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Happy Friday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job welcome Back to my channel Um in today's video we're going to be Talking about uh work from home jobs no Degree is required make for sure that You watch the videos all the way through Because I am going to be talking about Uh business opportunities that you can Make a passive income I'm starting Working today so let's go ahead and dive Right into the job okay now we're Talking about the company Health they're currently seeking Administrative coordinators to work Remotely and according to Glassdoor the Pay is between 17 and 24 an hour if you Have a lot of experience you can make 24 An hour okay now when we scroll down Here it only requires a high school Diploma is required no degree is Required Um you must be able to work East Coast Location our ability to work on East Eastern Time preferred they're looking For someone that has two years Experience working in an office or Corporate setting is preferred that Means if you have have it that's great If you don't then don't worry about it Proficiency with Microsoft Office They're looking for someone that is Comfortable using technology a strong Attention to details strong time

Management skills these are all the Skills that you will Implement into your Resume Effective verbal and written Communication skills proficiency with Typing and keyboarding skills okay now If you're interested in learning Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Suites in General make sure you go to Microsoft 365 this is free where you can learn Word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft terms teams and assets okay Before you say that you can't do the job Go and learn this okay and then Also it Talks about typing here are free places Where you can go and practice your type Of skills for free official type and where you can practice your Typing test 10 key tests and they'll Give you typing tips as well as time you can check your type of Skills in a minute this is all free to You so we're going to go back into the Job and to get more details about Um what you're going to be doing Um every single day on the job here okay Now you're going to enter data into Zoom For up to 300 SS live classes a week You're going to ensure SS live classes Display correctly on the website each Week you get a work in the instructor Management system to create new SS Live IDs or copy assistant IDs you're going To copy all SS live webinar for IDs from

Zoom to an Excel spreadsheet to automate Attendance trackers as well as you can Attract Zoom attendance visits for SSL Classes in the spreadsheet each week Okay and then you're going to access Edit and upload documents to SharePoint And then you're going to schedule Meetings and take notes as needed if This sounds like something that you're Able to do then make for sure you go Ahead and apply today these type of jobs Do not last that long and if you're Interested in applying all you need to Do is Click right here where it says Apply for this job now if this video has Been helpful make sure you consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button and subscribe and don't Forget to turn on your notifications so Every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified because these jobs go Just like this okay now I want to give You some encouragement words is to keep Pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you I know Some people are looking at this job and Say look I don't know if I can do this I Don't know Um this is this is a hard job it is not A hard job it's hard if you make it okay You got to believe in yourself because If you don't believe in yourself nobody Else will I keep saying it starts with

The mind okay if you it starts with the Mind if you tell your mind that you can Do it then everything's going to come in Fruition but if you're the type of Person that say oh I can't do this Nobody's not gonna hire me take Advantage of Google use Google as your Friends to understand a lot of things When I first started off working from Home I didn't know nothing about working From home I didn't know what they're Asking for but you know what I had a Will in mind a willing heart and a Willing Spirit to learn these things and That's what you got to tell yourself to Many times people talk theyself out of Applying for a job before they actually Apply for this job okay and you're Wondering why you know every time you're Getting you're applying for a job you're Getting a rejection letter because You're not believing in yourself you Need to have your resume tailored to Each job that you're applying for in Past videos I did a resume demo where I Showed you a sample how it works because Years ago again I've been working for Mom ever since 2007 but years ago I was Getting rejection letters just like you Okay yes it was happened to me And I know how easy to get upset get mad Don't understand why it's happened to You hiring manager reached out to me Years ago and told me look you have a

Willing heart and I'm going to help you I'm going to show you how to get your Resume past the applicant tracking System how to get your resume in the Hands of hiring managers and he sat down And he showed me how to tailor my resume To the job post and I tell you right After he did that I started applying for Jobs it had my resume tailored to the Jobs that I was applying for guess what I started getting calls I start getting Invite I started having like 20 or 30 People reaching out to me and that's What I share with you you have the twos But you got to take advantage and use Them yourself okay you know this job is Very easy you just gotta keep pushing Keep applying don't give up I know some Of y'all may not ever been an Administrative coordinator do you think I ever been a medical billing coder Before you think I ever done that no I've never done medical billing coding But I was willing to train do you think In the past I never did customer service I never did data entry before I never Did accounts payable before but I was Willing to train be trained Um I learned a lot of things I watch a Lot of YouTube videos uh my Google Things to understand and plus when you Get on the job they're going to train You the way that they want you to be Trained but again you got to speak life

Over yourself the power of the tongue Determines life and death I get it a lot Of people don't have people out there to Encourage you unfortunately it's Families they're not going to encourage You as well as people you don't know but What I've learned in life is people that You don't know do more for you than People uh you know let me repeat that Again people you know do more for you Than people that you don't know but you Cannot get disencouraged you have to go Out here and apply for these jobs okay This is a easy job these jobs move just Like this so you cannot procrastinate You got to go take action faith without Works is dead so go take actions today Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there for you I am Talking to you whoever is made it to This point I'm talking to you there is a Job out there with your name on it but You gotta believe if you don't believe Nobody else will so go out there today Not tomorrow not next week but go out There today right now right now and Apply for these jobs you got this I Believe in you If anybody else don't I believe in you You got this go ahead and grab what is Yours today by applying for these jobs Okay now you know that I always talk About Having a multiple strains of income

