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What's up two chicks fam happy Thursday It's me Carl I am back with another Non-phone work from home job that is Flexible make sure you guys smash that Red subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification thumbs up these videos and Make sure you share on this channel we Give away laptop computers we are giving Away 10 more laptops they are absolutely Free to you guys make sure you take the Videos put them on your social media Platforms share some of the blog posts Make sure you come back leave us a Comment down below now if you guys are Looking for more non-phone jobs hop over Here to the non blog we have data Entry email transcription a lot of Skifty interviews are posted on this Blog don't forget to go over to the two Chicks with the side blog Look under the spotlight job section Make sure you guys apply for Omni Interactions and don't forget about Telus Telus is a non-phone skip the Interview work whenever you want Opportunity and don't forget to let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job or side hustle you guys Are looking for be sure to sign up for Branded surveys the link is in the Comments let's get into the video so the Company is called Rooster Teeth I know Right it sounds weird but anywho they

Are looking for support reps and this is A temporary position so it says here now As a support rep you'll provide product And shipping information and resolve any Emerging problems that our community Might face with both accuracy and Efficiency this is a temporary position To assist during the holidays now Your responsibilities are as follows Manage high volume of support chats and Emails update customer account info Provide accurate valid and complete Information about the rooster teeth Brand and partners take the extra mile To engage the customers identify and Assess his customers needs to achieve Satisfaction update customer account Info provide accurate valid and complete Information about the rooster teeth Brand and the partners now the Qualifications are as follows flexible To work a shift within the hours of 9 00 A.m and 9 pm and this is Central Standard Time now these shifts they may Include the weekends and some overtime Must be able to read write English Fluently previous email support Experience is a plus previous e-commerce Retail experience is also a plus so guys You really don't need experience for This position I don't see here where you Have to have like a customer service a Certain amount of years or some type of Degree or some type of

Skill set to apply for this job so again This one is called Rooster Teeth they Are looking to hire people for their Support representative temporary Position where you are basically Answering chats and emails so this is an Easy peasy one for those of you that are Looking for those no experienced Non-phone chat and email types of jobs You guys better hurry up and apply for This one it is posted over on our Non-phone blog but I will be sure guys To leave a link post it right below this Video in the description box so you guys Can check out this company be sure to do Your own research go and research the Company it only takes two to three Minutes to go to Google type in Rooster Teeth you might need to know something About this company just in case you get An interview the interviewer might ask What do you know about Rooster Teeth and You want to be what prepared and not Surprised so make sure you guys check That out make sure you share this Awesome video with your friends family Members put it on your social media Platform arms share it in some Facebook Groups join some of those groups start Sharing the videos guys come back leave Us a comment because we do real Giveaways on this channel and we've Already given our 12 laptops and we're Going to give away 10 more over on this

YouTube channel then what I want you Guys to do is hop over to Facebook and Join our group the name of our group it Is kiss that cubicle goodbye and people Are getting hired over in that group That is a blessed group so you guys Might want to come over there because a Lot of the jobs that are posted in the Group may or may not be posted on this Channel and vice versa so you want to be Sure that you are following us on all of Our social media platforms and then While you're over on Facebook guys and You can also invite your friends and Family members to the group as well and While you're over there be sure to Follow us on our Facebook business page And it is two chicks with the side Hustle and the reason being is because We are at 50 something thousand Followers and we're trying to get to a Hundred thousand and once we get over There to a hundred thousand we are going To give away two more laptop computers They are absolutely free brand new Laptops we pay for everything so in case You guys don't win over here on the Channel you still have a chance to win Over there on the Facebook business page And we already have some people over There now who share everything that we Post so get like those people hop on Over there guys and start sharing those Videos and it is easier I think to share

On Facebook Versus YouTube because on Facebook you Can tag your people and that is a form Of sharing so hop on over there guys Start tagging your friends your family Members your enemies or whoever you want To tag tag them on the post and that is A way of sharing and when we see that we Will write your name on the giveaway List or you can tap that share button And you can share it to your favorite Groups or you can share it on your Personal Facebook page however you guys Want to do it that is fine with us but Just make sure you come in somewhere on Whatever post that you share so that we Will put your name on that giveaway list Over on Facebook and like I stated we Already got some of our subscribers they Are over there on Facebook sharing Already so if you guys want to jump in On the fun get like some of them go over There follow the page and start sharing Today and then you want to follow us on Our other social media platforms and we Do have a lot of them so we have a tick Tock a Twitter and Instagram and we're Trying to build these Pages up so if you Guys want to share on Twitter on tick Tock on Instagram that is totally fine Tell your people to follow us on these Platforms now on Instagram we are going To do a pop-up giveaway so we're just Popping up all over the place doing

These giveaways so y'all cannot hold This good information you better share It go tell somebody what we do over on This channel and these other platforms So on Instagram guys I don't know right Now what we're going to give away but We're thinking about Doing a pop-up giveaway over there Before the end of the year so can't say If it will be in November or if we will Wait and do it in December but you guys Don't want to miss out because we may Give away a cash out we may do PayPal we May do all my gift cards we may do Amazon gift cards we may do a laptop we Could do some work from home things like A keyboard a mouse pad a ring light Things that people need a desk lamp we Could do Um I'm just thinking here we could do like A mug or a tumbler or a t-shirt could be A two chicks with a side hustle t-shirt I don't have a clue what we're gonna Give away right now but we are going to Come over there on Instagram and do a Pop-up giveaway so on Instagram you guys Be sure to tell your friends tag your Friends share our Instagram page put us In your stories guys you can share a Million ways that you can share our Platform so my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video bye


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