Liberty Mutual Hiring AFTERNOON / EVENING Shifts | $18.26 To $19.95 Hour | Work From Home |No Degree

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead so this one is if you Don't mind customer service they are Paying it fairly well it seems like They're hiring multiple people they are Trying to have people start in May so We're gonna dive on in just know the Links to everything I share are always In the YouTube description box below and For my International viewers I am Working on some things where you can Make money worldwide I am trying to do a Few special videos for tomorrow so stay Tuned for tomorrow because I do have a Few special things coming for you but Today's job lead is from Liberty Mutual Insurance they are hiring a claims Customer care associate now this is Remote work from home for my United States folks only they are hiring in all States except for Georgia Illinois Alaska Hawaii Nevada New York and California but if you are in any other State they are hiring they're looking For people to work the customer service In the afternoon and evening shifts it Says the work schedule will be an eight Hour shift but with the various start Times between 1 30 PM eastern Time or Later they do ask that you have a Flexibility with that schedule but if You are looking for something where you Can start at four or five o'clock in the

Afternoon it might be worth talking to Them to see if they can work that in Since they do have various shifts they Say that start later but they are Basically looking for someone to convey A calm a caring attitude and provide a World-class service to their customers While processing new claims and first Notice of loss forms the initial report Which is made following a loss theft or Damage so these are people that are Going to be reporting a claim against Their insurance policy you'll work with Internal and external partners and You'll support the policyholders while Their claims are are being processed so You're going to keep the insurance Policy holder up to date on the process Of the claim until it is resolved so You'll be problem solving day to day Utilizing out of the box creative Thinking to solve a wide variety of Claim challenges and customer issues now As far as the qualifications go a high School diploma or GED is required of Course bachelor's degree are always Preferred but not required a history in Working in a financial services Hospitality or retail or previous call Center experience is a pleasant but is Also not required they are going to Train you they do want someone who has Great interpersonal skills great Communication skills of course you have

To be able to multitask and manage your Time wisely and be proficient at using Computers including Microsoft Office and Have the confidentiality to keep the Customers information private now pay For this position is anywhere from 38 Eight thousand dollars a year all the Way up to forty one thousand five Hundred dollars a year and they also Offer standard benefit package that Includes Health paid time all 401K all Of those standards all right as always If this job lead was not for you that is Absolutely okay please feel free to Leave in the comments anything specific That you're looking for don't forget to Tune in tomorrow so for some special Videos that I'm trying to work on and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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