NO Experience Needed! Data Entry (Non-Phone) Work From Home Job | $116 Day | No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you today's job lead Is going to be non-phone data entry and It requires no experience we are gonna Dive all in just know the links to Everything I share are always in the YouTube description box below this video We have talked about Conduit on this Channel before they very often hire for Different positions with no experience Needed and they are hiring again right Now for their data entry position now One thing to note when it comes to no Experience jobs they are going to pay Lower on the pay scale but this is Perfect to get that experience to put on Your resume to then be able to qualify For a higher paying position they are Looking for somebody to work a second Shift Monday through Friday 3 P.M to 11 30 p.m and it says You must work the Weekends and holidays if needed you need To be able to type at least 40 words per Minute and they're paying 14.50 an hour Plus they offer benefits but this is a Basic data entry job you'll receive a Process and ensure document Classifications are completed and Transmitted to clients you'll receive The documents for both electronic and Hard copy for processing you'll sort Image documents files and archive them In the system by Form type you'll

Identify documents for their purpose Creating a database of information of Course you'll classify these documents Based on contract requirements and Client requirements you'll verify the Data from the automated data extraction Tools and you ensure transmission of Process data to the appropriate Next Level so you may enter the data into the System verify that it is correct and Then route it to another department to Handle now most of this is a non-phone But it says you may be required Occasionally to to pick up the phone and Make outbound calls I'm assuming the Phone it says outbound correspondence From the clients to be processed so if You're missing information you have to Go find that information now as far as What they are looking for they do say This is an entry level position with Limited requirements they need somebody Who can basically follow the established Procedures who can organize data so you Have to have coordination skills someone Who has a basic skills in computer Systems someone who has the ability to Problem solve a self-guided and somebody Who can work together as a team to help Achieve a company goals that is really It they're not requiring any kind of a College degree and no real experience With past data entry all right if you've Made it to the end of this video I want

To say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me if you have any Suggestions on how I can make these Videos more helpful for you things I Could change and do differently let me Know down below I try to make them as Very quick and convenient by getting Straight into the job lead as I can and Leaving the link down in the YouTube Description box but if you have any Suggestions on anything else I could Change let me know down below and I'll Be back really really soon with more Work from home job leads just for you

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