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Foreign [Music] Hi everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You guys and this is gonna be a good one Because this is going to be a beginner Friendly job a no phone job and also a Job that's going to allow you to work Your own schedule okay we're gonna be Talking about the online data analysts With the company Telus International so Telus has been around for many many Years and they are great to earn extra Income Be Your Own Boss and work Schedules that are going to fit your Lifestyle so they did partner with me to Bring you guys this video today so Getting into the details of this online Data analyst job they are hiring Freelance English speaking online data Analyst for a project aimed at improving The content and quality of digital Maps Which are used by millions of users Globally so this job is going to suit Someone who's detail-oriented likes Doing research and has a good knowledge Of national and local geography again This is a freelance position with the Flexible schedule you can work in your Own time and you're going to be Completing research and evaluation tasks In a web-based environment going to be Verifying and comparing data determining

The relevance and accuracy of Information and you're going to be Provided with guidelines for each task Which need to be followed and the Project offers a variety of tasks and The work is paid per task so the Requirements are super simple you don't Need any particular experience you just Need to have full professional Proficiency in English you must be Living in the U.S for the last two Consecutive years and you do need to Have the ability to follow guidelines And do research online using search Engines online maps and website Information you must have familiarity With current and historical Business Media sport news social media and Cultural Affairs in the USA and you must Be open to working a diverse set of Tasks and this could be Maps news audio Tasks and relevance and you must be 18 Years or over working on this project Will require you to go through a Standard recruitment process including Passing an open book assessment this is A long-term project and your work will Occasionally be subject to Quality Assurance checks again this is going to Be a great opportunity for you Especially if you're new to working from Home or if you have kids and you've been Looking for something flexible there's No phone involved you can also use this

Job and put it on your resume and it can Help you get better work from home jobs Definitely go ahead and check this job Out the link will be in the description Bar for you if you're interested in Applying and good luck to everyone who Applies make sure to leave any questions Or comments below and as usual thank you Guys so much for watching and I'll see You in my next video

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