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Foreign [Music] It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I hope you are Thriving on this Thursday and I am back With another hot high pay non-phone work From home job I know I know okay now Today's hot lead comes from a company Called Fanatics and I believe I've Shared them at least once before on my Channel now if you're not familiar with This company they are in the sporting World they are involved in pretty much Every aspect of sporting whether you're Doing sports betting or you want Licensed merchandise or even like nfts And stuff like that so this company's Fanatics and they have a non-phone Quality assurance associate position I Think you guys will enjoy it especially If you've ever worked on a phone in Customer service you would definitely be Familiar with this role so we're gonna Get into this hot lead but first please Make sure you take care of business by Hitting the Subscribe button button and Tapping that notification Bell and make Sure you select all notifications that Way YouTube will alert you every time I Post because if you don't select all Notifications YouTube will only tell you Sometimes and that's how you miss out on These hot work from home opportunities And you don't want to miss these so go

Ahead and take care of that business and Once you do we'll be ready to jump in All right so like I was saying this lead Comes from a company called Fanatics and You can actually check out their glass Door they have a lot of information this Company has about 10 000 employees so This is a huge company and as I was Mentioning they are involved in pretty Much everything sports related so you Can see that they offer officially Licensed fan merchandise nfts digital Collectibles sports betting and I gaming Trading cards and much more so that's What this company does now jumping on Into today's hot lead this is for their Quality assurance associate position This is remote and it's available us Wide and according to the lead it's Going to pay somewhere between 18 and 23 Dollars per hour let's go ahead and ask For that 23 because you know we're worth It and you don't need to meet a lot of Requirements you need a minimum of one To two years of customer service or Contact center experience and then Quality evaluation experience is highly Preferred now I will go ahead and let Y'all know if you've ever worked in Customer service and if you've ever done Anything on a phone specifically you Know that there's someone who is Listening they might you know spot check You and that's how they help you improve

On your phone calls and your customer Service well you're gonna be that person In this role so your interaction is Going to be with your colleagues giving Them ways that they can improve on their Customer service and communication with Customers now jumping on in here further They go over the company in these first Several paragraphs which we already did That so I'll get into the meat and Potatoes of the lead it says Responsibilities review verbal and Written interactions between customer Service Associates and collectors to Ensure we are consistently providing World-class experiences review and Observe how customer service Associates Are demonstrating customer advocacy by Owning their problems and or questions And working relentlessly to deliver an Amazing Fan Experience provide written And verbal feedback and coaching to Customer service Associates and Management track analyze and Report Monitored results and Trends work to Develop and Implement Advocate training And feedback mechanisms recommend Improvements to processes or procedures To enhance efficiency and customer Experience maintain and protect customer Data including documentation of Discussions issues requests and other Relevant information requirements high School diploma or equivalent required

Minimum of one to two years of customer Service contact center experience Quality evaluation experience highly Preferred subject matter expert in the Customer service associate role familiar With service expectations and contact Center processes general knowledge Skills and ability working knowledge of Microsoft Office tools Outlook word PowerPoint and Excel multitasking skills Ability to research across multiple Systems to verify information used to Service customers during contact Maintain objectivity while providing Fair consistent and Equitable quality Evaluations demonstrated ability to Coach and provide effective feedback Resulting in improved performance Ability to work independently and follow Directions related to job with little Follow-up by management excellent verbal And written communication skills active Listening proper spelling vocabulary and Grammar conveying a clear message so That is the lead y'all and down here They just talk about how there are People who are scamming this is Something you'll see on a lot of Companies websites so you always want to Just apply directly through the company Whenever you can because that helps you Not talk to scammers pretending to be The company and then it says tryouts are Open at fanatic 6. our team is

Passionate talented unified and charged With creating The Fan Experience of Tomorrow the ball is in your court now And then down here they have a notice For California residents and it says in Connection with your application we Collect information that identifies Reasonably relates to or describes you So this is just some California Ordinance law type stuff where they have To disclose that info to you but yeah That's the lead Button is at the bottom now I do want to Let y'all know that if you are Interested in this role it would be very Helpful for you to point out on your Resume and in your cover letter that you Have experienced either overseeing a Team so maybe you've been the team lead No matter where it was it doesn't matter If you've ever you know been the team Lead in a fast food restaurant you have Experience being the person who oversees Your fellow co-workers that's important When it comes to a role like this Because you're going to be the person Who corrects anything that needs to be Corrected and you have to know the Company's policies well that's what they Mean by subject matter expert so you Really need to be like a rule follower You need to be the kind of person who Like understands what the company is Looking for and can execute on that and

