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What's up two chicks fam happy Friday TGIF thank God it is Friday I hope you Guys have a great Friday it's me Carl I Am back with the non phone work from Home chat job and the company pays up to 21 an hour so this is a good one guys if You're looking for more non-phone jobs Make sure you check them out over here On the non blog let Us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you're Looking for in this way we know what to Post on this channel make sure you smash That red subscribe button turn on that Bell notification thumbs up these videos And make sure you share because we are Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers they are absolutely free to You guys all you have to do is take our Videos go share them go spread the word Invite your people to our Channel leave Us a comment and we will put your name On the long long long giveaway list make Sure you guys go back check out the Video that I posted on the Channel last Night it was for an overnight work from Home job check out that video make sure You apply and then hop over to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section Omni has a new client on their Dashboard make sure you guys apply and Also apply for tell us tell us is a Non-phone skip the interview opportunity For you guys and make sure you get

Branded surveys in your basket the link Is in the comments let's get into it so The company is called Delta defense LLC They're looking to hire live sales chat Reps and as you guys can see it is Remote and it says here your Responsibilities you will have to Respond to emails chats SMS and all Reasonable social media interactions Respond to customer inquiries with Knowledgeable well thought out answers Maintain up-to-date knowledge of our Products services and promotions operate With a fine needs field needs mindset And I do like this saying provide Solutions offer is an information to Match customer needs handle and resolve Customer concerns with empathy and Attention to detail you will follow up With the customers as needed to ensure The best possible service experience Consistently meet and exceed key Performance indicators established for This position provide an awesome Customer experience each and every time Ensure every Prospect and customer Understands the powerful benefits and Resources available to them as a Uscca member collaborate with your team Members and help one another learn and Grow maintain alignment with the core Values of Delta defense and the mission Of the uscca in all interactions now you Will need some required skills and

Experience I do see high school diploma Or equivalent now if you have a degree That is fine if you don't that is okay You still can apply for this position Prior work history in a customer service Role experience in digital modes of Community education is a plus now with The prior work history guys and customer Service it did not state how many years So if you have maybe three months six Months 10 months 12 months a year two Years experience you guys can still Apply required to pass and maintain a Producer Property and Casualty license Paid training is provided for all hires So keep that in mind excellent Interpersonal skills strong written and Verbal communication abilities Demonstrated ability to employ patience Empathy and strong listening skills While ensuring the customer needs are Fulfilled in a timely and satisfactory Manner computer fluency working Knowledge of software applications and Advanced Internet functions now keep in Mind guys they are going to train you so Don't let all of this information scare You and not make you want to apply for The job able to work equally as well in A team environment or remotely Self-defense is knowledge and training Familiar with Firearms it is preferred However guys it is not necessary now I Did see here the starting pay wage is 18

Per hour and you get up to three dollars More an hour in premiums they are Provided as well so you guys can make 21 An hour from this company now the Information guys it is on the non-phone Blog there will be a link posted right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check out this company Again the company is called Delta Defense LLC this is a full-time position That pays up to twenty one dollars per Hour and they are looking to feel their Live sales chat rep position and it is Work from home so I will be sure to Leave a link right below the video you Guys make sure you do some research and Make sure you share this awesome video With your friends family members put it On your social media platforms be sure To come back though and leave us a Comment so that we can put your name on That giveaway list make sure you guys Hop on over to Facebook and join our Group KISS that cubicle goodbye make Sure you guys follow us too over on our Facebook business platform and it is a Facebook business page guys it is two Chicks with the side hustle because we Are going to give away two more laptop Computers on that page so make sure you Hop on over there follow us we're trying To get to a hundred thousand followers We are over 50k on that page so make Sure you guys hop on over there follow

Us like share tag your friends all of That good stuff and make sure you come In over there so that we can put your Name on that giveaway list and we Already got some of our subscribers over There now sharing like crazy so you guys Make sure you join in with them and then Follow us on Tick Tock Twitter and Instagram on Instagram we're doing a Pop-up giveaway so that means that we Are going to just pop up over there and Give away some things I don't know what The things are gonna be could be a Laptop it could be a keyboard a mouse Pad it could be a ring light it could be A Walmart gift card an Amazon gift card Because the holidays they're coming up They're right around the corner and a Lot of people want things and gifts for Their loved ones so you just never know What we're gonna do but make sure you're Following us over on our Instagram again It is two chicks with the side hustle And my name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video bye Hey YouTube

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