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Close up two chicks fam happy hump day It's me Carl and I am back with a skip The interview non-phone work whenever You want egg for you guys to get in your Basket now if you're looking for more of These gifty interviews or just some type Of non-phone data entry chat job email Job check them out over here on the non blog let us know in The comments today is live stream Wednesday what do you guys think we Should talk about on this live stream Drop those comments below make sure you Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification thumbs up these Videos and share because on our Channel Guys sharing is caring and we do believe In giving back to our subscribers Members and our followers so make sure You guys go spread the word tell a Friend come back leave us a comment and Once we hit a hundred thousand Subscribers on the channel we are giving Away 10 more laptop computers and they Are absolutely free free don't forget to Check out the videos that were posted on The channel yesterday and also guys hop Over to the two chicks blog look under The spotlight job section apply for Tellers and also Omni and don't forget About branded surveys the link is down Below in the comments let's hop in so Guys the last time we talked about this Company some people reached out to let

Us know they got hired and you guys can Go back and try to find the video and Check the comments now the company is Text broker you can get paid to write if You're a writer or if you're a b are a Beginner and you don't have any Experience you can still apply to this Company it says earn money writing Content do do you need further Information it is free of charge Flexible time management reliable Payments and you can click guys for more Info go over to their website now it Says here whether you are a beginner or An experienced professional you may be a Good fit to write content for us so if You're someone that is brand new to Writing this could be a good beginner Friendly company to start with text Broker they do offer several payment Options and I know we get asked this Question a lot because a lot of people Here they sign up to these skip the Interview companies or opportunities and The companies only pay out maybe one or Two ways and PayPal is like the most Popular but a lot of people don't like PayPal or they don't want to utilize PayPal to receive payments and we do Understand that so with this company Guys they offer several payment options They also offer writing resources it Says we are vested in your success so we Give feedback to help you refine your

Skills and access to our blog that Includes the grammar tips the tutorials And also some videos so they have more Information guys posted on their website And you would just click here and go Over there and read read and get all That good information so again this is a Skip the interview the company is text Broker guys and you can make some good Money from this company from the Research that I have done now this Company they have been in business for a Long time but you guys may want to go Over to Google type in text broker and See what comes up do some research on The company know something about the Company not gonna get an interview but It's good to know something about who You guys are applying and working for Make sure you share my awesome video Leave me a comment down below hop over To Facebook join the group kiss their Cubicle goodbye make sure you guys Follow us on our other social media Platforms we do have a Facebook business Page where we are giving away two brand New laptops over there on that page so Just in case guys you don't win a laptop On the YouTube channel you still have a Chance to win one over on the Facebook Page there are people over there already Sharing the content you guys don't want To miss out so hop over there join them Share the content tag your friends your

Family members put some of the videos Guys join some of those work from home Groups and share the videos in those Groups or you can tag your friends your Family members on the post and that is a Way of sharing and we will put your name On our giveaway list we also may give Away some other things work from home Related over on the Facebook business Page again it is two chicks with the Side hustle and we're trying to get to a Hundred thousand I believe we are at 50 000 right now so help us get to a Hundred thousand followers on that Platform so we can do that giveaway and Then follow us on Tick Tock Twitter and Also guys on Instagram because on Instagram we're doing doing another Giveaway we're gonna pop over there Hopefully before the end of the year and Do a giveaway we've done this before so We're gonna give it a go again we did it About two years ago so we're gonna try This again I don't know what we're gonna Give away could be money could be cash App could be PayPal could be gift cards It could be a laptop I have no idea just Make sure you're following us and Tagging your people on Instagram my name Is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people in the next video Bye YouTube

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