick Tock Instagram Twitter Facebook Etc assistant revising Engagement tactics and recommendations To clients create and deliver social Media performance reports regularly Share feedback Trends in Internet Cultural conversations execute organic Content publish pushing occasionally Assists with copywriting so those are The duties and responsibilities so the Requirements for this job they're Looking for someone who's passionate About social media with an interest in Curiosity in Internet culture you are Someone who's creative Communicator Who's Adept at changing voice based on a Client's personality expert written and Verbal communication skills excellent Attention to details strong collaborator Who is Solutions orientated ability to Maintain and upload confidentiality at All times take pride in what they do so These are the requirements and they also Did not list how many years you need to Have in order to get started okay so the Things that you will need for this role Experience using social platforms again

Tick Tock Instagram working knowledge of Social media platforms experience Publishing social content Contributing to reports and executing a Brand social media strategy okay so you Will have to have working knowledge of Social media platforms and their Audiences working knowledge basically Mean that you know how those social Media platforms work if you have prior Experience as a social media manager Then this would be a great opportunity For you also be sure to go over their I.T policy and the policies basically to Make sure that your PC meets the Requirements that they have listed here Okay so just make sure you go through The list of the requirements needed for Your PC to have in order to perform the Work so this is a non-phone-based job That you just need internet and a Computer to do this there's no phone Involved please note it is essential to Have all itu requirements to qualify for The process in it policy they have Benefits here of course it's 100 remote Working 33 days of holiday birthday off So you get your birthday off annual Occasion day off paid sick time off Dance excellent Vision plans etc etc So that's basically the job in a Nutshell how do you apply if all this Sounds like you then this is how you Want to apply simply upload your resume

And cover letter or link to your cover Letter video If you prefer so if you Have a video then you can link that as Well make sure to include the following Details in your cover letter or video Details of your personal professional Experience in social media while you are Interested in being part of their team As social elements that's basically it It's not very simple okay once you're Done with that just click where it says Apply for this job again at the time of This video this position was open and Available to everyone now in terms of How much they pay on average for this Job you can always do a Google search For this company you see that the Average pay for the social media Specialist is around fifty one thousand Dollars per year around 25 to 26 dollars Per hour for this position so again this Is coming from social elements they are Currently hiring if you're interested in This opportunity or if you know someone Who would be interested make sure you Share this information and Make sure you share this information and Also show your support to this channel By liking commenting under under the Videos to show By like And if you enjoyed this video give it a Thumbs up and also post your comments in The comment section below this video I'd

Love to hear from you and thank you Again and I'll see you in my next video Happy work from home bye

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