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Happy Friday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job you can Make your own schedule jobs this is part Time so this is more of a side hustle Side gig opportunity if you have a Full-time job you can do this when you Get home or maybe you are watching your Kids and you need to do something Part-time where you can set your own Hours work when you want to work this is For you so we're going to go ahead and Dive right into it just remember that This channel is all about none phone Work at home job leads that go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time watch the videos all the way Through because there are valuable Information to help you get closer to Landing in first second third job even a Side hustle so let's go ahead and dive Right into it we're going to be talking About the company tell us International They're currently seeking Us online Tasks contributors to work from home now The pay when you scroll down now the pay Is uh fourteen dollars an hour And this is a 1099 job Um this is great side hustle side gig Opportunity for you to make extra cash Um I will have something else going on Besides working this job again this is a Part-time job to make extra cash but um I wouldn't make this as my full-time job Just as a part-time job and basically

What you'll be doing is evaluate Evaluate websites and products over time And make internet search more excited Revelant and interest for all end user In the United States you will also be Required to provide feedback on content Found in new products and searching Engine results now they want you to work Up to 10 hours per week depending on the Task availability and you will schedule On hours now that's how I got 606 Monthly Uh pay Um that is by uh 14 an hour and you work In 10 hours Um a week and that is how I come up with 606 monthly here and to give you Information about Telus International it Provides I.T service and customer Service to Global clients clients Include Corporation and Technology games Communication and media and e-commerce So we're going to dive right into this Job a little bit deeper again this is a Freelance job so you're a 1099 where You're able to set your own hours okay Now again what you're going to be doing In this job you'll be assessing tasks From your laptop or desktop PC at home You'll be evaluating online search Results in order to improve their Content and quality now you know when I Tell you when you look at the job post Or the job wreck and you don't

Understand always use Google as your Friend if I don't know how to Evaluate something like I would just Copy and paste this into Google in the Search engine in and this is what comes Up different things come up evaluate Your search resource all you have to do Is click on those and you will Understand how to do this so you can go Ahead and apply for the job so you can Choose any one of these and it will walk You through on how to evaluate online Search results how to do it right also When you go here it talks about you will Play a part and improve the quality of One of the largest search engine in the World using both your laptop desktop PC And Android iPhone mobile device and Then when you go down a little bit Further it says that you're going to be An active daily user on their Gmail Account now if you don't understand Gmail Google it I put on in the search Bar how to use Gmail account this is a Video a filter tutorial video that will Show you how to use Gmail account okay So a lot of times you know don't make Excuses if you don't understand Something Google is your friend like I Always say build a relationship with Google whatever you need to know Something will come up on Google and There's plenty of videos that will show You how to do something all you have to

Do is go in and dissect the job and what You don't understand copy paste that and Put it in Google and say how to and I Guarantee you're going to found out how To do this job and you were like okay I Can do this so go ahead and just build a Relationship with Google and understand This and again they're looking for Someone that is flexible and if this Sounds like something that you're able To do That you need to go ahead and apply Today this is a great opportunity again This is a part-time job to do like when You have a full-time job or maybe you're At home watching the kids are you Looking for some extra streams of income Make sure you go ahead and apply today For this job all you need to do is Click Right here where it says apply now Remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it you have to believe in Yourself everything starts with you you Know you have to have that mindset put Yourself around people that are doing Things because when you're around people That are doing something you can't help But to pick up you know that habit you Know you always want to be around people That are better than you you never want To be around somebody that is beneath You because if you get around somebody That's not that's beneath you how can

How can they push you How can he push you to be better You're going to be like them that don't Want to be moved up move up or you can Be scared to move to the next level a Lot of people don't want to move from Another job because well one case if I Go to this other job and they let me go That is a chance that you have to take The job that you are currently on some Of you been on there for five years some People been on there for 10 years just Because you've been on the 10 on a job For 10 years they don't mean it's stable I've heard and seen a lot of people been On a job for 30 years and they were let Go Risk Takers are the ones that are Moving up and you got to be a risk taker If you're staying at a job and you're Not happy and don't get me wrong you're Going to have problems everywhere you go But if you're sitting at a job where you Miserable miserable and you're not Moving up it's time to move and found Another job and why are you at that job Don't get complacent you still apply a Lot of people when they get a job oh I'm Gonna stay here forever I'm gonna retire You know there's no more retiring now You gotta not you cannot be scared to Just move up to the next level you gotta Always keep applying because you never Know like I told you that story when Years ago when I was

Um looking for a job Um I went to another job because I Wanted to change I got tired of that job I was at that job probably by maybe two Weeks and they let me go because they Were saying I was talking about The Purge of ads and I wasn't a lady asked Me what I thought about the pressure Bass and I told her let's wait till our Lunch a break she said all I want to Know is what you think about the book And I say it's a great book and the next Day I was called in the office and I Lost my job and if I had plant that seed By applying for a job even though I was Sitting on that job I had kept applying For jobs and had applied for jobs like Previous before I got that job I would never had a job I got fired on That Friday And four hours I got fired I'm sorry About that Um a company that I applied for like Four months ago they called me for an Interview and they hired me on the spot And I was able to go to a job that Monday so never get complacent there is A job out there with your name on it but You gotta believe you gotta take action You got to go out there and apply for These jobs okay there is a job believe In yourself because if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by

