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Foreign Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You this one is coming from the company Wealthfront and we're going to be Talking about their client Services Representative so if you're in Palo Alto California you can work at the office But this job is open to us-based Applicants to work remotely all right You'll be assisting customers through Email and phone communication with this Job you will be helping the clients to Use their product better through online Tools and resources and you're going to Work with the operations teams to Resolve client issues you'll be the Voice of the customer by noticing and Highlighting action items needed to Improve the customer experience you're Going to assess client information and Approve fund transfers and assist Clients in understanding asset location And explain investment risk profiles you Will assist clients in understanding and Analyzing the performance of their Investments and the potential impacts of Client risk decisions okay so they want You to have one plus years of experience And read sell banking wealth management Asset management and or fintech Experiencing a client-facing rule is Preferred strong communication skills

And also the ability to explain Complicated Concepts to clients be able To partner with multiple stakeholders Including other teams and Senior Executives and comfortable with being Independent and learning new Concepts Quickly a passion for delighting clients And a series 7 and 66 is preferred or Must be obtained within three months of Working with the company all right as Far as the pay for this job the shop has A pay of 55k to 70k plus Equity so That's some pretty good pay on this job Right here so of course you're going to Get benefits as well with this job Here's the application for this job Right here of course if you're Interested in applying for this job you Can find the link in the description bar If you guys have any questions or any Comments feel free to leave those below And as usual I thank you guys so much For watching I'll see you in my next Video and good luck to those who apply For the job

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