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Happy Monday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job this job Is where you can make your own schedule And you can make anywhere between 680 to 840 dollars per week and that is for Full-time uh work and they do offer a Part-time job and just make sure that You're watching the videos all the way Through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing a remote job And remember this channel is all about Non-phone work at home job leads that go Out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so let's go ahead and dive Right into the job now we're talking About the company clap buy they're Currently seeking social media data Entry to work from home again they're Hiring for full-time position and when You scroll down here I want to show you They do also have work from home Opportunities and they're hiring for Full and part-time contract workers Available and basically to give you Information about what you'll be doing On this job is you will create a Supportive Centric social media strategy And then you also will understand the Basic utility and Industrial concept and Terms necessary for proper data entry And they also want you to have when you Scroll down here they want you to have The ability to type 9000 keystrokes per

Hour now there is a free place that you Can go and practice your daily entry uh For free is that's what where you can Practice your 10 key test all you have To do is hit start and it takes you to a 10 key test where you can go over your Numbers and symbols or numbers only as Well as of course you can practice your Typing skills so make sure you go ahead And practice so you can get your daily Entries up to where it needs to be as Well it's only require a high school Diploma or equivalent for this job so It's a really easy job that you can do We're gonna dive a little bit more Deeper into what you're going to be Doing here Um their marketing coordinators will Have the first hand exposure to the mini Faucet of marketing working with food Brands both big and small the right Candidate has experience growing a Social media page as a hobby and we'll Be excited to take on the challenge for A brand this is the opportunity to grow Within a small team but then are with a Big Vision working with some exciting Brands now the requirement is Understanding the fundamentals of the Billing and payment process has Completed understand of specialized data Entry account perform other duties in Accordance with proper time and quality

Standards routine maintain on personal Computer and other Duties are assigned And when you go down a little bit Further they're looking for someone that Is self-motivated accuracy ability to Work independently specialized training And data entry or prior experience now a Lot of people tell my well I don't have Data entry experience if you're on the Computer every single day typing that is Your daily tree data entry is just Basically inputting data you're typing So yeah if you're on a computer every Single day even if you're on your phone Texting that is typing so um that is Your data entry experience they're Looking for someone that's trustworthy And maintain confidential and profit Sharing and bonus program and you work Hard and play hard if this is something That you're interested in Make sure you hit this apply button Today okay and remember like I always Say is don't disqualify yourself before You apply for these jobs let the company Do it it's a lot of people just Disqualify themselves on a certain job Like dating entry because they don't Have the experience Everybody didn't have the experience I Started off I didn't have the experience At all but I used Google as my friend to Learn the things that I didn't know okay The jobs are going to train you the way

That they want you to do the job so all You have to do is if you don't know Something Google it you know you have to Keep pushing keep applying a lot of People get disencouraged they get upset Because they've been rejected now let me Tell you something When I when I reached out to hire Managers on a lot of things about okay What is some of the reason why you don't Hire people it's a lot of people say you Know my resume just take it to each job That I'm applying with I have the Experience I have a degree but I'm still Not getting the job so when I reached Out to hire manager and had that Question a lot of times when you're not Getting the job is a lot of times when They look at it that you have a lot of Experience some hiring managers think That you're not going to work for Um the pay that they're offering that's One reason to hide your social media Platform if you're on social media Posting different things like people Some people post things that are not Company values they will not hire you When a company is looking to hire you They will go on your social media Platform and believe me they will found You whether if you're on Instagram if You're on YouTube if you're on Facebook Whatever social media platform you're on They will go and look at your social

Media preset and see how you're acting And if you're not acting the way that You should you know that is representing Their company value they will not hire You they don't care if you guys to Experience they don't care if you have The degree So that is another thing that you need To consider now if you are everything is Going great you know you got to trust The process God has a plan for you you know he has a Specific job for you but you got to keep Pushing and keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it but you have to believe You can't give up sometimes it takes a Thousand jobs ten thousand jobs I was There I applied for jobs every single Day and I kept getting rejection as soon As I applied for a job you're not Qualified are we looking for somebody With more experience yeah it makes you Feel like giving up but look you know I'm too close to the Finish Line to give Up and that's what you have to tell Yourself I'm just too close I'm not Going to give up I'm just going to keep Applying eventually somebody is going to Hire me somebody is going to call me and Another thing too is you got to realize Too A lot of people want to start off Making thirty dollars an hour and they Don't have a lot of experience you got

To crawl before you walk you know my First job was eight dollars an hour and I stayed there for six months and gained That experience and I was able to move Up making the amount that I deserve so I Just want to throw it out there a lot of People want to come out making thirty Dollars an hour and they don't have a Lot of experience now if you do have a Lot of experience yeah you do expect to Be paid you know get paid that amount of Money but if you are new to work from Home or you don't have a lot of Experience you're going to have to crawl Before you walk and the key is is you Got to take something you understand What if it's 14 an hour stay on that job For like six months to a year to gain That experience and then you're able to Your valuable you're able to make Eighteen nineteen twenty dollars an hour So make that make sure that you you know Consider that in your mind but you got To keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there with your Name on it but you gotta believe if you Don't believe nobody else will trust the Process go out there and grab what is Yours today by applying for these jobs Okay now you know that I talk about Multiple strains of income I believe in eight multiples multiple Strains of m-coming you should have it Two because you know these jobs these

