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Hello everyone hello YouTube family I am Back with another 1099 job where you can Set your own schedules Um this year 2023 I'm giving you more Um basically side hustle side gig Opportunities I believe in multiple Strains income I believe in eight so I'm Just throwing it out there to you Brother if you have a nine to five job And you look to make extra cash or maybe You are Um staying at home taking care of Children and you just want to have some Kind of work to do while the kids at School then these 1099 jobs are where You need to be because you're able to Work when you want to work and that is Without school I know that a lot of People may be familiar with our school Um it's basically a online course Classes for kids kids ages 3 to 18 fun Social interactive small group classes That connect Learners around the world You can use any device convenient and Flexible so they have a lot of courses That you could take like reading drawing Writing math Spanish they also teach Kids Roblox and Minecraft coding piano Lessons even cooking lessons sign Language singing acting guitar and you See they teach a lot so whatever you Passionate about whether it's crafts or YouTube there's people on here that Teach people how to start a YouTube

Channel whatever the case may be then That's what you need to go with is your Passion they also have tutoring for Reading if your child needs reading math Writing Um science also English they have book Clubs reading comprehensive also again Math um goes up to algebra calculus Geometry and then they have Arts where You can do crafts and everything like That for students and then they have Life skills that you can see careers Cooking and baking handwriting and Encoding and Tech if you're good in that And then also science earth science food Science and more So you can always browse the CL the Classes these are different classes here Um that you have to set up now I am Interested in doing this um down the Road is I'm good into craft you know Creating things and um I've taught Before in different my Sunday School Classes were it was a part of you know Doing crafts like when we talked about The Bible there was a thing based and They did a different Craft on that Particular area so that is something That I'm interested in doing and I'm Going to start doing that pretty soon But I want to just go over some things Like the Pre-K if I have a Pre-K child And I'm interested in them to understand Or get familiar with what goes on in

Kindergarteners what they do in circle Time you could always Google things and It tells you that the age is three to Seven and it's for 30 minutes and it's Ten dollars per class so if I click on This here it takes me right into this Particular person um if you watch the Video she's going to explain about you Know who she is what she do in her class But um basically It just prepare your child basically for Kindergarten and they're around other Kids around the world this is online Just virtual uh where your kids are Interacting with the teacher as well as Other students online it may be singing It may be dancing they may have theme Base where you dress up like in Different costumes for Um you know like different uh Superheroes I had a child that Participated in one of these classes and They really enjoy the course and then it Talks about the pay is 50 per learning So you can make a passive income off of Our school if you do it seven days a Week it's up to you because you will be Setting your own schedule you'll work When you want to work if you want to go In and work every day that's that's your You know that's your business you can do That and you can make passive income and This is her schedule and this is what it Looks like okay now when I Google things

About out School the great thing about Our school cool Is you could work with kids who have Chosen to be in your class you can make Your own schedule design and curriculum You love and teach the way you want you Do not have to have a bachelor's degree A teacher certification it's best to Teach things that you are passionate About you know whether it's photography Um life skills Um cooking Um where you're teaching kids how to Cook healthy meals whatever you're Passionate about and then you can earn Money you can teach online from wherever And set your own prices so you will set Your own prices you'll spend your time Doing what you love is teaching and then Our school they will send you your Payment seven to ten days after your Class is scheduled to start and then Remember payment is via PayPal to an Email address you specify and you would Need to pay taxes on your earnings and Report them so this is a great Opportunity always Google things if I Don't understand about you know out School here and these are the coursing Is is how do you get paid on ask our School and I gave you that information a Few minutes ago and then you know some People were asking courses how does our School work for teachers all you have to

Do is list add your teacher profile and List your class get a romance answer Questions from parents while out Schooling our school handles enrollment And payments teacher class you're Responsible for delivering a great Learning experience and repeat Learners Who like your class who want to take More from you so this is a great Opportunity y'all like I tell you this Is something that I am going to be doing In 2023 is I'm doing craft I love Teaching kids three to five year olds Um how to do arts and crafts and that is My goal to be doing that and then Eventually go up into teaching people About YouTube Um down the road but I'm going to start Just right now is doing crafts you know Like for kids ages three to five and Then it talks about you know how much do People make on an out school when you Click here it says an average high School teacher hourly pay in the United States is approximately 25.75 which is 53 above the national Average okay so you can live anywhere in The United States or out of the United States and you can do out school and um Does our school report to our IRS Um they do PayPal is required to send You a 1099 because you are a independent Contractor and you're going to be Responsible for your earnings and your

