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Foreign Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and back with another job for you Guys and today I'm coming to you guys With a part-time job from the company Thumbtack okay and they're currently Looking for an outbound Home Maintenance Specialist to work in the U.S we're Gonna go ahead and get straight into the Details let's start off with the places That this company hires from if you're In the U.S you would need to be in the Following states on the screen if you do Not see your state on the screen Unfortunately you will not be able to Work with this company but I do have a Playlist of companies that hire Nationwide okay let's talk about the Estimated pay for this job and according To Glassdoor this job could pay between 35k and 50k yearly now this is part time So you won't be earning that much yearly But that pay range is to be around 17 to 24 an hour for this part-time job of Course that's an estimate you have to Get the exact pay from the company this Is a part-time job and the hours are Dependent on resourcing needs at the Time as well as your availability the You must have access to a computer Laptop with high definition camera Microphone capabilities high-speed Internet access and a smartphone and

You're going to test and deploy various Customer Outreach messaging to their Existing set of customers in order to Encourage them to send either more Requests for more contacts you're going To create an effortless and great Customer experience by focusing on Providing solutions to concerns you're Going to use all relevant resources and Knowledge centers in addressing various User concerns and gather feedback about The platform tools and processes that Will help improve the overall customer Slash Pro experience you will contribute As a team member by engaging in coaching Sessions team meetings team building Activities and other team and Company Events and you will demonstrate Accountability by meeting and exceeding Monthly productivity quality customer Satisfaction so one thing I like about This job is that they're not really Requiring any experience just want you To have a customer-centric mindset and Be detail-oriented resilient also have Strong problem solving skills now if you Have experience working in different Channels whether it be email chat and Phone or marketing or advertising sales Experience Salesforce experience or Google Suite experience that's great Okay so you will get benefits including Stipends for a home office setup and Internet and then they also have

Employee Assistance programs and Subscriptions as well and the Application for this job is very quick So of course if you're interested in Applying for this job you can find the Link in the description bar if you have Any questions or any comments you can Leave those below and as usual I thank You guys so much for watching I'll see You in my next video and good luck to Those who apply for the job

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