Applying for these jobs remember go Practice your typing skills as well this Is one skills that they're not going to Train you on get your typing skills up To where it needs to be and Through Official type and test as well as and this is free99 to you You know I'm always talking about how to Better yourself always have a backup Plan I have partnered with course Careers no experience or degree required Companies are looking for text sales People information technology and they Cannot find them because people are not Trained in that field this is one of the Highest demand field if you do your Research and I just want to tell people The difference Tech sales is basically You're reaching out to potential buyers That want to buy a product say for Example if you was working at Google There are more than 300 000 opening jobs Average starting salary is between 60k To 80k a year information technology is More of a chat job where you're Responding to tickets and you're in a Queue so this is a non-phone work at Home job there's more than 200 000 open Jobs average starting salary is between 40 and 60k a year okay Now I suggest you to go and look at Their testimonies they have a whole Bunch of testimonies of people are Testifying how good course careers it

Takes them takes you back to what they Did before they Um got into course careers but just to Paraphrase this girl here she worked at Starbucks like you hear me always say is That there's nothing wrong with working At Starbucks McDonald's Walmart Mark HEB It's nothing wrong with working at that But I just don't think it's meant to Stay somewhere especially when you're Not getting paid especially when you're Not moving up it's time to go it's time To Excel not just to be at the same Level and now she found out about course Careers and at this time she is the Youngest girl working from home making Sixty thousand a year working from home And this can happen to you now how this Work is all you need to do is sign up For the free intro course that's all you Have to do once you in that free intro Course it's going to tell you everything About I.T and Tech sales and it's gonna And at the time you could tell if it's a Good fit if it's a good fit then don't Procrastinate take action the more time You procrastinate the more time is Holding you back from getting to level Z Making the money that you deserve to Provide for you and your family so you Have to take action the next step is to Enroll in their online classes Um these classes are self-paced you Could be again learning some people

Complete this course in one week when You look at the testimony one guy Completed the course in one week because He was so determined to found a high Paying job and some people completed in A couple months it just depends on how Much time you commit and you will learn Everything required to land your first Position okay now the great thing about Course careers is that they have an Internship program where you can make Anywhere between fifteen and twenty Dollars an hour so basically you're Working for a company for three months Paid getting your experience so when you Come out with your certification or Degree you have the experience a lot of People go to college University trade Schools they come out just with a degree And then when they go out and apply for These jobs they're getting rejection Because they don't have the experience These companies are looking for them Experience course careers they're giving You the experience and they have Partnered with companies that will hire You as an entry level I.T or entry-level Text sales with no experience or no Degree is required so it is a win-win There's nothing to think about plus You're not taking out any loans you go To a university a trade school Community College in a graduate school people are Taking out loans just to go to college

And there's people I know they've been On this college for 12 years and they Still plan on a loan with course careers You're not taking out any loans it is One fat flat fee or they do monthly Payments of Buy payments that is very Affordable it's very affordable So what you do is you'll start applying The skills that you learn in this course And then you would they would teach you Exactly how to land in entry-level Positions or internship by giving you Insider knowledge of how to apply to Companies what they look for in resumes Applications how to prepare for Interviews and such much more again they Partner directly with companies that Want to hire their students into Entry-level position and internships Dropping the degree and experience Requirement only for course career Graduates okay now anytime that you're Talking about a course This is how much the course is going to Cost here very affordable just a single Payment of 499 dollars that's it but if You use my coupon code which is the Restless wet 50 you'll receive 50 off The 4.99 that information is in my YouTube description bar or you can Choose a four payment plan of a hundred And fifty dollars that you pay every two Weeks and there's no contracts there are Hitting fees now they do have a 14-day

Money-back guarantee where you can Request a refund no questions asked all You have to do is simply contact them And they will refund you and on an Average you'll make over 800 a week as It help desk professional so basically The course pay for itself during just The first four days on the job so it is A win-win all you have to do is scroll Down there is a day of life you can see What you'll be doing again with it you Just responding to emails and assigned Accept any new tickets in the queue that Is a non-phone work at home job leave it Talks about what the course they're Going to be going over and it talks About your instructor here Josh okay so Make for sure You stop procrastinating take action Today you know faith without works is Dead so you got to get up and move and Take action don't sit on it while you're Sitting on it somebody else is getting On it and they're finished this course In a week or so and then after making 60k a year or more so they can provide For yourself and their family this Information is in the YouTube Description bar so go ahead and sign up Today you won't regret it go ahead and Sign up today and remember my channel is All about non-foam work at home job Leads that go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time make for sure

That you're watching the videos all the Way through because there are valuable Information in all my videos to help you Get closer to lending your first second Third job even a side hustle if you Would like to support the channel or Become a member of the YouTube channel All you have to do is click that join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of a company member of the YouTube channel consider subscribing to The channel I would love for you to be a Part of the family by clicking a red Button that says subscribe and next to The red button you'll see a bell click On all notifications so every time when I upload new videos you'll be notified Or if I go YouTube live it will notify You that I am YouTube live and also Check out your community tab that is Where I engage with you every single day When I upload new videos I post it in There as well as when I do posts when I Do quotes or when I go YouTube live I Post that information in there as well Remember keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it but it starts with You you gotta believe if you don't Believe nobody else will so go out there Today and grab what is yours today by Applying for these jobs thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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