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Hey hey two chicks fam happy hump day it Is live stream Wednesday so I want to Hear from you guys let me know in the Comments what should we talk about Should we talk about side hustles or Jobs and we will be coming on the live Stream later on this evening make sure You guys smash that red subscribe button Turn on that Bell notification thumbs up This video and make sure you share on This channel guys we talk about all Things work from home related to jobs to Side hustles to gigs we also give away Laptops we're giving away 10 more brand New laptop computers they are absolutely Free so go spread the word tell a friend Invite your friend family member over Here to the live stream make sure you Guys go back check out all the videos That were posted on the channel Yesterday I did drop a data entry where You can get paid to process child Support payments make sure you guys go Back check out the video and share come Over here to the two chicks blog look Under the spotlight job section Omni Interactions guys they still need people To take these calls so make sure you Guys check this one out it is a skip the Interview beginner friendly company and Don't forget to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is down below in the Comment section let's get into this Great video so guys no experience is

Required for this company so you guys Better run and apply for this one Because it is a high paying work from Home job so the company is called share Bite we've talked about this company I Think it was last year where they are Hiring for their customer care associate Group orders work from home job it says That as a customer care associate you Will ensure that our customer care team Is continually providing the highest Level of support to our customers you Will receive training to be fully versed On the share by order platform learn Restaurant Dynamics and Opera operations As well as develop customer support Phone skills and best practices you will Work directly with our restaurant Partners to resolve real-time order Related issues respond to customer Emails and phone calls in a fast-paced Time critical manner ensure that Customer care operations procedures and Systems are adhered to constructively Handle or supervise order escalations And customer complaints work with the Management and Leadership to develop and To develop and improve methods and Strategies to support rapid team and Platinum growth now the required skills And experience which you really don't Need experience guys it just says six Months to one year of experience in a Customer service or operations role

Preferred however it is not required Excellent phone skills you feel Comfortable talking to people on the Phone and you are confident empathy you Are able to identify with customer Dilemmas and assist in a competent and Compassionate manner assertive you will Be entrusted to uphold share by Standards of service you feel Comfortable Standing Tall when Communicating to both customers and Restaurant Partners meticulous writing Ability in reading comprehension your Coachable Dynamic now it's sure by we Are committed to providing competitive Pay and benefits that are in line with The industry and Market standards actual Compensation packages are based on a Wide array of factors unique to each Candidate including but not limited to Skill set years and depth of experience And location now this one guys again This is a high paying one I already know This won't last long at all it saves 20 To 35 dollars per hour for this position So again the company is share bite Remember to do some research go over to Google type in share by see what comes Up make you jot the information down Just in case you guys get an interview You want to be prepared and not Surprised and the reason why I say this Is because you might forget you might Apply to this job don't write anything

Down they may email you for an interview And you will be so excited just to get The interview and then once you get on The call and they ask well what do you Know about share bite where did you hear About us and you're going to be like a Deer in headlights so that is why I say Jot down the information ahead of time So that once you get on that phone call You will have that information readily Available So guys again share bite is the company They're looking to fear their customer Care associate group orders position This is a work from home full-time the Pay again so let's scroll to the bottom 20 to 35 an hour and you don't need any Experience to do this job it says six Months to a year however guys that is Just preferred if you got all of these These are the key words excellent phone Skills empathy assertive meticulous Culture but they got them listed right Here so make sure you got these keywords In your resume and I'm telling you these Are the key words guys make sure you Have them in your resume so that you can Get past that applicant tracking system Again make sure you share my video Because we're trying to get to 100 000 subscribers before the end of the Year fingers crossed Prayers of Hopefully we can get there but we need You guys's help that is where you guys

Come in make sure you share tell a Friend spread the word come back leave Us a comment down below and then you Want to hop on over to Facebook Facebook We have a gigantic group over there I Think we got like 180 or 190 000 people In that group so thank you guys so much For sharing our content because without You guys there is no two chicks with the Side hustle so make sure you come on Over there to the group invite your Friends your family members WE Post jobs In that group five days a week and then On the weekends I'll post like the Videos or just maybe some other content So make sure you guys come over there it Is kiss that cubicle goodbye make sure You follow us on our two chicks with the Side hustle Facebook business page on That page guys we are giving away two Additional laptop computers they are Absolutely free to you guys anytime we Do a giveaway on this channel no matter What it is it will always be free and we Will always pay for the shipping as well So you guys don't have to come out of Pocket for anything so just make sure You hop on over there it is two chicks With the side hustle search for our Facebook business page follow us on that Page guys you always can tag like share You can do everything on that page if You join some Facebook groups you can Also put us in the Facebook group you

Can share us to the group and some People shout out to them they've already Been doing that we do have a lot of our Subscribers over there right now sharing This way it will increase you guys Chances of winning a laptop because just In case you don't win over here on the YouTube channel because we're only Giving away 10 over here and I know we Got more than 10 subscribers they're Sharing us but we're only giving away 10 Laptops hop over there and start sharing And tagging your friends and your family Members on the content and we do watch The the comments over there as well so This will increase your chances again of Winning a laptop and we're only giving Away two once we reach a hundred Thousand followers on that platform and Then you want to hop over guys to Instagram and Twitter two chicks with The side hustle now on Instagram guys Listen we are doing a pop-up giveaway so This means that we're gonna pop up on The live stream and give something away And right now I have no idea what we're Going to give away but the giveaway will Be between now and the end of the year So we're going going to do it before the End of the year it could be this week it Could be next week it could be after Christmas just as long as we do it Before December 31st so make sure you Guys are over there you're following us

You're tagging your sharing create some Stories put us in your stories you can Create a story and tell your friends Your family members or whoever you have Following you on Instagram to come over And follow us because we got the real Work from home home drives the side gigs The side hustles and we also do real Giveaways and we're going to keep giving Away something on this channel whether It's a laptop whether it's money whether It's a ring light a keyboard a t-shirt We're still going to do giveaways Always And Forever on this YouTube channel Thank you guys so much to the ones that Have been sharing if you have not it is Not too late click this link where it Say share under this video and share it To the masses my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye YouTube

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