Days are not promised they'll let you go In 10 seconds you know so don't ever get To a place where oh I've been at this Job for two months I've been at this job For six months 30 years they're not Gonna let me go they will let you go and Um what you need to do is have a backup Plan and that is what bookboat is Creating low content books if you do Your research people are making anywhere Between a thousand to ten thousand a Month just creating low content books And you could do the same thing and for Those who don't know what low content Books are these are journals law books Diaries coloring pages coloring books And it's just too many to name and People are selling them on Amazon kdb And making a killing doing that okay now Again the great thing about bookboat is That you can always research the product Before you actually start making it and I'm seeing if it's sale and then you can Also smile your competitors see what Kind of keywords they're using and you Can Implement those in your titles and Description not the copy but to be Expired now bookboat has upgraded they Have a new book boat Studio where they Have cover creators interior designs Drag and drop editors complete Customization and over 1 200 plus free Fonts more than one million royalties Free image pattern scalable designs

Filter and much more and yes people buy These books every single day you're able To make puzzle books activity books Coloring books 100 of low content Interiors where you can mix and match Interiors to create unique looks for Your audience now anytime you're talking About a business or opportunity There is pricing I'm not just talking I Do Book boat I create puzzles books I do Coloring books those are the two things That I like and I've been making sales Too but once you make that first sale It's going to motivate you and push you Hey I'm gonna make another coloring book I'm gonna do this because I just made Myself but the pricing is 9.99 per month EBay I feel I feel it's very affordable In 1999 per month for pro now if you use My coupon code which is the rest of Sweat all in lower case that information Is in the YouTube description bar you Will receive 20 off the 9.99 per month Or if you choose the 1999 per month You're gonna receive 20 off of that and That is Lifetime that is forever the Great thing about bookboat you could try It out for three days for free and see If you like it and I guarantee you're Gonna like it and then also the Difference between the Newbie and the Pro is the pro you get the puzzle Creation software included where you can Make puzzle books that's the only

Different now again when I go to Resource and then interior wizard My interior is already made for me I Don't even have to make them interior Unless if you want to but it is already Made I can mix and match things put Things together and make a nice unique Um low content book and sell it on Amazon kdb you can sell it on Etsy if You have a website you could put it on There there's free social media Platforms that you can go and promote it You can sell it on pay hip you can sell It on send out there's too many places That you can sell it so you have a Choice to either make a paperback book Or you can make a hardcover book or you Can do both it's just up to you I always Make a paperback um eight by five eleven And I just go I'm just gonna just do for The sake of the video I'm gonna do Recipes and I'm just gonna put 120 Pages Or I might just do 10 10 pages right Quick Um and just to show you for the video's Sake and then hit download This is my interior this is what I would Download to Amazon kdb now I am not a Graphic designer so I go on Fiverr and I Pay somebody I'm anywhere between five And twenty dollars to make my cover I Just show my vision and they bring my Vision or my idea to life and um that's What I've been doing but again this is a

Great business opportunity I believe in Having multiple strains of income Leaving a legacy for your children Children just in case you know on when You're working for somebody you cannot Leave a legacy but when you start your Own business I'm trying to get you to Have that entrepreneurial spirit so you Can have a multiple strains of mcom Where if something goes wrong with your Job you won't be in panic mode you'll be Able to go out there and say look I I do Book boat as a side hustle I'm easily Making three thousand dollars a month or A thousand dollars a month this is Enough to pay some of my bills until I Find what I'm looking for that is what I Want you to do a lot of people getting Complacent in life you know Furnitures Can play uh replaceable food is Replaceable clothes is replaceable guess What you can be replaceable at any time So don't ever think that they won't let You go I don't care if you've been there For a while they will let you go and the Great thing about bookboat they're Always they always have Um Live webinars on Tuesday or Thursday Where you are actually talking to Um the person that started bookboat and Then he's always giving you new new Suggestions new updates and ideas that's Going on with bookboat and you can get

Your courses answered remember get out There and start a entrepreneur have that Entrepreneur my mindset sorry about that And surround yourself around people that Are doing things because when you're Around people that's not doing things You know I could talk about bookboat all You want to and you'll be like okay Whatever but you're around people that Are actually making money that should Push you to want to do better you know Because you know life is short and these Jobs are not promised and you need to Have a backup plan at all means Necessary use the job that you have to Invest in a business like Book boat you Know use that job and start making Passive income again the information is In the YouTube description bar once you Sign up today you can start creating Your low content books to date and Upload it on Amazon kdb okay so go ahead And check that out and remember making Sure that you're watching my videos all The way through I have videos going on Every single day that's Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday at 7 A.M Central Standard Time There are valuable information in all of My videos to help you get closer Landing Your first second third job even a side Hustle remember this channel is all About non-phone work and home job leads That go out every single day at 7 A.M

Central Standard Time consider Subscribing to the family I would love For you to be a part of family by Hitting that red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to click on The bell and turn on all notifications Why one is when I upload new videos you Will be notified they will give you Plenty of opportunities to go ahead and Apply for these jobs before they're no Longer available two is when I go YouTube live you'll be able to attend my YouTube live and chat with me live get Your courses answer and if you would Like to support this Channel or become a Member of the YouTube channel all you Have to do is hit click this join button There is a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already a member of my YouTube Channel I really appreciate you don't Forget to check out the community tab That is where I engage with you That is where Um I do pose give you quotes give you Encouragement words so check out the Community Tab and remember keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but You gotta believe if you don't believe Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs thank you so much for

Watching and I will see you in the next Video

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