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Good morning it's Suzanne today I have Three no interview work from home remote Jobs for you the first job is with Transcribe me they offer transcription Jobs you can get paid working from the Comfort of your home join the transcribe Me professional crowd and start working On projects and making money today so They are hiring all the time and Sometimes you guys will send me comments And say I try to apply for this Transcription job but they said they Weren't currently hiring so it is Possible that some of these jobs may not Be hiring exactly today but I'm giving You ideas and leads so that you can keep Checking back and try to apply when they Have openings so monetize your downtime When you become a transcribe me crowd Professional you will have access to the Following the highest pay they have the Industry's best rates with earnings Starting at 15 to 22 dollars per audio Hour and top monthly earnings at twenty Two hundred dollars they also offer Advancement opportunities for their Special teams that include medical and Specialty Style which pay at even higher Rates they're going to train you give You expert training we're leading work From home employer thanks to our Intuitive platform regular payouts and Steady work stream joining doesn't cost A penny all you need to get started is a

Reliable internet and a computer and They're going to give you the Opportunity to grow and learn we believe In promotion from within the Transcriptionists enjoy their work and Have career advancement opportunities Gain insight into various Industries and Boost your resume for any job market Develop your schools and grow your Higher paying projects and positions and Lastly the most important thing is Flexibility work from the comfort of Your home whenever you want and how much You want transcribe short two to four Minute Clips not long interviews when One clip is complete the system sends Another to transcribe there is no limit To how many can be processed Consecutively All right so what you're going to do is When you get started they're going to Have you take an assessment they want to See how well you do it actually Transcribing they don't care about you Necessarily having experience they want You to be able to prove it through Taking the test and passing the test all Right the second job is with survey Junkies so now a survey junkie you're Going to take surveys and you're going To share your opinion now this isn't the Type of job you're going to get rich in This is going to be the type of job Where if you have an extra couple of

Minutes and you have time to take a Survey you can take a survey earn a Little bit of extra money in your spare Time it's great if you're looking for Something like that especially we're Going into the holidays people want to Earn a little extra money this is a Great time to do it so an intro to Survey junkie every day hundreds of Brands that you love turn to disk qo for Consumer insights and the information Shared by the survey junkie Community Powers that research how you're going to Participate as a member you may choose To participate in one or both of their Communities they have an SJ opinion Where you share your opinion via surveys And focus groups in exchange for rewards And then they also have an SJ pulse Which automatic where you automatically Share digital browsing behaviors in Exchange for rewards now I think this it Says it's an add-on so maybe it's like An add-on on your phone and then it just Tracks your behavior like user behavior And it gives them information and Insight into helping Brands know how to Market their products and things like That All right so how these two work for the Survey junkie you're going to complete a Profile to get matching surveys you're Going to take the surveys online Anywhere anytime and on any device and

Then lastly you're going to earn points By successfully completing each service So what they're going to do when you set Up your profile you're going to tell Them if you're male or female if you're In your 20s your 30s you know your age Group because they're going to match Surveys based on your particular Situation like what your opinion would Be on certain brands as a woman or as Someone in their 20s things like that so That's why you have to complete the Profile and then they will send you Those surveys survey plus how it works Download the SJ pulse extension or Opt-in on the survey junkie app you're Going to earn bonus points stay active For one month to receive an automatic Bonus get exclusive perks qualify for Exclusive surveys and perks so is survey Junkie legit according to survey junkie The average survey payout is 50 cents to Three dollars the surveys are typically For various types of consumer goods Completing a survey may take anywhere From 2 to 30 minutes shorter surveys Tend to be worth less money that's what Survey junkie says about their own Company if you want to check out other Reviews you can go online and search That up all right third no interview Work from home job is with three play Media it is another transcriptionist job However it's very popular you can earn

Weekly paychecks create your own Schedule and of course work from home You can apply to either be an English Transcriptionist or a Spanish-speaking Transcriptionist they are looking for Transcriptionist editors for contract Work to transcribe recorded audio and Edit imperfect transcription using their Proprietary internet internet-based Software application to be a good Candidate you need to be able to provide Expert transcribing Services Independently and be able to provide a Quick turnaround on a finished work Project Please note they are only interested in Receiving applications from individuals Who are interested in performing the Services themselves please do not apply On behalf of another person they do not Permit the selling or subcontracting of Contract work so the required Qualifications they want you to have Excellent written communication skills Excellent command of the English grammar And punctuation proficiency with Internet research and reference Resources ability to manage projects and Work independently and you have to be at Least 18 years old a little more about The role they're seeking eager editors For contract work to transcribe recorded Audio and edit imperfect transcription Some of the benefits you get to choose

The jobs you want to work on from a Selection of major entertainment Corporate and education content Producers as a member of the team you Can choose where and when you want to Work on your claim jobs you're going to Receive weekly paychecks based on a per Project per minute rate for when you Completed the work in the prior week for The best results complete the Application on a computer They recommend completing the Application in one sitting which is an Estimated time of 15 minutes and you'll Receive an email if you passed to The Next Step so again this is a no Interview job you're going to take this Test on the computer if you pass then You'll get an email from them on how to Move forward some of the pros of these Jobs no boss no interview no talking on The phone some extra side hustle cash And a flexible schedule some of the cons Transcription jobs tend to pay on the Lower end and they are typically Part-time All right guys if you're interested in Any of these three positions I'm going To go ahead and put those links Down Below in the description

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