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What's up two chicks fam hey hey hey Happy Friday it is me Carl I am back With another work from home video and Guys I am cranking these videos out Today so make sure that you are here to Catch these eggs make sure you subscribe Like and share if you are new here we Talk about all things work from home Related from jobs to side gigs to Hustles we also give away free laptops And all you guys have to do is take the Videos and share them with a friend it Does not matter who you share how you Share or where you share just be sure to Share come back leave us a comment Because on this channel sharing is Caring now if you are looking for a Beginner friendly company make sure you Come over here check them out on the Interactions they are posted on the two Chicks with the side blog Look on the home page and don't forget To apply for a tell us tell us is a skip The interview non-phone opportunity for You guys make sure to get branded Surveys in your basket don't sleep on This company the link is down below in The comments let's get into the video so The company is called Anderson business Advisors they are looking to feel this Renewal processing Department Administrator work from home position so It says here that this is a remote Position you can work from anywhere in

The U.S except for New York I am so Sorry New York but they are not Accepting applications from your estate So it says here 16 per hour full Benefits are provided for employees at No cost minimum of one year Um Administrative customer service or Related experience now you will need a Minimum high school diploma with Associate's degree guys this is just Preferred if you don't have an Associates it is not required proficient With Microsoft Office and Google Suite Salesforce experience this is a plus High degree of accuracy and attention to Detail ability to problem solve and use Critical thinking ability to work well In a team setting ability to prioritize And complete work in a timely manner Ability to work independently at times With that direct supervision have a Proper phone voice phone etiquette and An upbeat positive attitude proper Grammar and spelling skills is welcome So it says here that you will provide Support to assign renewal processors be A liaison between renewal processors and Our clients ability to handle incoming Calls and determine what team members to Direct the client to outbound calling to Clients together needed in info Requested to complete fillings in a Timely manner outbound calling to his

Secretary of State offices to research And complete task fillings search SOS Websites for filed documents complete Assigned tasks and consistently log call Notes ability to communicate clearly and Concisely with our clients and internal Departments both by phone email and Messaging use DocuSign and to Store and send documents provide World-class service to our clients as Well as our fellow Anderson employees Collaborate with other departments Client success coordinators renewal Advisors BCP teams to ensure client Needs are met be able to perform our Duties as per changing these priorities And supervisor guidelines full training Provided but must have experience Communicating with clients via phone and Email competitive compensation which you Guys saw that it is 16 dollars per hour And this one guys it is posted on the Two chicks blog I will be sure to leave A link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company so again let's recap Anderson business advisors they are Looking to feel their renewal processing Department administrator the pay is 16 An hour you can live anywhere in the USA Except for New York again guys you do Not need a degree for this one however You will probably possibly need that Minimum high school diploma also one

Year of administrative customer service Or related experience is I believe is Required and it just stated a minimum so I would say if you have maybe six seven Eight nine ten months of some type of Administrative customer service or Related experience you can apply for This job what is the worst that they can Say which would be no and you probably Might get yes make sure you guys go over To Google do some research takes about One to two minutes to type in Anderson Business advisors see what comes up jot Down the information before you apply Because just in case you guys get an Interview you would want to be prepared And not surprised make sure you share my Video go over to Facebook put this video On Facebook somebody out there guys is Looking for legit work from home jobs Side gigs and hustles and you just might Be that person to help them out also Guys don't forget to follow us on these Platforms because we are doing four Giveaways and this just increases you Guys chances of winning maybe a laptop You might win a ring light you might win A keyboard a mouse pad or two chicks With the side hustle t-shirt but this Just increases you guys ways different Ways of just winning these prizes so Make sure to follow us on Facebook kiss That cubicle of goodbye is the group Also two chicks with the side hustle

Facebook business page and you want to Follow us over on Instagram it is two Chicks with the side hustle and Twitter Two chicks with the side hustle you can Share this information guys with Whomever you want to share it with but Just leave us some comments somewhere my Name is Carol I'll catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people in the next video Bye YouTube

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