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Happy Thursday everyone I am back with Another work from home job no interview Is required no experiences required and This is a non-foam work from home job Lead or no talking work from home job of This company is currently high right now You can set your own hours you can work Whenever you want to work and you can Work anywhere in the world okay so we're Gonna go ahead and dive right into the Job now we're talking about remote tasks As you can see on the screen you could Earn up to Fifteen dollars an hour During online tasks from home as soon as You sign up you can literally start Working today now to give you Information about uh what you're going To be doing here and we're going to go Through here it says you can work Remotely and choose your own hours Hundreds of applications have already Started if you're interested click on The start earning today button to get Started today now you can start right Away on their website they offer Flexible hours you can work whenever you Like again the pay is you can make Fifteen dollars an hour this opportunity Is available to proficient English Speakers in the following state so you Do have to be in these states but it Also states that you can work anywhere Other than this state too as well so to Go ahead you know I like to research

Remote tasks and get more information About it Um I want to know what is remote tasks What do you be doing it's basically is a Online task platform focused on building Technology related to AI artificial Intelligence and network and machine That is basically what it is okay now a Lot of people ask questions is remote Tasks legitimate there it is a Legitimate micro task site that pays you For doing small data entry tasks there Are many tasks available so it can be a Way to earn some extra cash but it would Take patience as rewards are not high There are many ways to earn extra cash Online for free so this is basically a 1099 job to make and earn extra cash to Have you know to pay your bills here and You go down a little bit further here Um you just gotta research everything What kind of work is remote tasks we Already went through that Um you just how much does remote test Pays it tells you here Um the estimation here of how much you Can go up you can go up to twenty Dollars an hour it just depends on Um the assignment and everything So if you don't understand something Always use Google as your friend to get Your questions answered when I go down Here this is what I also found on Um Google is the things that remote

Tasks need before joining the task here When you go down here you will need a Computer and a internet connection okay So Um basically Um unlike home base work remote task has An actual platform where they do their Tasks however you need a stable internet Connection and a computer possible a Laptop to work on these tasks other Complex tasks also need faster internet And better computers but they also come With higher pay you will need a PayPal Account that is how you would get paid When you go into details in order to do That remote tasks require Tasker to have A working PayPal account is currently Um only way of parent remote taskers Okay and then you also need a Professional mindset outside of the Technical requirements remote test Required you to have have a professional Mindset might work from home but we're Also dealing with customers and clients As such they want went out and output to Be a quality the reviews are always There to give tips and I'll evaluate the Tasks that they do and it is your Responsibility to accept feedback Professionalism and use them to input to Be better in whatever you do they do Offer flexible and adaptable skill set Where you can kind of choose when you Want to work so that is a great thing

And then they're looking for someone That has a desire to learn new things And then a passion for making friends a New connection they have over 10 000 Remote tasks work in the remote task Platform and chances are you'll be Working with some of them so they do They don't require remote tasks to Always chat with other taskers and in Other chat groups but they highly Encourage you to interact with the Feller taskers okay so this is a great Opportunity here they do again no Experience is required at all to do this Type of work again this is a side hustle Side gig opportunity to earn some extra Cash you learn easily you know how you Learn issue how to do tasks you have an Online course a free Hands-On training They will train you how to do the task Work on the tasks from projects you Unlock get paid US Dollars weekly you'll Get paid weekly through PayPal or RTM Based on your quality and number of Tasks completed okay and you can start Earning money again you can work from Anywhere anytime enjoy the safe and Flexibility of working remotely all you Need is a computer and internet so if This sounds like something that you're Able to do then all you need to do is Click right here where it says start Earning today now if this video has been Helpful so far and you would like to see

More work from home jobs where no Experiences required no uh talking on The phone work from home jobs and jobs That are hiring immediately then Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on Your notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and Then give you plenty of opportunities to Go ahead and apply for these jobs or Even if I go YouTube live any speaking About YouTube live I will be going YouTube live on this coming Tuesday March the 7th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time this is more of a Work from home q a and all also breaking The communities together to encourage And uplift one another on their job Search and everyday life so come and Join me Um this coming Tuesday March the 7th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I look for it and chat With you and I want to leave some Encouragement words with you like I Always do is to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you've got to believe if You don't believe nobody else will so go Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for the job rejection is not The end of the world no don't mean no no

Means next opportunity when one door Closed there is going to always be Another door that is going to be open For you but you gotta believe it starts With the mind you have to have that Mindset if you have that mindset that You can do it guess what you Everything's gonna come to fruition but If you say you can't then you can't the Power of the time determines life and Death you gotta Speak Life over yourself Stop being negative and start being and Positive Okay negative plus negative Equal negative and positive plus Positive equal positive so surround Yourself around people that is speaking Life over you and have your best Interest because when you're around Negative people you can eventually pick Up those negative happenings and you do Not want to do that okay so go ahead and Apply for these jobs again keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you I Believe in you you got this go out there Today and grab what it shares by Applying for these jobs okay now you Know that I always talk about having a Backup plan Have multiple strains of income I Believe in not seven but eight multiple Multiple strains of income a lot of Times people get complacent they think Because they're on a current job right

