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Happy Sunday two chicks fam it's me Carl I am back with a part-time work from Home job but before I get into it so What is today it is live stream Sunday So drop your comments down below let us Know what do you guys think we should Talk about on this live stream today be Sure to smash that red subscribe button Turn on that Bell notification make sure You guys thumbs up these videos and Share on this channel guys we do believe In giving back and showing love to our Subscribers so we give away real uh Laptops on this channel guys and we're Giving away 10 more laptop computers They are absolutely free to you guys Just make sure you share go tell a Friend spread the word invite your People to the live stream leave us a Comment down below go back check out the Videos that were posted on the channel Yesterday I dropped three of them make Sure you guys hop over here to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section apply for other and apply for Tell us now if you're looking for Non-phone jobs go over to the non blog make sure you Guys sign up for Branded surveys the Link is in the comments let's get into The video so the company is the Marriott And everybody knows what hotel chain This is so they're looking for a sales Coordinators to fill their U.S account

Sales position so guys This Is Us remote Based I did not see any state Restrictions on here however I do not Know if they hire in every state this is A part-time position it says that you Will follow all company policies and Procedures ensure uniform and personal Appearances are clean and professional Maintain confidentiality of property Information protect the company assets Now let's scroll back up here you will Perform general office duties to support Sales and marketing pain filing sending Emails typing faxing copying prepare Sales related documents throughout the Sales process proposal proposals Contracts or banquet event orders Promote awareness of brand image Internally and externally gather Materials and assemble information Packages brochures promotional materials Etc use sales techniques that maximize Revenue while maintaining existing guest Loyalty to the Marriott enter retrieve Reconcile and verify information Commissions leads third parties and Software involved in the sales process You will answer the guest questions About property Facility Services hours Of operation rates and room types Packages promotions entertainment Restaurants special events and probably More serve as the point of contact for Clients and communicate with them by

Phone and email to respond to questions And requests now do see here it saves Colorado applicants but the thing is With these companies they must put the Rate of pay on here for Colorado so the Pay could be 15 an hour starting pay or It could be equivalent what you see Right here which is 1731. 1731 and and they are going to Offer I guess 401K earned paid time off And or sick leave and other Wellness Benefits benefits may be subject to Generally applicable eligibility waiting Periods contribution and other Requirements and conditions so again Guys this is a part-time position for The company Marriott and they're looking To feel their U.S remote remote based Sales coordinator U.S account sales Position it is on the two chicks blog There will be a link posted right below The video in the description box so you Guys can apply make sure you do your own Research make sure you go over to Google Type in Marriott see what the reviews Have to say about working for the Company know something about the company Just in case you get an interview with Them you want to be prepared and not Surprised make sure you guys share the Video leave us a comment because again We are doing a laptop giveaway we're Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers they are absolutely free to

You guys go tell a friend spread the Word be sure to come back drop us that Comment down below and also since today Is live stream Sunday let us know in the Comments what do you guys think we Should talk about on this live stream Should we talk about more part-time jobs More full-time jobs non-phone data entry Drop your drop your comments down below And then hop over to Facebook and join The group KISS that cubicle goodbye make Sure while you're over on Facebook so Follow us on our two chicks with a side Hustle business page because guys we are Going to give away two more laptops over On the business page once we reach a Hundred thousand followers so we're at Fifty thousand plus followers right now So make sure you guys hop on over there Start following us and sharing whatever We have posted or tagging your people Friends family members your enemies on The post don't forget guys to follow us On Tick Tock Twitter and on Instagram Two chicks with the side hustle because On Instagram we're going to do a pop-up Giveaway between now and the end of the Year not sure when what day we can't Tell you that that is a surprise so hop On over there and follow us two chicks With the side hustle my name is Carl I'll catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video bye YouTube

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