Insulin Plant | Costus Igneus Make your own organic fertilizer

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Africa at work and grow work and grow Ideas off-grid living becomes Self-sustaining learn to work from home Grow your own foods grow your own Medicines from cabbage to cannabis Spinach to shrooms today we're learning About the insulin plant fertilizer So today we're going to be making a Homemade organic food for my insulin Plant here So this is the insom plant the Scientific name is Costas igneous so I've located a website that's going to Tell us more about this plant but before We get started Um with that we're going to start with Our homemade organic food so that can Get be ready Okay family So here we're going to be making our Homemade organic food for the insulin Plant so we're going to be feeding our First of all we have here Some water On here we have the stove turn on we're Going to let that boil these are Basically just our scraps we're going to Be feeding um with some apples we have Some apples here which has vitamin C in It These are all just scrap food vitamin c Absorbic acid fiber and various Antioxidants of course we have our Banana peels here

We're gonna put them and let them boil Boil a lot we have some scrap Carrots here that has your beta-carotene In it Uh this here is a ewe tomato we could Have put these seeds out if we wanted to It regrew that tomato here's some more Apple scraps and we have some lip some Um Onion pills which actually has cursory In it and that has um all sorts of Anti-inflammatory properties antiviral Anti-camp cancer Um it's an antidepressant of course we Had the bananas with the potassium in it So we have all that we're gonna sit it Here and we're gonna let it boil for About 30 minutes and then let it cool Down and we'll come back Okay family so while we're waiting for Our homemade insulin plant fertilizer to Brew we're going to talk about this Plant of course I said it's an insulin Plant and the um scientific name is CODIS igneous so I'm gonna pull up a Website that I'm going to read a little Bit of information from This is called flour So it talks about the wonders of this Insulin plant And it says Um extensive studies and experiments Have proved that the leaves of the plant

Are brimming with a chemical that cuts Back the menaces of diabetes often used As a promising medicinal plant chemicals In the insulin leaves reduce the spike Sugar levels in the blood And it says that's not all the this Fleshy and vibrant green leaves are a Storehouse of valuable nutrients Some of the nutrients they less that are In this plant Um includes protein turbinoids Flavonoids which are also in the apples That we're um we're using to help um Make our homemade Fertilizer and um antioxidants Ascorbic acid that's another one in our Apples iron B carotene that's another One that's in our carrots that we put in There and something called kerosolic Acid and other ingredients so this plant Seems to be very very helpful for many Different types of things and it has Many vitamins in it Back Let me Get this computer started Okay So we are back With our um a homemade Fertilizer if you look in there See what it looks like So what we're going to do now so I'm Going to use this jar Because we're gonna in a clean

I use these for lots of different things For straining instead of cheesecloth I Usually use these here So I'm going to use this jar here We go Hey Let's move this back so you can see what We're doing here Okay Thank you The rest of the um the scraps that I Have left over I'm not I'm not going to Throw them away what I'll do is I'll use Those scraps to put on my compost pile So in the summertime when I cut my grass I use the um grass clippings in my Compost in the fall I use my um rake Leaves in my compost I'll put cardboard In my compost and then all my scrap food That I don't either dry out or use in a Liquid fertilizer I'll put that in my Compost as well so here's what we have Here Okay and what I'm going to do I think It's very important that whenever I know This plant so I know Um What types of nutrients to put in it but It's always important To first Um Dilute whatever you're going to use in Your plant and give it a little bit at a

Time you may give it a little bit one Day and go back two days later to check It and make sure everything is okay Before you go overboard but this here I'm actually going to dilute so what I'm Going to do is I this is a three gallon A three gallon bucket and it's about Half full And so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna Pour this In here Okay And I'll go in and I'll stir that I'm gonna dilute that a little bit Stir It Up really good I'm also once this um plant I have one More plant one more insulin plant but One once this plant begins to make Babies Um you'll see little like this one here If you can see that that little one That's grown up on the side of here a Little shoot there that's a baby once They start to um grow more babies what I'll do is I'll have a giveaway to my Patreon members and I will send you a Piece of an insulin plant that's already Rooted in case you don't know how to Root in fact I'm gonna do a video on how To root things okay so um you just pay The shipping and handling 3.50 and I'll Send you The plant for free so we're gonna go in And we're going to do a little watering

Here Okay so what I'll do is I'll let it sit For maybe about three to five minutes And then I'll re-water it and that's it You see the new shoots that's coming up I don't know if you can see that or not But yeah this is our insulin plant Remember um I spoke about this plant When we were doing the prepping for food Shortage video because I think a lot of Times people forget Um that when they're prepping they also They don't just need water and food if You're on any kind of medicine you need To begin to understand The types of plants That that particular medicine is Produced from and there's always a plant That you can find for any ailment that You have and so it's very important to Know how to grow your herbal plants and To grow them organically So

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