Now that they're going to be there Forever and that is not true these jobs The days they will let you go within 10 Seconds of you being there so you want To have a backup plan they do when they Hire people they have multiple people on Their job so if you don't cooperate and You don't do the job they will hire one Of your co-workers to do that job and I'm trying to help you out okay and that Is with Book boat if you do your Research people make it anywhere between A thousand to ten thousand a month Creating low content books and do you Want to know what low content books are I am glad that you asked low content Books as you can see on the screen are Journals law books Diaries Coloring Books Puzzle books activity books and The list goes on and people are making Passive income doing so okay now the Great thing about bookboat is you can Always research a product before you Actually make it and see if it sell as Well as you can spot on your competitors And see what kind of keywords that They're using and you can Implement Those in your titles and descriptions Not the copy but to be expired okay now When you go down a little bit further Bookboat has upgraded they have a new Book Studio they have cover craters Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customization over a thousand

Two hundred plus free fonts more than One million royalties free image Parascalables designs filter and much More okay now again you're able to make Puzzle books activity books coloring Books 100 of low content Interiors where You can mix and match Interiors to Create unique books for your audience And guess what I am doing book I'm not Just telling y'all to do it I want to Make that extra cash too so I've been Doing book probably about a good eight Or nine months now and I enjoy it I do Coloring book and I do puzzle books Y'all and I love the money that I make Thus far and there's room at the table For everybody to get out there and grab This and extra business opportunities Side hustle whatever you want to call it Get out here and do this here and people Will buy these books okay now when you Go up to the top here I always talk About the interior wizard you do not Have to make the interior for you it's Already made as you can see on the Screen you can do college rules journals Music sheets career plan Monthly to do you can mix and match and Create your own unique journals Um today Um your low content books and you can Just choose as much as you want when you Get here once you sign up today you can Start creating low content books upload

On my Amazon kdb or have upload them on Your website or Etsy or any free social Media platforms to get this out now for The sake of the video I am just gonna go Over Um this wide rule paper here to show you You can choose to do paperback or Hardcover or you can do both I always do Paperback eight by five eleven I do 112 20 and I choose this page here and I hit Download when I hit download this paper Comes up and I can make a journal or Notebook I'm not a graphic designer so I Pay somebody on Fiverr to do my cover so It can stand out again this is a easy Opportunity anybody can do with the Elementary can do it let alone the Middle School how high schooler anybody Can do this you can work anywhere in the World skip the interview and you can go Ahead and get this done here okay now When you go in and they have tutorials Where you can watch Um how to make puzzle box books they Have where you can meet with the owner Every Tuesday or Thursday where you can Get your courses answered it's no excuse For you not to make a book and be Successful on this platform because they Have the best tutorials on this platform It already gets you from point A all the Way to Z now anytime you're talking About a business opportunity there is Going to be pricing but if you use my

Coupon code which is the rest is what All in lower case you will get 20 off All for the price and that is Lifetime Okay Now the price is you could choose 9.99 Per month which is newbie or you could Use the 19.99 per month for pro and You'll get 20 off of those prices and That is Lifetime and the great thing About Um the pro is that don't you get the Puzzle creation software included that's The only difference and also the great Thing about it is you can try it out for Three days for free and see if you like It I guarantee you're gonna like it and Go ahead and get this side hustle this Is a great opportunity to make extra Cash you know you always have to have a Plan just in case if something go down You can still pay your bills don't sit And let a job let you go and you don't Know what you're gonna do always plan And prepare go out here and sign up Today with bookboat and start creating Your low content books and make passive Income so you can support yourself or Support you and your family okay go Ahead and sign up the link is in the YouTube description bar and remember to Make for sure that you're watching the Videos all the way through my channel is All about non-phone work from home job Leads and it's also about no talking

Work from home job leads so if you're Looking for a no talk and work from home Job you have landed on the right channel Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button and don't Forget to click on that Bell to turn on All notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and It'll give you plenty of opportunities To go ahead and apply for these jobs Because they move just like this and Also when I go YouTube live remember I Will be going YouTube live on this Coming Tuesday March the 7th 2023 at Seven o'clock P.M such a standard time This is a work from home q a whatever Question you have about working from Home or a job in general and also I want To build a community where we come Together and uplift and encourage each Other and on different on on their job Search journey in everyday life so make Sure you come on and join share this and Video with everyone you know that could Benefit from this I look for it and chat With you if you would like to support The channel or become a member of the YouTube channel I would love to have you All you have to do is click that Joy Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already a member of the channel I Really appreciate you so much check your

Community tab that is where I engage With you every single day when I upload New videos I post them in there when I Do post when I do quotes when I say I'm Going to go YouTube live all that Information is in there okay remember to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there been made just For you but you gotta believe if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs okay You got this and remember to check out The video that is appearing on the Screen at the top or even at the bottom There are more work from home job leads That you need to check out because these Companies are still hiring and they are Looking to hire you today so go check That out thank you so much for watching And I will see you in the next video bye

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