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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with a quick little video this is a Part-time customer service work from Home job but before I jump in make sure You guys subscribe like and share the Video because we are giving away 10 free Laptop computers on this channel also Guys don't forget to go back check out All the videos that were posted on the Channel today make sure you guys leave Us a comment down below let us know what Type of work from home job or side Hustle you guys are looking for and be Sure to sign up for Branded surveys Let's get into it so the company is William Sonoma and I'm really excited About this one because they've never I've never seen a part-time position Posted on their website they've always Posted the full-time work from home job But now guys they have part time so they Are hiring for their part-time customer Service reps to work from home the pay Is 15 per hour and they do state here That they offer discount Ounce monthly performance bonuses up to Five hundred dollars I do see some fun Contest rewards and they do have a Recognition program so it says that you Will be assisting customers addressing Their concerns and questions regarding Products and delivery info provide Product info review alternate Solutions If an item is out of stock and place

Orders for the customer you will Successfully negotiate and appease Customers using a variety of methods Established by William Sonoma Inc and The guidelines check inventory process Returns issue Replacements and credits For damaged or defective merchandise and It does state that you will perform Other duties as a sign now for this one Guys you will need a high school diploma Or GED one to two years previous Customer service experience experience In a Performance Based or metric driven Environment strong ability to Communicate both verbally and written With capable data entry skills and also Guys for this one you must provide your Own equipment now again William Sonoma They are looking to feel this part-time Customer service rep work from home Position pay is 15 an hour with some Benefits so this is a great one guys now For the training let me state this this Position requires full-time training for Four weeks and after the training you Will be able to work a part-time Schedule now they don't have the hours Listed here I didn't see the hours but That is where you guys come in so make Sure you guys do some research I will be Sure to put a link right below the video In the description box so you guys can Apply for this job with this company Guys there will be an interview but from

What I've been told their interviews are Very straightforward easy peasy 15 Minutes tops in and out so this is an Easy one I would say if you're looking For a part-time job make sure you guys Apply for William Sonoma don't forget to Share the video sharing is caring Because remember guys we have 10 laptop Computers that we recently purchased and We are trying to give them away so make Sure you share this video with a friend A family member but don't forget to come Back though and leave us a comment and Then hop over to Facebook make sure you Join kiss that cubicle goodbye we do Post a lot of jobs over in the group That may or may not be posted on this YouTube channel and there are a plethora Of companies guys tons and tons of Companies are hiring right now so don't Forget to come over there join and make Sure you invite some people to the group We're doing a giveaway in the group also On our Facebook business page two chicks With a side hustle there will be two Additional laptop computers giving away On that platform and don't forget about Instagram I am super excited because we Are so close to 10 000 followers on Instagram it is not too late guys to Share it if you want to join in on these Giveaways join in on the fun it's great To share sharing is caring and you never Know who you might be blessing with a

Part-time job a full-time job a gig or a Side hustle my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye YouTube

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