You don't mind telling people hey this Is where you can improve so if that Sounds like you if you're organized if You're somebody who has that type of Managerial or team lead experience I Would say for sure apply to this because Those are going to be really good things To tell them and make you more Employable for this role now we know we Need to point out all of those things on Our resume and our cover letter and That's why I created my remote Resume Builder software right now you can get a Seven day trial for one dollar and you Can create unlimited resumes and cover Letters now the beauty of this software Is it makes it very simple to customize Your resumes and cover letters because All of the heavy lifting all the work is Done by the software so I'm just showing You it's a five-step wizard and then Boom you get your resume now what I Really enjoy about this software is the Fact that you can easily do duplicate And then edit your resumes and cover Letters so that makes customizing a lot Easier and we know every time we apply To a job we want to tweak it we want to Use the language that the job lead uses That's going to help us stand out and Especially get past the applicant Tracking system and we also want to Point out where you have experience Being like that team lead even if it was

Unofficially I mean I've worked in Companies where the person wasn't Actually my manager but they had some Sort of honorary role where they were in Charge of a group of us well if you've Ever had something like that you'll want To make sure you point it out on your Resume and so this software you're going To really enjoy it and you can also as I Mentioned make cover letters and you Want to always submit a cover letter Whenever it asks for it and you want to Point out those things in your cover Letter as well this is how you get more Interviews and right now you can get This software for just a dollar and if You want to keep it it's only thirty Seven dollars per month after the seven Day trial so if you decide to get it You'll get two emails one email will Have the link for your tutorials so I go Through how to use the software and then You'll get a second email with your Login credentials for the remote Resume Builder software so go ahead get your One dollar trial and apply to this hotly From Fanatics and then you can also Apply to a bunch of the companies that I Have on my mega list of jobs so we Actually just updated it okay so there Are now 491 companies on the mega list of jobs And we add companies to it as we Discover new ones now the great thing

About the mega list of jobs is we have The direct link to to these companies Careers pages and what that means for You is you can just go straight to their Website remember I told you all that tip A few minutes ago as often as you can Apply directly through the company's Website that's how you know you're Really submitting your application to The company and then of course you will Also find more hot opportunities not Every job is advertised on the job Boards a lot of people don't even know That but I'm telling you that I tell you All this Secret at the end of every Video you'll find so many more Opportunities to apply to just by going To companies websites and checking their Careers pages so we have companies on This list and all 491 of them are known To hire you from home so you don't even Have to question do they offer remote Opportunities you just want to see if They have something you want to apply to And you can use the remote Resume Builder to help customize your resume And cover letter and then finally if you Need your home office outfitted check Out my Amazon storefront all of this Equipment is sold through Amazon so There's something for everyone I always Point out the computers I know I'm a Broken record but this is the like key Piece of equipment that you need to work

From home this typically is the thing That you invest the most in and a lot of People get scared because they know Computers aren't cheap but Amazon has Some of the most economical computers I Have ever seen okay so you can choose Something that fits your budget if you Want the bare minimum I just need Something that will suffice then I Recommend one of these packages and Someone gave me this awesome tip you can Use your smart TV if you have one as a Monitor so you can get just the CPU Tower and the keyboard and the mouse but I mean it's only two more dollars so I Would get this package really because You get the 19 inch monitor you get the CPU tower that runs Windows 10 Pro and The wired keyboard and mouse I mean These two are pretty much the same price So go ahead and get you a monitor and if You want dual monitors they've got that Too so come to the Amazon storefront Okay the link is in the description box You know you got to stay hydrated while You're working too I've got some water Bottles because you can get dehydrated Sitting at your computer all day and of Course you'll need a headset okay I'm a Logitech lady I love Logitech they've Got some cute ones here but if you just Want to get what you need to get they Have something for 14 bucks this one and This one are 14 bucks either one will

Work all of these will but you know so Check out my Amazon storefront the mega List of jobs of course get your one Dollar software trial for my remote Resume Builder software and get your Application in for this hot lead from Fanatics and thank you all so much for Watching I truly hope this has been a Blessing and helpful for y'all and I Will talk to you soon bye

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