Because you just never know what can Happen too many times people get Complaces on these jobs they feel like If they've been there for two years if They feel like they've been there for Six months or five years that they got The job there's people I know that been On a job for 30 years and they will let Go and a lot of times people get in Panic mode why is because they don't Plan and prepare okay I'm from Texas and I never forget I think it was the year In 2020 if I'm not mistaken where it was Snowing and electricity was out a lot of People had electricity out for four days But we had electricity probably about Every hour but one thing I learned you Know is and and it kept reminding me is That you have to prepare and plan is not Greed it's preparing and plan a lot of People go homeless it's because they Don't plan and prepare they don't have Extra income coming in Um it talks about Um and Ecclesiastes 11 and 8 if you go Check that out it says not have seven But eight multiple strains of income Because you never know what can occur on This land and that is what I bring to You on this channel as well as non-phone Work at home job leads every single day Is to give you options on things that You can do is to start a business and Make passive income and that is with

Book boat and for those who don't know What bookboat is is creating low content Books as you can see on the screen that Was flashing a few minutes ago low Content books or journals law books Diaries coloring books coloring pages it Is just too many to name if you go to Amazon and you literally type in low Content books or journals if you scroll Down down you're going to see that those Low content books and people are making Anywhere between a thousand and ten Thousand a month creating low content Books but you got to put in the work What come easy won't last what last Won't come easy you gotta remember that So this is a great opportunity anybody Can do this you don't have to have any Experience no degree you don't go Through no interview you can work Anywhere in the world United States out Of the country and the great thing about Bookboat is you're going to always Research the product before you actually Made it and then also you can spy on Your competitors and see what kind of Keywords they're using and you can Implement those and your titles and Descriptions not the copy but to be Expired okay Then when you go down a little bit Further Book boat Studio has upgraded They have cover craters interior designs Drag and drop editors complete

Customization over a thousand two Hundred plus free fonts more than one Million royalty free image pattern Scalables designs filter in much more Okay And you're able to make puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match Interiors to create unique books For your audience and yes people buy These books every single day yes people Are making passive income between a Thousand and ten thousand a month doing This but you got to do your research and You will find out that they are making That amount of money okay now the great Thing about bookboat is they have live Webinars on Tuesday and Thursdays where You can meet with the owner and he's Always giving educating you and giving You new things that are going on with Bookboat okay now when you go to Resource you can do interior wizard I do Not have to worry about making my Interior for me it is already made for Me so as you can see on the screen you Can do college rules you can do journals You can do music sheets career plan you Can do thing base where you can mix and Match everything to go in your Journal Where it can look professional saving Trackers so if I was going to do an Interior you have a choice to make Paperback or hardcover or you can do

Both I'm gonna do paperback eight by Five by eleven I'm gonna choose 120 Pages once you watch the tutorials they Have great tutorials want to watch the Tutorials you'll understand why I'm Doing 120 it shows you how to research Your competitors Um it's it's the tutorial is very Awesome once you go through that once You sign up you're gonna understand this And I'm going to choose saver tracker And I'm going to hit download Now it depends on the speed of your Computer this is my interior if I wasn't Pleased with this I mean I would add a Little bit more Um interior in here to make it uh more Worthwhile but and I'll put my little Own twist in it but if this is something That you happy with you can download This to Amazon kdb now like I always say In my videos I am not a graphic designer So I go on Fiverr and I pay somebody Anywhere between five and twenty dollars To make my book cover where it stands Out where it will sell okay but this is How easy it is I didn't have to create The interior I didn't have to do Anything now to sell these things of Course you're going to sell them on Amazon kdb as well as you can sell them On Etsy you can sell them on your Website you can sell them on other free Social media platforms there's many ways

That you can promote this you can put Them on pay hips send out many ways that You can promote this and sell it but Again you got to put in the work what Come easy won't last and what lasts Won't come easy so you will have to put In the work just on anything in life Okay now when we go to the pricing I Feel it is very affordable you cannot Complain about the situation if you Don't take action too many times people Sit back and complain I don't have money To put gas in my car I don't have why She's able moving up people or Risk Takers people that are Risk Takers are The ones that are moving up And you got to be a risk taker in life To go in here and do that Okay and we're gonna go over the pricing And I believe it's very affordable on The price in here okay now you have Newbie which is 9.99 per month And then you have Pro which is 19.99 per Month the only difference is with the Pro you're getting the puzzle creation Software included but if you use my Coupon code which is the rest of sweat All in lower case you'll receive 20 off The 9.99 per month and that is Lifetime As well as if you choose 19.99 per month For the pro you get 20 off of that and That is Lifetime The great thing about bookboat is they Will let you try it out for three days

For free and see if you like it and I Guarantee you that you're gonna like it I am not just only talking I am walking The walk I am doing book broke too as Well I've been doing book for like eight Months now uh my main thing is Coloring Books Puzzle books and journals and I Have made Um some money off a bookboat it's not I'm not at a thousand yet but I'm Shooting for that but I am putting in The work creating Um low content books on my spare time I Have a full-time job Um I have children just like everybody Else I have a spouse I have a husband And I put in the time sometimes I get it Up at three o'clock in the morning and To make these videos as well as to do my Um low content books in order to make Passive income because you know I'm Grateful that I have a job but again These jobs can lay you off at any time So you gotta go and prepare and plan Once you sign up today you can start Creating low content books and uploading Amazon kdb remember take action stop Procrastinating and take action and Believe in yourself remember You know um keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job after being Made for you but you gotta believe if You don't believe nobody else will so go Out there today and grab what is yours

By applying for these jobs and taking Advantage of these extra business Opportunity again thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video

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