Taxes so yeah Um that's the good thing about it and Then it says do you need a camera for Our school you'll need a working webcam In microphone when kids come come into Similac virtual like what they did a Couple years ago when everybody was Working from home and kids were doing Learning on Virtual you would see kids Whether it's five you can decide on how Many kids you want in your class whether It's five or ten kids and they will some Of them will turn on the Webcam or someone would turn it off so You just make this court Clash your own You come up with your own curriculum Nobody have to tell you how to do it you Just come up with the ideals and you Just go with the flow here but again This is a great opportunity Um this is something that you need to Invest in Um and start out school again this is a Great Um Place to start making passive income Again whether if you're a stay-at-home Mom I believe that you need to have a Backup plan it all means necessary Because you just never know a lot of People don't think you know we don't Want anything to happen to our spouses But Um things can happen and then if you're

Not if you don't have a job and you're a Stay-at-home mom then what you're going To do why your spouse is working you Need to have a backup plan and start Just doing something whether if it's our School you can teach and have your kid Right there by you where they're Participating you know so they won't Feel left out and make some extra cash Without leaving your home so this is a Great Um you know place to be if you have a Master's bachelor's degree you can do This if you don't have a bachelor's Degree Master's Associates you only have A high school diploma GD you still able To do this no teaching degree is Required no certificate no certification And none of that is required all it is You have to have a will in mind and be Passion about what you do because people Can tell if you passionate or not so Again go ahead and check this out the Information will be in the YouTube Description bar and I just want to leave Some encouragement words with you is That you know you have to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but You got to take the first step and the First step is to get out there and apply For these jobs there are a lot of Companies out there that are hiring and There are a lot of people yes that um

Don't want to go back on site they want To work from home they love the they Fell in love with the remote life Because they don't want to be around a Lot of drama they want to be around Peace and the competition is very um High but just because the competition is Very hot it doesn't mean you cannot find A job you just gotta make for sure that Your resume is tailored to each job that You're applying for okay I always say You cannot send a one-size-fit-all Resume meaning you just if you're Applying for a daily entry job you Sitting that same resume to customer Service accounting that you won't get a Job that way because hiring managers Don't know are recruiters Don't know which job you're applying for They may have multiple positions in There and they're not going to take our Time to look through your resume and Decide hey I'm going to put this he or She is looking for a counting position Or they're looking for a daily entry Position it's not going to work like That they're going to toss your resume To the side okay so make for sure that You tailor to your resume to each job That you're applying for I would love to See more people getting hired in 2023 if You have received a job offer let me Know so I can recognize you and let Everybody know that you know hey this

Person get received a job offer and you Just got to keep pushing and keep Applying and just be careful and be Mindful of your social media present Because when a company or or hiring Manager or recruiter is interested in Hiring you the first thing that they're Going to do is go to your social media Presence and see if you will be a good Fit they're looking at the pictures that You're posting they're looking at the Link language how you talking and if It's not lined up with the company Values they will not hire you regardless If you have all the experience in the World or all the degrees in the world so Be careful and be mindful Of what you post you know on social Media platform even if you go on Vacation or you got a new house I know That that you're excited and you want The whole world to know but you got to Be very careful because you always have That one co-worker that will go back and Show your hiring manager or they're your Boss they hate so-and-so got a house in Your house and everything and that Manager say oh that person was able to Get a new house then they don't really Need this job so they found a way to get Rid of you because they think you don't Need the job so again be very mindful of What you post on social media platform Be mindful I know it's your your account

But be mindful you know you don't want To miss out on a great opportunity Because of what you post how you acting On the social media platform your Language be very careful okay so keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it but you have to go out there and Grab what is yours today thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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